20 Inspiring DIY Faux Fireplace Ideas to Try Yourself

bookshelf turned faux mantel

MMS Milk Paint

There's nothing like having a working fireplace in your home, but these days, non-functioning ones are pretty highly sought after, too. Yes, that's right, faux fireplaces are having a major moment and, truthfully, it's well-deserved. Fireplace mantels add so much coziness to any space, invite plenty of opportunities for fun styling moments, and come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. They're a blast to decorate for the holidays, look fabulous when filled to the brim with candles, and can add so much character and personality to that blank wall that's been driving you bonkers.

However, because purchasing a premade faux fireplace can be an investment, many people are opting to go the DIY route, creating beautiful mantels out of wood or cleverly using common household items to construct mantels in just a few simple steps. We've rounded up 15 of the faux fireplace mantels that are inspiring us right now, and you'll definitely want to read on for further information on how you can replicate one of these stunning pieces in your own home.

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    Mantel With a Shelf

    fireplace with ledge for candles

    Allison of Designed Simple

    This faux mantel features a small shelf at the bottom, which is perfect for displaying candles! Even if you can't light a fire in your fireplace, that's ok—candles are truly the next best thing. Flameless candles can be left lit all night long for some major ambiance. Oh, and the herringbone insert? Believe it or not, it's actually wallpaper.

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    Curved Limewash Mantel

    wood mantel with travertine tiles

    Cami Graham

    This mantel was made out of wood and coated in limewash paint for a chic, vintage look. Inside the fireplace are travertine tiles, which add sophistication and dimension to the living room.

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    Simple White Wooden Mantel

    white wooden mantel

    Sarah Symmonds

    With some basic wood from the hardware store and the paint of your choosing, you can design and customize a fireplace mantel that fits your room size and style. This white mantel is the perfect blank slate—you can outfit it with seasonal decorations of all kinds over the course of the year.

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    Chic Marble Mantel

    marble mantel

    @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

    Consider sourcing a marble fireplace that looks just like the real thing—yet can be moved easily from one room to another if needed. This mantel is comprised of a few different marble pieces but looks as if it is original to this New York City apartment. You could recreate the look with salvaged pieces from a historic mantel.

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    White Mantel With Herringbone

    wooden fireplace

    Rebecca Propes

    This wooden mantel features a herringbone insert that was simply made from extra wood pieces. Note that you could choose to create any design that speaks to you when going the custom route; herringbone, however, remains a classic style for inserts and really makes this mantel look high-end!

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    Wooden Mantel With Shiplap Insert

    mantel around working fireplace

    Sara Syrett

    A wooden mantel with a beautiful shiplap insert sits around a working freestanding fireplace, elevating the piece. The new mantel adds such a cozy touch to this space and allows for plenty of decorating possibilities—we love the addition of a pom pom garland and plants as shown here.

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    Mantel With Brick and Summer Shield

    mantel with summer shield

    Linda Bass

    This mantel came together from scratch; the mantel itself came from Facebook Marketplace, the summer shield was added separately, and the hearth was a DIY. This setup, which looks original to the space, simply proves that a little creativity can go a long way in creating the custom mantel of your dreams. Even the mortar brick was added to the insert!

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    Mantel With a Built-In Chalkboard

    fireplace with chalkboard

    Kalyn Denno

    Why not add a fun touch to your non-working mantel by placing a chalkboard where the firebox would normally go? This mantel is perfect for the whole family—kids will enjoy drawing and leaving notes for each other with chalk or can write messages in honor of a specific event or holiday.

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    Faux Antique Mantel

    wooden mantel leaning

    Rebecca of Zucchini Sisters

    This mantel was designed to replicate the look of antique barnwood. Brown wax helped add an aged quality to this new wooden piece, which is wide enough to accommodate two chairs underneath. Note that if you do not wish to make an insert for your faux mantel, there are plenty of ways to get creative with styling so that the opening is less obvious.

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    Curved Mantel Made from Plasterboard

    curved fireplace

    Francesca Stone

    Love arches of all kinds? Then this is the fireplace for you! Plasterboard and wood were the name of the game here, but you'd never guess that this fireplace wasn't made from actual plaster.

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    Small Mantel Shelf

    mantel above fireplace

    Rachel Paxton

    While this home already featured a fireplace, it didn't feature a mantel above it. The new addition adds an extra flair to the wall and makes it easy to lean a mirror or artwork and style some decorative objects. It was painted white to match the style of the existing fireplace.

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    Bookshelf Turned Mantel

    bookshelf as fireplace

    MMS Milk Paint

    Believe it or not, this mantel actually had a previous life as a bookshelf. Removing the shelves, distressing the piece, and adding decorative embellishments to the finished product were all part of the process, proving that reusing furniture has never looked better!

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    Door Turned Mantel

    door to fireplace mantel

    Anita Diaz

    Here's another example of a fabulous upcycle in the case of a door being turned into a fireplace mantel! White paint and the addition of a shelf worked wonders in giving this extra door new life. With the addition of decorative accents typically displayed on a mantel, you'd really never know that this piece had ever served a different purpose.

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    Thrift Store Mantel Given New Life

    thrift store mantel

    Lindsay of My Creative Days

    Some new paint and a sander brought this old thrift store mantel to life. In this picture, the mantel is set up outside on a porch, proving that any space can benefit from the addition of a faux mantel—it truly adds so much character.

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    Mantel With Trim

    fireplace with trim

    Rachel Lynn

    Take a DIY wooden fireplace to the next level by adding some trim to it. Whether you choose to keep things simple or cut gaps into the trim for a more ornate look (as seen here), it will definitely make a statement.

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    Tiled Frame

    shiplap mantel with tile

    Love & Renovations

    Many fireplaces have a tiled frame around them for added aesthetic appeal, and there's no reason that you can't work this type of feature into your DIY mantel. Here, a shiplap mantel got a bit of a fancy finishing touch.

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    From Brick to Grout

    grout fireplace

    Lauren Koster

    Would you have ever guessed that this fireplace was previously brick? It got a major makeover with some grout covering—the finished look is much more Mediterranean and mod and really brightens up this living room.

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    A Headboard is Transformed

    former headboard as mantel

    Tania Pelletier

    Have an old headboard that you're no longer using? Go ahead and revamp it as seen here; you really would never guess its former purpose. This fireplace got a fun touch in the form of a chalkboard insert which adds a whimsical touch.

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    Roman Clay Addition

    roman clay surround

    Roxanne Kwiecinski

    A wooden fireplace mantel found on Facebook Marketplace got a custom upgrade in the form of a roman clay surround. This adds so much depth to the piece and makes it appear much more luxe. You could consider painting a wooden mantel like this one or sanding it, too.

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    Shabby Chic and Sweet

    shabby chic mantel

    Roxanne Kwiecinski

    Mantels are great pieces because they can be customized to reflect a wide range of aesthetic preferences. For example, if you love a shabby chic style, a mantel like this one may appeal to you. Here, a chippy paint technique helped to achieve this look.