Wrap It Up: 8 DIY Gift Bags

Get crafty by making your own gift bags.

Get crafty by making your own gift bags or decorating a regular gift bag into something extra special. Half the fun of receiving a gift is marvelling at the beautiful wrapping, and these DIY gift bags are sure to impress the recipient and allow you to show how much they mean to you by taking a bit of take to make homemade gift wrap.

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    DIY Wallpaper Gift Bag
    DIY Wallpaper Gift Bag. Oh Happy Day

    Using leftover bits of wallpaper or wallpaper samples you picked up at your local paint store create sturdy gift bags with fun patterns.

    To learn how to form a gift bag out of wrapping paper read the tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

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    DIY Fabric Handle Gift Bag

    DIY Fabric Handle Gift Bag
    DIY Fabric Handle Gift Bag. Creature Comforts

    Take a regular gift bag with removable handles and give it a bit more flair by adding custom fabric handles to make the bag look more expensive and interesting, such as adding plaid, lace or a floral print to a regular solid colored gift bag. 

    The full tutorial on how to create your own fabric handles for gift bags can be found at Creature Comforts.

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    DIY Mini Birthday Shot Gift Bag

    DIY Mini Birthday Shot Gift Bag
    DIY Mini Birthday Shot Gift Bag. Sparkle Collective

    Help someone celebrate their birthday by giving them a shot of their favorite alcohol in a cute DIY gift bag. To make the bag you will need a mini drawstring canvas bag which you will paint by stamping acrylic paint using a flat wooden dowel. To complete the gift Sparkle Collective offers a free matching printable card. 

    To view the DIY mini gift bag tutorial and to download the matching card visit Sparkle Collective.

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    DIY Recycled Gift Bag
    DIY Recycled Gift Bag. Create Celebrate Explore

    Recycle your leftover cardboard cereal boxes or smaller sized cardboard boxes from food items to create beautiful and sturdy gift bags that can be decorated with fabric handles or decorating the exterior with your own custom design.

    Learn how to make a DIY recycled cardboard box gift bag at Create Celebrate Explore.

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    DIY Glam Duct Tape Gift Bag
    DIY Glam Duct Tape Gift Bag. Two Zero One

    Head to the dollar store and pick up a multipack of kraft paper gift bags as unlike standard gift bags they are often available in a package of three for the same price. Using two small pieces of sparkle duct tape at the top and bottom of the bag, and a few gem stickers, that were also purchased from the dollar store you can create your own custom gift bag in minutes.

    The full tutorial for the DIY glam duct tape gift bag can be found at Two Zero One.

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    DIY Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag
    DIY Scrapbook Paper Gift Bag. Lia Griffith

    Use up some of your extra scrapbooking paper to craft a beautiful gift bag that uses two complementary cardstock designs, one for the base and one for a top accent band around the top.

    Read the full DIY scrapbook paper gift bag tutorial at Lia Griffith.

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    DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bag
    DIY Wine Bottle Gift Bag. Seven Thirty Three

    If you are in need of a last minute hostess gift why not pick up a bottle of wine and beautifully package it in your own handmade gift bag. To make your own you will need a sheet of cardstock, a hole punch, glue and some ribbon and you will be able to beautifully package your gift without an extra trip to another store to pick up wrapping.

    Learn how to make your own DIY wine bottle gift bag at Seven Thirty Three.

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    Take one of your leftover kraft paper bags from shopping and turn it into a last minute gift bag with the help of some glitter. To hide the store's branding cover the bottom of the bag with white glue and sprinkle glitter onto the still wet glue to cover the logo and create a cute glitter gift bag.

    To view the full DIY kraft paper and glitter gift bag tutorial visit Two Zero One.