14 DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas That Are Easy to Pull Off

Cucumber sprout and mesh for garden plants in the garden in the open ground

Aleksandr Krotkov/Getty Images

These DIY cucumber trellis ideas are going to show you just how easy it is to grow cucumbers vertically. This is a quick garden project that will take you anywhere from a few minutes to an afternoon to set up. It's also really budget-friendly, leaving you more money for seeds and plants.

Growing cucumbers on a trellis has so many advantages. The most obvious one is that saves a lot of space since the cucumbers are growing vertically. Watering and harvesting are easier since you don't have to go and dig in the plant to get the roots or fruit. The cucumbers will also be cleaner since they aren't growing in the dirt.

Cucumber Trellis Materials

A cucumber trellis can be made from simple materials, including:

  • Bamboo
  • Twigs or tree branches
  • Wood lattice
  • PVC pipes
  • String such as twine or jute
  • Existing metal structures such as a tomato cage or chain-link fence

What's the best cucumber trellis made of? 

The best cucumber trellis is made from materials that you already have or can acquire without spending too much time or money. A simple and effective cucumber trellis can be made with anything from bamboo and twine to metal or wood lattice. 

Is a vertical or angled cucumber trellis better?

Cucumbers are a climbing plant that grows best vertically, resulting in larger yields and protecting it from pests. You can grow cucumbers on a vertical trellis or on an A-frame trellis with good results.