DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas for Nurseries & Kids' Rooms

Bring stars into a child room
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Who doesn’t love chalkboard paint? A quick coat can transform anything into an imaginative canvas. Paint a tabletop, a piece of furniture or an entire wall! It’s cheap, easy and undeniably fun!

Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re designing a nursery, updating your big kid’s space, or finally pulling that playroom together, these creative chalkboard paint ideas will definitely put you in the DIY mood.

Bust out the chalk, my friends. It’s go time. 

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    Chalkboard Dresser

    Chalkboard Dresser
    Apartment Therapy

    Help your kiddo keep his clothes organized by labeling his dresser drawers. You can even draw pictures for the benefit of little helpers who are still learning to read! 

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    Chalkboard Mountains

    Chalkboard Mountain Mural

    Bring your child’s creativity to new peaks with this beautiful, chalk-paint mountain mural. 

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    Chalkboard Block City

    Chalkboard Blocks

    Create a one-of-a-kind block city with these easy-to-make, chalkboard blocks. See the full tutorial right here

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    Chalkboard Mural

    Chalkboard Mural
    Land of Nod

    Many parents love the idea of a nursery mural but worry that their child will outgrow it. Looking for a design with staying power? Opt for a chalkboard accent wall, and hire a local artist or student to draw you a whimsical scene using semi-permanent chalk paint. When your child is ready for a clean slate, scrub off the chalk paint and let them do the decorating! 

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    Chalkboard Trophy Case

    Chalkboard Trophy Case

    Have something to boast about? Label your little one’s trophies and treasures with this beautiful, chalkboard display case. Find Ashley’s detailed how-to on Shanty2Chic

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    Chalkboard Globe

    Chalkboard Globe

    Turn a thrift-store find into a beautiful piece of art with this simple chalkboard globe tutorial

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    Chalkboard Meets Headboard

    Chalkboard Headboard

    Start the school day with an inspirational quote or friendly reminder scrawled onto this adorable headboard message center. 

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    Hand-Drawn Headboard

    Chalk-Drawn Headboard

    No headboard? No problem! With a little chalkboard paint and a steady hand, you can draw a bed fit for a princess! Not much of an artist? Take it step by step with Emily of Fly Chicks

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    Chalkboard Table Hack

    Chalkboard Table IKEA Hack
    Paddington Way

    Turn a cheap IKEA table set into an elegant art station featuring a chalkboard surface. 

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    Chalkboard Gallery Wall

    Chalkboard Accent Wall
    Sweet Little Peanut / Pinterest

    With its playful mix of artwork, accessories, and hand-written references, this baseball-themed chalkboard gallery really knocks one out of the design park.

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    Wooden Chalkboard Rounds

    Lisa Leonard

    Create your own woodland-inspired nursery art using chalkboard paint and pre-cut tree rounds. See how it’s done right here. 

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    Chalkboard Door

    Chalkboard Canvas on Back of Door
    Apartment Therapy

    A quick coat of chalkboard paint is all it takes to turn the wasted space behind your child’s bedroom door into a creative play zone.

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