32 DIY Closet Ideas That Are Surprisingly Doable

Front view of a DIY closet

The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

Getting your dream closet might feel like it’s unattainable, but a little elbow grease can help you get there for not that much money. Whether you need to up your organization game, transform your closet into a whole new space, or establish some storage solutions, these DIY closet ideas have you covered.

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    Modern Wooden Wardrobe DIY

    Modern Wooden Wardrobe

    A Beautiful Mess

    This DIY is great for people with small spaces. The wooden wardrobe offers ample storage space for clothes and accessories without taking up a ton of square footage. Bonus: It looks great! If modern is your style, you can’t go wrong here.

    Modern Wooden Wardrobe DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY White Closet

    Organized White Closet

    Rogue Engineer

    Hello, organization. With this DIY closet, you’ll have a special place for all of your belongings. Find full plans along with a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you through the process.

    DIY Master Closet from Rogue Engineer

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    IKEA Closet DIY Hack

    White Closet IKEA Hack

    Southern Revivals

    If you’re looking to get your dream closet on a budget, consider this DIY. For under $100, you can hack a closet from IKEA to create an exceptionally organized closet. With everything in its place, missing socks will be a thing of the past.

    Ikea Hack DIY Closet System from Southern Revivals

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    DIY Closet Office

    DIY Closet Office Space

    The Tidy Dad

    You can transform an unneeded closet into your very own home office area with some paint and a few simple tools. Take a look at this stunning “cloffice” for inspiration. This fun DIY is also great for a guest room, where closet space isn’t always needed.

    Closet Office ("Cloffice") from The Tidy Dad

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    DIY Dressing Room Closet

    DIY Dressing Room Closet With Chandelier

    Deeply Southern Home

    Fashionistas can have their own glamorous fashion show in this DIY closet in the style of a dressing room. This DIY project will take a few days, so carve out a weekend to get the job done.

    Custom Closet DIY: How To And Plans For Dressing Room Closet from Deeply Southern Home

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    Kids Closet Makeover

    Blue and White Kids Closet

    Live Pretty On a Penny

    Kids' closets are hard to keep clean and organized. This closet makeover with kid-friendly organization systems will be of great help, allowing them to keep everything organized themselves.

    DIY Kids Closet Makeover with Kid-Friendly Organization from Live Pretty On a Penny

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    Industrial Pipe Closet DIY

    Industrial Pipe Closet

    Meaningful Mama

    With a few budget-friendly supplies and some simple tools, you can create this cool industrial pipe walk-in closet. This easy-to-follow tutorial even guides you through the process of drawing up your plans.

    How To Build a DIY Industrial Pipe Walk-In Closet from Meaningful Mama

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    Closet Organizing Ideas

    Organized Closet

    Sanctuary Home Decor

    If you’ve already got your ideal closet structure in place but your clothes are still a mess, explore DIY organization systems. From arranging clothes by color to installing hooks for accessories, you’re bound to find a solution that works for you in this blog from Sanctuary Home Decor.

    Easy DIY Closet Organizing Ideas from Sanctuary Home Decor

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    Small Bedroom Closet Organization

    Small White Closet

    Our Home Made Easy

    Small closets can be difficult to work with, especially when you have a big wardrobe. This DIY will show you how to organize a small space.

    DIY Small Bedroom Closet Organization Reveal from Our Home Made Easy

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    DIY Built-In Closet

    DIY Built-In Closet Full of Clothes

    A Beautiful Mess

    Built-in closets are not only cute, but they’re also so functional. If you love the look but don’t have any built-in shelves in your closet space, follow this step-by-step guide. These bloggers will show you how to DIY a built-in that will give your space a whole new feel.

    Easy Built-In Closet DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Custom Closet Shelves

    DIY Custom Closet Shelving

    Homemade By Carmona

    Most closets contain way too much wasted space. With custom shelving, you can add areas to hold shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. You’ll no longer wonder where to cram your work outfit when you change at the end of the day.

    DIY Custom Closet Shelving (For Deep Closets) from Homemade By Carmona

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    Simple DIY Closet Organizer

    Organized White Closet With Shelving

    Lovely Etc.

    Say goodbye to your messy closet and hello to a bright, beautiful new one. After a trip to the hardware store, you’ll be set to make this simple closet organizer to keep all of your things tidy.

    How To Build a Simple Inexpensive DIY Closet Organizer from Lovely Etc.

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    DIY Floating Closet Organizer

    Floating Closet Organizer

    Two Feet First

    Closet organization is a must, especially for those with large wardrobes and small closets. This DIY floating closet organizer will help you tidy up and keep all items in their place. Follow these detailed instructions to draw up your plans and get building.

    How To Build a DIY Floating Closet Organizer from Two Feet First

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    Custom Closet DIY

    Dark Clothes Hung in a White Closet

    Timber and Crow

    Large closets with no structure are simply sad. With this custom closet DIY, you can transform your walk-in into a stunning and beautifully organized space. Install shelves for your knick-knacks and accessories, rods for your shirts, and even hidden cabinets for things like suitcases that aren't used on a regular basis.

    DIY Custom Master Closet from Timber and Crow

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    Cute DIY Nursery Closet

    Blue and Green Nursery Closet

    This Is Our Bliss

    If you’re having a baby, you might be in that nesting phase of life where you want to make your home welcoming and perfect for your new bundle of joy. Our tip? Start with this DIY nursery closet. It’s absolutely adorable. Plus, its organized compartments will make it easy for you to find a new outfit when an accident happens in the middle of the night.

    Nursery Closet Details from This Is Our Bliss

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    DIY Closet Organizer

    Shoes and Hat Displayed in Closet


    Display your cute accessories, such as shoes and hats, with this DIY closet organizer for a basic reach-in closet. You can customize it however you’d like to fit your needs, so you’ll never have to worry about finding your favorite scarf ever again.

    DIY Closet Organizer for a Builder Basic Closet from Remodelaholic

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    Open Wardrobe DIY

    Open Closet Display

    The Gem Picker

    An open wardrobe is perfect for someone with a large(ish) bedroom and little to no closet space. Plus, they allow you to admire your stylish clothes all day long. Add a curtain in case you want to cover up your clothes when a guest visits.

    Open Wardrobe DIY from The Gem Picker


    Click Play for Ways to Store Clothes Without a Closet

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    DIY Closet Shelving

    DIY Laundry Room Shelves

    Bitter Root DIY

    Test out your woodworking skills by making these adorable and functional shelves for your closet. They’re great for all types of closets, not just the one in your bedroom. Make shelves for your soaps and dryer balls in the laundry closet or towels and bedding in your linen closet.

    DIY Closet Organizer - Easy Shelves To Organize Your Closet from Bitter Root DIY

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    Walk-In Closet Makeover

    Clothes Hung Neatly in Closet

    Katie Bookser

    Not all walk-ins are created equal. If yours could use a makeover, consult this tutorial. Elfa is a kind of manufactured storage solution. It makes it easy to install your very own closet organizer.

    DIY Elfa Walk In Closet Makeover from Katie Bookser

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    Easy DIY Closet Shelves

    DIY Closet Shelves

    Jenna Kate At Home

    Those looking to organize their closet on a budget should most definitely consider making these DIY shelves. If you’re building shelves, just make sure you have a level (and use it liberally).

    DIY Closet Shelves from Jenna Kate At Home

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    DIY Closet Built-Ins

    Large Closet With Built-Ins

    Rachel Teodoro

    Built-ins just have a classic, timeless look that makes closets look sleek and stylish. If your home doesn’t come with built-in closet organizers, you can make your own. Not only will these DIY versions look great, but they will also cost you less than manufactured built-ins.

    DIY Closet Built Ins from Rachel Teodoro

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    Custom Closet IKEA Hack

    Custom Closet Filled With Clothes

    Handmade Weekly

    Everyone loves a good IKEA hack. They make beautiful DIYs attainable and affordable. In this case, these DIYers used a few IKEA dressers to create their dream closet. The finished product is amazing.

    DIY Custom Closet IKEA Tarva & Ivar Hack from Handmade Weekly

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    DIY Closet Room

    Shelf and Clothes Rack in Room

    Everything Erz

    Do you have a spare room filled with junk that’s collecting dust? It’s time for a makeover. Turn that spare room into a giant closet where you can display all your favorite styles and have room for a mini fashion show every morning.

    DIY Closet Room from Everything Erz

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    DIY Closet System

    Organized White Closet

    Jettset Farmhouse

    Clothes lying in heaps around your bedroom is not a good look. It’s time to create a closet organization system that actually works, so you can spend less time cleaning your room and more time on your more pressing responsibilities.

    DIY Closet System Tutorial from Jettset Farmhouse

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    Adorable Closet Door Makeover

    Bedroom With Wood Closet Door

    Burnett Bungalow

    Sometimes all you need is a new closet door to give your bedroom a whole new look. But instead of spending money on new ones, make these cute DIY laminate closet doors (or opt for wood, which is more expensive). Your space will feel brand new instantly.

    DIY Closet Door Makeover from Burnett Bungalow

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    Custom Closet Organizer DIY

    Wood Box Closet Organizer

    Making It In The Mountains

    You can create your own closet that incorporates functionality while still looking good, and this DIY is proof. The most unique part about this closet organizer is that it’s made entirely out of wood boxes. Even though the boxes are very simple, the final look of this DIY closet organizer has major wow factor.

    DIY Custom Closet Organizer: The Brilliant Box System from Making It In The Mountains

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    DIY Closet Wardrobe Built-In

    Big Wood Closet With Built-In

    Handmade Haven

    If you’re not sure how to organize a giant closet space, follow the steps in this tutorial and create big, beautiful built-ins. You will need to know how to use power tools to complete this DIY.

    DIY Master Closet Wardrobe Built-In from Handmade Haven

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    Modern Closet Makeover

    Modern Closet Organizer

    Lemon Thistle

    We’re getting cool, sleek vibes from this DIY modern closet. This blogger used a simple boxed unit from their local hardware store to complete an easy closet upgrade that looks fantastic. This is a great option for a coat or entryway closet, too.

    DIY Modern Closet Makeover from Lemon Thistle

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    Play-In Closet

    Colorful Play Closet

    Dos Family

    Closets sitting unused are a waste of space. This can be an issue in spare rooms or kids' rooms with multiple closet spaces. This cute DIY aims to fix that wasted space problem by transforming an unused closet into a kids' play area. Remove the doors and add shelves along with your kids’ favorite toys, and they’ll be playing in no time.

    Play-In is the new Walk-In...Closet from Dos Family

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    DIY Kids Closet Organization

    Kids Closet Near Toy Trucks

    The Blush Home

    Any kid would be lucky to have this closet space in their room. It’s stylish and practical, acting as a fun way to show off cute kids clothes and accessories. Because it’s organized, this closet lays out all clothes in an easy-to-find manner and allows you to pick out outfits for your kiddo quickly.

    DIY Kid's Closet Organization from The Blush Home

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    Nursery Closet Renovation

    Nursery Closet

    Emily Stiemsma

    New parents will absolutely love this closet design. This DIY nursery closet is simple, yet oh-so-organized and very adorable. Best of all, this custom closet will only cost you $300. You’ll need to take a trip to IKEA to purchase the drawer unit. While you’re there, be sure to pick up some cute accessories to spruce up your nursery.

    A DIY Project: Nursery Closet Reno For $300 from Emily Stiemsma

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    Closet Reading Nook DIY

    Cute Kids Fort

    551 East

    Make your kids’ dreams become a reality by building them this cozy DIY fort in an unneeded closet. The materials needed are surprisingly simple. After a few hours of work, your kiddo will be happily lounging in their new favorite nook.

    How To Turn a Closet Into a Floating Fort/Reading Nook from 551 East