DIY: Balloon Animals for Romantic Occasions and Valentine's Day

Here are balloon animals that you can make and give away for those romantic occasions: anniversaries, proposals, weddings and Valentine's day. These balloons are for that someone special and can be made and given in place of a bouquet of flowers. The balloon animals include: love birds and a heart, flowers, and more.

You can make these balloons as gifts for someone special but they also work as excellent giveaways at events and parties. I think that one can even arrive on a date and offer one...MORE of these balloon sculptures as a gift. Furthermore, many of these balloons can acts as cool do it yourself (DIY) decorations.

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    Is there anything more romantic than flowers made from balloons?  The flower balloon animal is a cute, crowd-pleasing balloon animal/sculpture and there are further variations on these that are linked from within the instructions.

    You can learn several variations here via our detailed step-by-step instructions. You'll find balloon flowers that are easy to make so if you're a beginner, you can get started right away. And if you're more experienced with balloons, we offer more detailed...MORE variations as well as techniques that will greatly speed up the process of making a flower.

    Bundle a bunch of balloon flowers with an additional balloon and you can make a bouquet. Also, flower balloons make great decorations to liven up any event or party. They're colorful and can add a vibrant, festive mood. Also, they're high profile - people carry them around and they are readily seen. You and the person that booked you for a party will see the fruits of your labor.

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    How to Make a Heart Balloon with Swans
    Here's a cool heart balloon that's dressed with a couple of graceful swans. It's sure to melt hearts. This one combines a heart balloon on a stick with some swan balloons. It's perhaps the most impressive balloon sculpture one can make. Before tackling this one, first learn how to make the swans and the heart balloon.


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    The Balloon Crown Hat.

    For that special person, treat him or her like a King or Queen. You'll find that this crown is colorful and fun.

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    Here's a royal balloon scepter that is perfect for that prince or princess. Combine this one with a balloon crown and you'll create a royal and regal atmosphere at any event. This is for when you want to treat that someone like a King or Queen.


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    Here's the basic flower balloon that is practically the standard. Make several and you'll have a bouquet. 


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    How to Make a Flower Balloon - Version 3


    This flower balloon offers a cute, crowd-pleasing balloon animal/sculpture. Unlike the basic flower balloon animal, this flower features points at the end of its petals for a distinctly different look. 

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    Heart Balloon on a Stick
    Here's a cool heart on a stick that is easy to carry around and looks great. Look above for the variation with swans. This is a high-profile balloon that you can make at events and are readily seen. If you're hired to work an event, you'll be able to see the fruits of your balloon labor all over the event.


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    How to Make Heart and Love Bird Balloon Animals.

    Here's a cute heart with love birds balloon animal that is perfect for Valentine's Day or that special occasion. These instructions come in two parts: one set for the heart and the other for the love birds.

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    Ladybug Balloon Animal Bracelet.

    Here's an easy balloon animal, a ladybug made of balloons that may be worn on the wrist.

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    How to Make Love Bird Balloon Animals.

    Here's a cute pair of love bird balloon animals that’s made out of a single balloon that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or that special occasion. This balloon animal sculpture works great as something to hand out, as well as a decoration.

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    How to Make a Poodle Balloon Animal.
    The poodle balloon animal is cute, crowd-pleasing balloon animal that is for those who have experience twisting balloons. A cool detail is the bubble at the end of the poodle's tail.
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    How to Make Heart Balloon Animals.

    Here's a cute heart that’s made out of a single balloon that is perfect for Valentine’s Day or that special occasion. You can hand this one out or use it as a decoration.