71 Unique DIY Christmas Ornaments to Personalize Your Tree

A woman decorates a transparent Christmas ball with macrame-style weaving

Tatiana Buzmakova/Getty Images

Personalize your tree this year with some unique DIY Christmas ornaments that are going to take your tree to a whole new level. Not only are these ornaments fun to make, but you'll get a lot of enjoyment from them during the holidays. They also make lovely little gifts that you can give to teachers, neighbors, co-workers, and anyone else who would appreciate a handmade ornament.

You'll find all different styles of DIY ornaments here, from modern to traditional. Don't be afraid to change up the ornament with colors and designs to make it a better fit for your holiday home. With all these choices, you may just need to make several from the list!


These holiday decorations don't have to necessarily be used as ornaments. You can use them as gift toppers, as pieces of a garland, to wrap around the neck of a bottle of wine, or simply hang them up around the home for the holidays.