21 DIY Bed Frames

A wooden bed

DIY Candy

There are many advantages to building a DIY bed frame. You'll get to customize it for the size you want and use materials you like. Store-bought bed frames can get really expensive but the price of building one yourself is just a fraction of the cost of a new one.

These DIY bed frames come in all different sizes from twin to king, making it easy to choose one for the size of mattress that you have. They are also available in all different styles. There are platform beds, raised platform beds, and more traditional bed frames. Some of these plans also include instructions on how to build a matching headboard. Whichever one you choose, you're sure to make a bed you love and have fun doing it.

  • What are the advantages of building your own bed frame?

    There are many benefits of building a bed frame yourself, including the fact that you can personalize it and even create your own design, plus you can choose whatever type of wood you want, and decide whether to stain or paint it. You may also build a frame for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one at retail.

  • What type of wood is best to use to build a bed frame?

    Hardwoods, including maple, cherry, and oak, are better to use when building the frame for your bed rather than softwoods, such as pine would be. Hardwoods don't scratch or dent as easily as softwoods.

  • What tools will you need to build a bed frame?

    Tools, including a tape measure, pencil, circular saw, level, square, socket wrench, and a drill with drill bits and twist bits, are needed to build a frame for a bed.