DIY Dorm Decorating Ideas - Tutorials, Tips & Videos

Making Your Dorm Room Uniquely Yours

College dorm room of neat and messy roommates
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Add unique and personal touches to your dorm room with these budget-friendly and fast DIY dorm decorating ideas. Below are links to tutorials, instructions and videos of easy DIY projects for decorating your dorm room and creating your own dorm decor. Just follow the links to find out how-to!

  • Bend old vinyl records into storage bowl or bin shapes to hold essentials.
  • Use bed risers or blocks under your bed to provide extra space for storage.
  • Use an extra pillowcase from your bedding to make a matching memo board or laundry bag.
  • For a personal touch, make your own headboard.
  • Decorate coastal or tropical style and escape to the beach (at least in your mind) whenever college pressures rise.
  • For cheap and removable wall decor, cover a wall with fabric.
  • Recycle your old magazines into a plant or alarm clock stand.
  • Use paint to dress up a dime store end table, or better yet, make your own for under $20.
  • Make a cheap yet colorful dry-erase board using a laminated placemat.
  • Spray paint ornate or vintage photo frames in bright, glossy colors for unique wall decor.
  • Make a throw pillow out of one of Dad’s old pinstripe shirts.
  • String Christmas lights for mood lighting viva l'Italia style.
  • Add ribbons to frames for hanging, and attach to stick-on wall hooks.
  • Make a cozy no-sew throw for those late night study sessions.
  • Add a bit of 70s style (or a bit of privacy) with a do-it-yourself beaded curtain.
  • Decorate a boring lampshade using one (or more!) of our ideas.
  • Make a unique and free photo frame from old CD cases.
  • Create a braided rag rug from old t-shirts or fabric scraps.
  • Succulents make great dorm room plants. Create your own planter.
  • Transform a table, dresser or boring storage caddy with decoupage.
  • Add a bit of flower power to your room with these DIY flower decor ideas.
  • Cover the frame of a dry-erase board using glue and pretty scrapbooking paper, then tie a matching ribbon to a dry erase pen and attach to the board.
  • Make your own custom magazine (or notebook paper) storage boxes to match your dorm decor.
  • No dorm room is complete without a lava lamp. Create your own to match your dorm decor.
  • For an inexpensive but personal touch, install cute drawer pulls in your dorm bathroom or on cabinets. Before you move, simply reinstall the original pulls.
  • Make your own graphic wall art for free (or almost free) with everyday items using our wall art ideas.