DIY Beauty Tips for Brides-to-Be

Expert Advice from Alexis Wolfer, author of The Radiant Bride

Bride applying makeup in front of mirror
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So, you're engaged, and you're busy planning your wedding to the love of your life. Between juggling your day job, cake tastings, dress fittings and meetings with your wedding planner, you're probably feeling super busy -- and possibly a little stressed out. As you're probably already well aware, stress can take a toll on your body, so it's important to treat yourself well during this busy time to ensure you look and feel your best on that big day you're so busy planning for.

Author and beauty blogger Alexis Wolfer shares tips and advice on how to get that wedding day glow in the comfort of your own home with ingredients from your pantry. Wolfer's book, Radiant Bride is the smart girl's guide to DIY beauty, diet, fitness and fashion leading up to the big day and beyond. Check out these pointers for achieving wedding day beauty on your own terms. 

Is it possible to create an effective beauty routine even if you're on a tight budget?

Of course! First of all, beauty really does start from within (with happiness, confidence, a great smile) and that’s free! But even with regard to a skincare/makeup routine, there’s so much you can do practically for free (Radiant Bride features a lot of DIY beauty recipes using ingredients you likely already have in your kitchen!) or really affordably with multi-tasking products.

If you were going to splurge on one particular area of beauty in prep for your wedding, what would it be and why? Skincare, facials, makeup, or something else?

A massage! Stress is the worst beauty buster around, so anything you can do to reduce stress and help you to relax will help to ensure you look and feel your best. Even better, if you have the budget, do a couples’ massage.

Any DIY beauty tips or treatments that brides can do at home?

There are a lot in the book, but one of my favorites is to use full-fat Greek yogurt as a spot treatment on pimples. The lactic acid helps break down the pore-clogging sebum and skin cells, the probiotics help balance bacteria, the coolness helps reduce inflammation, and the fat helps prevent peeling. Just apply enough to cover the area and let it dry (15-30 minutes depending on how thickly you apply it) then rinse off. You can repeat this twice a day, as needed.

What does it mean to be a "radiant bride"?

A Radiant Bride exudes beauty from within. She is the best version of herself on the inside and it reflects on the outside. She is confident, healthy, and happy. She isn’t trying to look like someone else because she knows she’s perfect just the way she is. She feels like a million bucks, and it shows.

What are your biggest beauty secrets? 

Drink water! It’s amazing how much even mild dehydration can affect our skin, hair, and bodies.

Smile -- It’s the best beauty secret in the book!

Oh, and toss that scale – all it measures is your gravitational pull, not your health, happiness, beauty, sexiness, or anything else.

More About Radiant Bride

You can get even more beauty advice and DIY tips in the book. Some of the helpful topics and features included in Radiant Bride are:

•  DIY face masks for radiant wedding skin  

•  Choosing the right manicure for your big day

•  A buff bride fitness plan (key moves to tone the parts of your body your dress will show off)

•  Radiant Bride-approved cocktail recipes 

•  How to indulge without blowing your diet

•  A timeline of the beauty appointments you should make before your wedding.

Radiant Bride is available online and in bookstores. Buy Radiant Bride on Amazon.