50 DIY Christmas Yard Decorations You and Your Neighbors Will Love

Couple on vacation at mountain cabin. Decorating porch with string lights for Christmas

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Making a do-it-yourself Christmas yard decoration is an inexpensive way for you to decorate your yard, porch, and front door just the way you want. These projects only take a few materials, and you might already have the materials you need in your home.

Many of these projects are easy enough to make with children for a fun, family-friendly holiday activity. No experience is necessary to create and construct these holiday decorations. Read on for great DIY ideas for decorating your yard, porch, patio, and other holiday outdoor spaces.

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    Star Light

    A woman holding a sparkly star

    A Beautiful Mess

    This outdoor Christmas decoration from A Beautiful Mess starts with a star base and uses garland and lights to sparkle for the holidays. The great thing about this tutorial is that you can change the paint and garland to make it your own. Leave it simple, or go all out to match your other decorations.

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    Outdoor Christmas Gifts

    Wooden gifts on a porch

    The Navage Patch

    If you're looking for a rustic or traditional outdoor Christmas decoration project, this one from The Navage Patch is perfect. Repurposed wood and metal strapping are used to make these gifts, which last you for years. These outdoor Christmas "gifts" are inspired by some pricey decorations but are surprisingly easy on the wallet.

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    Wood Lights Christmas Garland

    A front door decorated with wooden lights and garland

    Sugar & Cloth

    If you're looking to blow away your neighbors with your Christmas decorations, you'll want to check out these giant wooden lights from Sugar & Cloth. They look great around a front door and mixed with some garland, they pop. It's an easier project than you might think.

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    Fresh Evergreen Wreath

    A woman holding an evergreen wreath

    Delia Creates

    Learn how to make a pine and eucalyptus wreath with this DIY project from Delia Creates that's perfect for the holidays or even just the wintertime. You'll want to put these evergreen wreaths everywhere—your front door, windows, above the garage, and anywhere else you'd like to spread some holiday cheer.

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    Joy to the World Christmas Wreath

    A grapevine wreath that says "Joy"

    A Night Owl

    Add this rustic grapevine wreath idea from A Night Owl to your front door to celebrate and spread joy during the holidays. Complete with wooden letters, burlap ribbon, and even a globe, this wreath looks great and is easier to make.

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    Holiday Concrete Gift Box

    A concrete block painted with a bow

    Chica Circle

    This DIY Christmas yard decoration idea from Chica Circle uses a cinder block to create a colorful holiday gift. It's an easy project that takes some spray paint and a bow. The tutorial has lots of good tips on how to get your paint lines nice and even.

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    Giant Paper Plate Lollipops

    Giant lollipops in a yard

    Smart School House

    These giant lollipops from Smart School House are delightful. They are so festive that no one will believe they're made out of paper plates. With just a little painting and assembling, you'll have a whole grouping of them. This DIY is so easy that the kids can even help. Besides written instructions, there's also a video to help you with the process.

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    Botanical Ice Luminaries

    An ice luminaire

    A Piece of Rainbow

    If you're planning any outdoor gathering this holiday season, consider making these botanical ice luminaries from A Piece of Rainbow your centerpieces. Surrounded by ice, a hot flame lights up beautiful leaves, flowers, and berries. These won't last forever, but they'll be impressive when lit.

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    Vintage Kitsch Deer

    A pink and blue vintage deer on a porch

    Aww Sam

    Starting with a papier-mache deer, in just a few steps, you can have a vintage kitsch reindeer that you can use season after season. Paint them as realistic or as fanciful as you like. Ensure you keep these deer from Aww Sam out of the elements, as water can damage them.

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    Double-Sided Christmas Pillows

    Christmas pillows on outdoor chairs

    The Navage Patch

    An easy way to decorate your outdoor seating for Christmas is to choose some festive pillows. This DIY project from The Navage Patch uses heat transfers, making it a quick and easy project you can complete in an hour or two. This project has you create double-sided pillows, so you're not just stuck with one design.

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    Noel Gift Tag Vertical Christmas Sign

    A wooden Noel sign on a porch

    Funky Junk Interiors

    Wish everyone a joyous holiday season with this unique holiday sign from Funky Junk Interiors. This upcycles wooden fence planks and uses stencils to get a crisp and clean paint job. Change the colors if you like to match the decor you already have.

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    DIY Outdoor Wooden Lighted Stars

    A wooden lighted star hanging from a tree

    Duke Manor Farm

    These DIY outdoor wooden lighted stars from Duke Manor Farm look so great that you'll want to hang them all over your trees and sit them everywhere in your yard. Pine boards and wood screws are used to build the star, and string lights are used to light them up. This is a great project that the whole family can take part in making.

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    Fall to Winter Outdoor Arrangement

    A pot with greenery, wood, and pinecones

    Julie Blanner

    If you decorate more for the seasons instead of the holidays, this project from Julie Blanner may be just what you're looking for. The step-by-step guide shows you how to create this lovely outdoor arrangement, perfect for fall and winter.

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    How to Make a Christmas Reindeer from Logs

    A reindeer made of logs and sticks

    Kaleidoscope Living

    This adorable DIY Christmas yard decoration from Kaleidoscope Living features everyone's favorite reindeer—Rudolph. Logs, sticks, and branches make the reindeer's body. Then details, like a bright red nose and a pinecone tail, are added for a fun twist.

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    Pallet Christmas Tree

    A Christmas tree made from a pallet

    Beyond the Picket Fence

    This wooden Christmas tree from Beyond the Picket Fence would be so much fun sitting on your front porch or out in your yard. Believe it or not, this is an easy building project that uses a refuse pallet that's been upcycled to create the tree's base. This DIY project has lots of great tips for working with old pallets and how you could finish the tree.

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    $10 Wooden Sled

    A sled with a holiday swag

    Fynes Designs

    For just $10 in materials, you can build this vintage-style sled from Fynes Designs. This sled looks great when propped up against the side of the house or perched on the porch. Add greenery and ribbons to make it fun and festive.

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    Hanger Snowflake

    A snowflake made of hangers

    Smart School House

    Here's a great upcycling project from Smart School House that puts plastic hangers to work. Put them together with some zip ties, and you have a snowflake that makes a great yard decoration. You could even attach some Christmas lights to make them shine.

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    Easy Christmas Decor for Porch and Shutters

    Wreaths and ribbons on house shutters

    Thrifty Decor Chick

    Think beyond your yard and porch and learn how to decorate your shutters with this project from Thrifty Decor Chick. Inexpensive wreaths and ribbons are used on the shutters to give them a beautiful makeover. You can extend this design idea onto the porch for a stunning, larger-scale result.

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    DIY Holiday Framed Ornament Wreath

    A frame with ornaments hanging on a front door

    Artsy Chicks Rule

    Make a wreath you can hang on your door every year with this free tutorial from Artsy Chicks Rule. This simple project only needs a few materials. Put them all together, and you have a beautiful and unique wreath that will go with all your other outside decor.

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    Knock-off Crate & Barrel Ornament Trees

    Wooden Christmas trees on a porch

    Domestically Speaking

    These wooden ornament trees from Domestically Speaking could have come out of the latest high-end furniture store catalog pages. Wood makes up the simplistic Christmas tree shape, and ornaments hang from them. These would look great on the porch or out in the yard. Make them in a few different sizes—they look great as a set.

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    Holiday Door Banner

    A teal door with a "NOEL" banner

    A Beautiful Mess

    Trade in your door wreath this year for a holiday banner instead. This one from A Beautiful Mess uses sheet moss to create letters made of greenery. This banner uses letters to spell out "Noel," but you could spell out any holiday word that is meaningful to you.

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    Poolside Christmas

    A pool with Christmas trees and red ornaments

    Sugar & Cloth

    If you have a pool in your yard, don't leave it undecorated. Give it flair, as shown here, with Christmas trees, a North Pole sign, and giant red ornaments. A list of everything you need and directions on how to put everything together is included from Sugar & Cloth.

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    3D Wooden Christmas Tree

    A green 3D Christmas tree on a porch

    The DIY Dreamer

    If you have basic woodworking skills, you can create this beautiful 3D wooden Christmas tree from The DIY Dreamer. Finished with green paint, you could sit one or a group of these on your porch to welcome visitors.

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    Weathered Yardstick Stars

    A silver star covered in lights

    Our Southern Home

    This project is for you if you want a quick and easy holiday decoration that makes a big impact. Believe it or not, this project from Our Southern Home uses inexpensive yardsticks to form a star. Some paint and lights are added for a near-instant piece of decoration. These look great flanking the front door but could also be placed in the yard or hung from trees.

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    Simple Outdoor Christmas Decor

    A white front door with a green wreath

    The Merrythought

    Keep it simple this year with these Christmas decor ideas from The Merrythought that will prepare you for the holidays and carry you throughout the winter season. In this guide, learn how to use greenery to decorate the front of your home.

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    Gingerbread House Door Decor

    A pink front door with gingerbread decorations

    Aww Sam

    Make your house the sweetest one on the block with this gingerbread house door decor from Aww Sam. You'll find out how to replicate the look, including a DIY for how to make those adorable candy canes. This simple project makes a significant impact.

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    Mercury Glass Christmas Trees

    Two mercury style Christmas trees

    A Night Owl

    Mercury glass has such a unique, vintage look. It sure looks great on these glass Christmas trees. Get the bang for your buck and make more realistic-looking mercury glass using this tutorial from A Night Owl. You can set these inside or out, but they would look great as a centerpiece on an outdoor dining table.

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    Snow Frosted Mason Jar Decorations

    Frosted mason jars decorated with berries and holly

    A Piece of Rainbow

    Take a simple glass mason jar and transform it into a magical decoration that will delight you. These mason jars are frosted, and then sprigs of greenery, berries, and pinecones are added to the neck of the jar with string. All lit up, these holiday mason jars from A Piece of Rainbow look gorgeous.

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    Fluffy & Fun Winter Wreath

    A bright yellow door with a white fluffy wreath

    Lovely Indeed

    Make a wreath that's completely fun and unexpected with this DIY project from Lovely Indeed. This quick and simple project uses pom-poms and fake flowers to create an all-white wreath. Mix the colors to match your decor and get a new look.

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    Easy Homemade Christmas Jars

    Christmas jars sitting on a table outside

    Celebrating Everyday Life

    These adorable Christmas mason jars from Celebrating Everyday Life can be set anywhere on your porch or deck. You can customize these with your own ribbon and notions and fill them with fresh greenery, lights, or just about anything else.

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    Natural Winter Wreath

    A woman holding a wreath

    The Sweetest Occasion

    Create a natural Christmas decoration with this simple project from The Sweetest Occasion. You'll start with a grapevine wreath and then use both faux and natural greenery to complete the wreath. The result is a gorgeous wreath that would look great on any front door.

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    Hanging Star Luminaries

    Hanging star luminaries

    Polkadot Chair

    This quick outdoor Christmas decorating idea from Polkadot Chair will get you excited for the holidays. Buy the paper star lanterns and insert lights into them so they glow during the night. If you use white ones, you can keep them up all winter long.

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    Rustic Christmas Tree Vertical Porch Sign

    A wooden sign with a Christmas tree on it

    Funky Junk Interiors

    Hang this Christmas sign from Funky Junk Interiors on the front door or the porch. Use a stencil for the tree and different craft materials for the stand. You may not be able to find this actual stencil, but any stencil of a Christmas tree would work.

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    Christmas Sled Decor

    A decorated sled hanging on a door

    Sadie Seasongoods

    Start with a thrifted sled and create a one-of-a-kind decoration like this one from Sadie Seasongoods that can be hung on a door or just outside on the porch. This tutorial offers several tips here for what you can use to decorate the sled.

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    Tomato Cage Christmas Tree Lights

    Christmas lights in the dark

    17 Apart

    Tomato cages, an inexpensive item from the hardware store, form the base of these outdoor Christmas trees from 17 Apart. Wrapped in lights, they become magical when the sun goes down. Children can help create this quick and easy project.

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    Joy Outdoor Wreath Sign

    A vertical wooden sign that says "Joy"

    Fynes Designs

    Recreate this beautiful wooden sign in this Christmas DIY project from Fynes Designs. This sign spells out "Joy" with a wreath for the letter "O." You need a jigsaw for this project, but there's no reason you couldn't purchase wooden letters and use those instead. You can style this however you want, but adding some ice skates and a basket of mittens is a pretty cool way to go.

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    Joy to the World Poster Print

    A porch decorated for Christmas

    Uncommon Designs

    Elegant decorations adorn this porch, including a tree and wreath all decked out with red ribbon. These are simple decoration ideas, but they all make an excellent display. You'll find a free poster print from Uncommon Designs for the "Joy to the World" print you see in the photo. Put it in an inexpensive frame and hang it outside your home to celebrate the season.

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    Festive & Frugal Christmas Porch Decor

    A porch decorated for Christmas

    On Sutton Place

    There are many ideas here from On Sutton Place for getting a festive-looking porch without breaking the bank. The front door, seating area, and the whole porch are decked out to welcome holiday visitors. Special touches like fresh evergreen sprigs and buffalo-checked pillows nail the Christmas spirit.

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    Giant Christmas Ornaments

    Two giant Christmas ornaments

    Addicted 2 DIY

    You have to try this outdoor Christmas decoration DIY from Addicted 2 DIY. Old tires are taken and transformed into these giant Christmas ornaments. You can paint and decorate them however you like. These would look great in a group in front of any house.

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    Hot Cocoa Bar

    A hot cocoa bar on a front porch

    Celebrating Everyday Life

    Take your decorating to the next level by adding a hot cocoa bar. This idea from Celebrating Everyday Life looks adorable, and you can make delicious cups of cocoa there. Each bar component is outlined in this guide so you can replicate it yourself.

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    Christmas Arrows

    A green, red, and brown Christmas crossing sign

    The Happy Scraps

    Using wooden arrows, stencils, and paint, you can create this Christmas crossing sign from The Happy Scraps. It's colorful and fun and can be placed anywhere in the yard or on the porch. Included are directions on how to get that realistic-looking snow, too.

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    Wreath Doormat

    A yellow door with a doormat

    Homemade by Carmona

    This simple project from Homemade by Carmona makes a big impact. Instead of having a wreath on the door, consider having it on your doormat. The tutorial will show you how to do make it so you can welcome your guests with open arms.

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    Driftwood Christmas Tree

    A wooden Christmas tree on a front porch

    Sustaining My Craft Habit

    If you live somewhere with a lot of driftwood, this excellent project from Sustaining My Craft Habit will be easier for you to complete. You use a variety of lengths of driftwood to form a "tree" that will look great anywhere in your yard. There's also a video here to help you complete the project.

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    Tomato Cage Christmas Tree

    A wire Christmas tree on a porch

    Beyond the Picket Fence

    If you need a cheap and easy Christmas yard decoration, this tutorial from Beyond the Picket Fence uses an inexpensive tomato cage and turns it on its head. You can decorate it with your chosen ornaments: Choose a color scheme or go crazy and add all the colors.

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    Outdoor Christmas Snowflakes

    Three wooden snowflakes hanging on a wall

    1905 Farmhouse

    Here's a unique idea from 1905 Farmhouse for a Christmas decoration that will fit perfectly with your farmhouse style. These snowflakes are made from wooden spindles that you can buy pre-made. In this guide, you'll learn how to secure snowflakes and paint them to make them stand out.

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    Christmas Hanging Baskets

    A hanging plant decorated for Christmas

    Clean & Scentsible

    Create a DIY Christmas planter with these easy-to-follow instructions from Clean & Scentsible that will take you through all the steps to get an arrangement you love. The project includes natural greenery, but you could substitute faux and follow the same directions.

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    Modern Wood Trees

    A gray and red wooden trees in a yard

    Purely Katie

    For this project from Purely Katie, you'll transform a sheet of plywood into a modern wood tree. A few simple cuts and some color stain later, and you've got these gorgeous trees. Feel free to customize them with the colors that make you happy.

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    Outdoor Holiday Marquee Sign

    A white marquee sign that says "NOEL"

    At the Picket Fence

    Light up the night with this handmade marquee sign from At the Picket Fence that's perfect for the outdoors. Marquees seem to always be in style, so that you can use this decoration year after year. You'll be taken through each step of attaching the letters, drilling holes for the lights, painting, and then putting everything together.

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    Holiday Skis Makeover

    A pair of red skis with Christmas decorations

    Confessions of a Serial DIYer

    This Confessions of a Serial DIYer project takes an old pair of skis and repurposes them into this festive holiday decoration. This simple project includes some spray painting and floral wire for a unique decoration that you can use for years.

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    Soda Crate Christmas Decoration

    Vintage soda crates topped with a decorated Christmas tree

    The Cozy Old Farmhouse

    If you're looking for some vintage outdoor Christmas decorations, here's one from The Cozy Old Farmhouse that would look great on your porch. Take some old soda crates and stack them up. Place a decorated Christmas tree in a galvanized bucket on top for almost-instant vintage decoration.