26 DIY Closet Door Ideas That Make a Stylish Statement

Before and after showing a DIY closet door makeover

A Beautiful Mess

You're going to love exploring all these DIY closet door ideas. You'll hopefully be inspired to use your closet door as a backdrop for something beautiful and unique. Some of the projects are simple, taking less than an hour. Others include replacing doors and those may take you an afternoon or two. Whichever one you choose, it's going to change the look of the whole room completely.

Making over your closet door or replacing it with a new door can be a budget-friendly project considering the impact it has on a room. Some of these closet doors make more of a statement than others, so choose one that reflects your home's style.

What can I use instead of closet doors? 

If you don’t have or want to install closet doors, there are several alternatives that can help you to hide clutter and keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories free of dust. You can use fabric curtains hung on a simple rod instead, from inexpensive neutral curtains in a lightweight fabric that will blend in with the walls, thicker velvet to add a theatrical effect, or patterned fabric that matches the window treatments. Just be sure that the curtains are easy to open and close so that you have ready access to your wardrobe. Other options include beaded curtains, a boho-style macrame curtain, or a sliding barn door for a farmhouse look. But you can also commit to a no-door look and go with a stylish open closet instead. 

What can I do for a closet instead of bifold doors? 

Bifold doors are just one option that will work on a closet depending on your room style and your needs. Other closet door ideas include French doors, industrial glass and metal doors, sliding barn doors, pocket doors, or sliding mirrored doors. 

How do you make a closet door look good?

There are many ways to decorate your closet door so that it works with the style of your room. You can simply paint the closet door the same color of the walls so that it blends in with the rest of the room, and personalize it with decorative knobs. Or you can paint the door in a contrasting color, cover it in chalkboard paint, or use an accent color on trim. You can choose a closet door in a contrasting material such as salvaged wood or source a vintage or antique door to add character to the room. Closet doors can be dressed up with stencils, wall decals, or decorative door panels. Or you can add peel-and-stick wallpaper for an affordable makeover, or a hand-painted mural if you’re putting the finishing touches on your forever home and the sky's the limit.