9 Pretty and Practical DIY Curtain Tie-Back Ideas

Airy curtain with curtain tie in the bedroom
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Window treatments have the potential to really complete a room, but with so many options, many of which are costly, it can be hard to decide what's right for your space (which is why so many people put off choosing curtains or blinds for months of even years). If you've been considering tie-back curtains for your home, then you're in the right place. They're a great option if you plan to open and close the curtains regularly, and they allow light to stream in when you want it.

Like other curtains, tie-backs are long and loose when they're blocking light, but as the name suggests, they're tied back in the middle when you don't need to block light. They're a versatile window treatment option and what you use to tie back the curtain, from fabric to a horseshoe holder to corded ribbon, is entirely up to you. Read on for tie back curtain ideas you'll love for creative ways to tie back your curtains, for those times when you want a little extra light.

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    Felt Balls Curtain Ties

    colorful felt ball curtain ties


    Perfect for a kids' room or a playroom, this colorful felt ball curtain tie back adds a playful touch and looks especially pretty offset with white or other solid curtains. It could also look cute with a printed option.

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    Tie Back Curtains Tied in the Center

    white gauzy curtains tied in center

    Black & Blooms

    Shake things up by tying curtains in the center instead of off to the side. This creates a symmetrical look, plus it still offers a bit of privacy (though not as much as having the curtains drawn, of course). Here, gauzy white curtains look stunning tied back with a piece of white cording, though a sliver of lace would also be lovely. The fun of this option is that's not permanent either; one day you could tie in the center and the next off to the side.

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    Tie Back Curtains to Block a Draft

    pretty patterned tie back curtains with tassel tie, blocking drafty door


    Tie-back curtains aren't just for window frames, Here, thick printed velvet in a Japanese style blocks a drafty door so your house is warmer (and you save on heating). When you don't need the added protection, these tie back to the side using a chic tassel cord.

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    Whimsical Curtain Ties

    whimsical crocheted curtain ties


    These crochet curtain ties have so much whimsical detail. They're handcrafted by women in Gaya so you know they're well-made, plus they can be tied as loosely or as tight as needed. If you look closely, in addition to the crocheted flowers, you'll see wooden beads and pom poms.

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    A Structured Floral Curtain Clip

    a structured floral curtain clip

    Stephanie Tuligowski

    This beautiful metal clip is mounted to the wall, allowing the curtain to easily slide on or off the metal horseshoe. A metal piece is durable and functional, and it adds a solid element that looks beautiful against softer curtains.

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    Neutral Wool Ball Tie Backs

    curtains tied high with tassle and woolen balls

    Styled by Erica and Double-layer Wool Felt Curtains by Amore Beaute

    Wool balls paired with tassels in opposing neutral colors lend a boho detail to any space. Here the two-toned curtains are enhanced by corresponding two-toned tie-backs that are as functional as they are pretty. We like how these are tied a bit higher up, giving the curtains a theatrical vibe that still allows you to see into the room.

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    Doorway Tie Back Curtains

    dark tie back curtains making a doorway

    arbor & co

    These thick and luxe tie back curtains are a great way to lend privacy to a bedroom space, yet still have the option to leave the space open and airy when needed. You can't go wrong with solid curtains and ties in the same stunning monochrome fabric.

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    Narrow Tie-Back Curtains

    floral narrow curtains on either side of bed

    Erin Williamson Design

    Narrow windows lend themselves to tie back curtains because you can maximize light during the day. These gorgeous floral print curtains are regal yet inviting, and they're held back by a simple curtain knob, so you don't have to actually tie anything around the fabric and potentially wrinkle it.

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    Printed Curtain Ties

    buffalo check curtains with thin cord tie


    The buffalo check tieback curtains pull this fun and rustic room together. With a bigger print like this, it can be a nice contrasting touch to use simple cording or a tassel to hold back the curtains, instead of a strip of matching fabric.