14 Inspiring DIY Bathroom Ideas

How to Make Your Bathroom Look Expensive

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You don't need to buy everything in your bathroom for it to look amazing. In fact, you can use DIY projects, big and small, to really make your bathroom your own. Whether it's a vanity that fits just right, a handmade faux-marble countertop, or even just a hand-sewn shower curtain, there are lots of ideas out there on how to use your creativity to personalize your space.

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    DIY Bathroom: Your Bathroom, Your Way

    Beautiful bathroom
    Tony Murray Photography

    Above, a simple DIY project you can do with the empty space at the top of a vanity to insert a toilet paper holder. It has the sleekness of a hotel room and puts the toilet paper roll out of sight if you're not sitting on the toilet. This bathroom was designed by Folio Design.

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    Make Your Own Industrial Sink Vanity

    White and gold bathroom
    Lovely Indeed

    If you prefer the open, industrial-style sink space, you don't need to spend a lot of money. Just get a couple of lengths of copper tubing, spray paint it whichever color you like (here in gold), and install it safely as legs for your sink.

    This white and gold bathroom by Lovely Indeed also features gold-colored hardware, set on a white background, to harmonize the whole.

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    Pallet Makeup Organizer

    Pallet makeup organizer

    If you drive long enough in any town, you'll eventually find some empty, abandoned pallets somewhere. Pallet wood is conveniently set into easy-to-use planks, that you can separate and put back together at will.

    This amazing makeup organizer, found on Glamshelf, is made out of pallet wood that was refinished, painted over, and put together to make a small decorative cabinet. The Mason jars are held up by magnets glued to their back.

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    Salvaged Sink and DIY Countertop

    Salvaged sink and DIY countertop
    Nat Rea from from ​[in] form

    Deconstruction isn't just for food. This industrial bathroom by from ​[in] form exposes the underside of the sink and uses reclaimed wood to build a counter around it. The use of two copper pipes to mix the hot and cold water also exposes the "innards" of this bathroom: yes, they do come from separate pipes.

    Note the industrial-style matte black mirror with a slightly eroded tube, which completes the look.

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    Minimal Bathroom With DIY Light Fixture

    Minimal bathroom
    Erin Martin Design

    The genius of this bathroom by Erin Martin Design is that it integrates DIY elements as if they were exclusive designer items. The light fixtures are made out of a large piece of wood with several branching directions. A lightbulb was added at each end, while the wiring is laid out inside the hollowed-out wood.

    Another intriguing element is the rope shower door handle: it adds to the natural rusticity of the wood light fixture.

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    Bathroom With Wood Stump Vanity Space

    Bathroom with wood stump vanity space
    DIY & Crafts Ideas Magazine

    This rather original bathroom, found on DIY & Crafts Ideas Magazine, features a group of tree stumps seemingly strewn around. Of course, pipes run through the faucet and under the sink, but the design is so stunning that you don't even think about that.

    This simple minimalism is heightened with an engraved mirror and a beautiful natural stone sink.

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    DIY Sideboard Turned Victorian Vanity

    DIY sideboard turned Victorian vanity
    Saltbox Treasures

    A great DIY skill is knowing what kind of furniture can be turned into something else. This bathroom by Saltbox Treasures, featuring a Victorian sideboard serving as a double vanity, is a great example.

    All that was needed here was to replace the top with a bathroom-friendly countertop material and add the two sinks and piping.

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    DIY Shower Curtain

    DIY shower curtain
    Hazardous Design

    Since the outside part of a shower curtain is usually protected by an inner liner, you can be creative with your fabrics. All you need is enough length (in this case, a few sheets) and a few sewing skills.

    This bathroom by Hazardous Design features a shower curtain made out of sheets and a pretty Greek trim that adds visual interest. A great way to re-use old sheets that nobody sleeps in anymore.

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    Bathroom With DIY Mason Jar Sconces

    Bathroom with DIY mason jar sconces
    Robb Restyle

    Mason jars can be used for literally anything, including these gorgeous light sconces. This rustic bathroom by Robb Restyle features two bright, blue-shaded light sconces that just add a perfect amount of whimsy to the space.

    The page gives a tutorial for those who might be interested in trying this project. Try different staining colors for the glass: pink, yellow, or green would be great depending on your space.

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    Kids' Bathroom With DIY Comic Art

    Kids' bathroom with DIY comic art
    London Basement

    Are you or someone you know a mural artist? Then get inspired by this gorgeous DIY comic art in this attic kids' bathroom, by London Basement. The bubbles on the wall continue onto the side of the tub, and the white wall makes every bright color pop.

    If you have no painting talent, you could use wall decals for a similar effect.

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    Beach-Style Bathroom With DIY Shiplap Wainscoting

    Beach-style bathroom
    DIY Diva

    Add a taste of beachside vintage to your bathroom with this great DIY idea: shiplap wainscoting in faded white, topped with beach-related decoration. This beach bathroom by DIY Diva also features a gorgeous river rock shower trim and hickory hardwood floors.

    Shiplap wall paneling is fairly easy to install and can be modified to suit the space and your decor style.

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    Bathroom With DIY Open Shelf

    Bathroom with DIY open shelf

    Never leave the bathroom for clean towels again with this easy DIY open shelf by Remodelaholic. If this one looks too rustic for you, you can always paint or stain the wood before building the shelf. That's the beauty of DIY projects: you can modify them however you like to suit your own style and ideas.

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    Bathroom With DIY Mirror

    Bathroom with DIY mirror
    Whitney Lyons

    Well, okay, the mirror itself isn't DIY but the way it hands off a jute rope is. This bathroom by Whitney Lyons has a touch of nautical-inspired rustic, thanks to the thick rope holding the mirror in place.

    Making holes in a mirror takes some skill, but once you know what you're doing, you can easily make your own similar project. 

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    Contemporary Bathroom With DIY Leather And Copper Makeup Organizer

    Contemporary bathroom with DIY leather and copper makeup organizer
    A Beautiful Mess

    This beautiful contemporary bathroom by A Beautiful Mess features an easy DIY project: a copper and leather makeup organizer. The organizer can be modified and used in any room: for small utensils in the kitchen, for hanging plants in the living room or bedroom, and of course in the bathroom.

    The bright copper adds some glam, and is reused throughout the bathroom on the sconce and the sink hardware. Smart!

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