12 DIY Candle Holder Ideas for Your Home

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    12 DIY Candle Holders Ideas for Entertaining at Home

    Marble DIY Candle Holders
    Brit + Co

    When it comes to gatherings one of our absolute favorite finishing touches is adding votives or candles to the table. It doesn't matter the time of day or occasion something about candles adds an extra dose of magic to a table setting.

    Having a couple of flickering flames at your party space is great for so many reasons. First, let's start with the obvious, there is the extra light. If you are planning a late night dinner party, candlelight is the perfect way to light up your table....MORE Overhead lights can be too harsh, but candlelight gives the perfect glow. Another positive is the flickering motion of the flame brings movement to your venue. This helps to create a really dynamic display. Lastly and my favorite reason is that candlelight lends warmth to a setting. A few lit candles will help to make your guests feel welcome, cozy, and at home.

    Even though it can be simple to just light a few votives, we thought it would be fun to take a look at DIY candleholders that will not only light up your celebration decor ​but will also give a bit of unique flare. we've sourced twelve DIY ideas for you. From wood to brass to tin to glass, try one of these simple DIYs for your next party. 

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    Cork Wrapped Candle Holders

    Make standard glass hurricanes special by wrapping them with cork ribbon. The texture is a great element when styling your table.

    Visit By Stephanie Lynn for the DIY tutorial.

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    Paint-Dipped Brass Candlesticks

    Dip Painted Brass Candle Sticks
    Inspired by Charm

    These paint-dipped candlesticks can be customized to match your party's decor. Plus, the brass brings a bit of shine to your table. 

    You can find the DIY tutorial on Inspired by Charm

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    Pink Candles and Glitter Candle Holders

    Go glam with these sparkly gold candles. Pink and gold is always a solid combination, especially perfect for a bridal or baby shower.

    Bird's Party has the DIY tutorial.

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    Vintage Tin Candles

    Vintage tin gelatin molds get a second life when they are turned into candles. Essential oils add a wonderful scent. These candles a la molds would be fabulous as party gifts for your guests.

    Take a look at the DIY tutorial at Wit & Whistle.

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    Vintage Teacup Candle Holder

    Talk about an afternoon tea essential. Make your own candles in vintage teacups. You can always find mismatched teacups at your local thrift store.

    The DIY tutorial is at Hey Gorgeous.

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    Multiple Taper Candleholder

    Add drama and height to your table with this multi-tier candleholder. Inspired by a Nate Berkus design, this holder can be painted in any color to match your theme.

    Check out the DIY tutorial at Inspired by Charm.

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    Gold-Dipped Log Candle Holder

    Rustic meets glam with these gold-dipped log candleholders. With ingredients from your own backyard, recreate these for a nature-inspired outdoor party. 

    Etsy offers the DIY tutorial.

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    Balsa Wood Candle Holders

    Go pink with these balsa wood candleholders. A fun, woodcraft that you won't need a saw to make, these candleholders are easily customizable. 

    A DIY tutorial at A Beautiful Mess will show you what to do.

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    Marble Painted Votives

    Marble DIY Candle Holders
    Brit + Co

    Add texture and color to basic votive holders to create marble painted votives. Experiment with different colors in for a playful table setting detail.

    Go to Brit + Co for the tutorial.

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    Wood Colorblock Candle Holders

    Have some scrap wood lying around? Then this is the candleholder for you. These Wood Colorblock Candleholders come together in no time. Have fun with the paint and create something that works for your party.

    Inspired by Charm has the DIY tutorial.

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    Bottle Centerpiece

    Spend no money with this bright idea. Line up empty bottles down the center of a table and top each bottle with a taper candle for a wow-worthy display.

    Visit Three Nails Photography for more inspiration.

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    Party Animal Candles

    Want a little whimsy for your festivities? If so, these DIY Party Animal Candles are a must. Made from children's toys, your guests won't forget this quirky detail.

    A DIY tutorial (by Hank & Hunt) is at The Sweetest Occasion.