How to Make a DIY Graduation Bingo Board

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    What is Graduation Bingo?

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    Commencement speeches are filled with cliches and these common phrases can be used for a game called "Graduation Bingo." You can create your own graduation bingo board to take to the graduation ceremony or use as a fun game during the graduation party.

    What is Graduation Bingo?

    Dr. Seuss quotations, Websters Dictionary citations and the inevitable remark about commencement being 'a beginning, not an end.' Graduation is a marvelous milestone, but how many cliches can one long speech...MORE hold? The answer, of course, is a lot!

    These DIY graduation bingo boards feature those familiar commencement sights, sounds and pithy quotes.

    As happy as the occasion of high school or college graduation can be, anyone who has sat through a few knows that they can be a little tedious, especially for younger kids.

    The number of truly great graduation speeches is few. For the rest, these bingo boards will help keep younger siblings entertained during long graduation ceremonies.

    How to Play Graduation Bingo

    As the ceremony begins, look and listen for each of the phrases, sights and sounds and check them off. The chances are that you will have a bingo in no time!

    Tuck the bingo boards into your graduation survival kit or use them to provide a little humor at the graduation party. They also make a pretty terrific Grad Night craft activity or dorm craft too.

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    Create the Graduation Bingo Board

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    There are a few ways that you can make a blank bingo board to fill with your favorite graduation moments.

    Download a Blank Bingo Card

    There are many bingo card templates available online that you can download and print out. Simply search "bingo template" or "blank bingo card" and you will find endless options.

    Once you have the file, you can print out the blank card and fill it in by hand or open it in your favorite editing program and type in the phrases.

    Copy an Old Bingo Card

    If...MORE you have an old bingo card and are looking for a project that requires a little more craftiness, you can create your own template.

    1. Make a color copy of an old bingo board. Enlarge or reduce it so the grid contains 1-inch squares.
    2. Using an exacto-knife, cut out the center section that contains the numbers. This will leave a bingo frame that will contain your playing board.

    You can also print the border on colorful cardstock or scrapbook paper.

    Note: You may still want to find a bingo board template to use as the grid for your board.

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    Fill the Graduation Bingo Squares

    Now it is time to fill in all of the blank spaces of the bingo board.

    • Type them up in the computer or print out a blank grid and write them in by hand.
    • Bingo boards typically use a grid of 25 1-inch squares.

    The Center Square

    The center square of the bingo board is your free space. Fill this with the school's logo or mascot.

    • If designing your card in the computer, simply copy and paste the logo onto the board.
    • If making the board by hand, print out the logo so it is 1-inch square and paste it in...MORE the center square.

    The Graduation Cliches

    Fill the blank grid with 24 of your favorite cliches, sights and sounds of the graduation ceremony.

    This can also be done in any word processing software, using 1-inch spacing for each phrase. The grid lines can be drawn in later using a ruler.

    If you are making multiple boards for a party, mix up the sequence and use a longer list so two players don't get a bingo at the same time.

    Here are a few suggestions:

    • "Webster's Dictionary defines..."
    • Lame opening joke
    • Airborne beach ball
    • Umbrella for sun protection
    • "You are the future..."
    • Pomp & Circumstance
    • Microphone squeal
    • "Your bright faces..."
    • Decorated mortarboard
    • "Beginning not an end..."
    • "As Dr. Seuss once said..."
    • "Wing beneath your wings"
    • "Fellow travelers on this journey"
    • "Look to the future"
    • Weeping mom
    • Texting parents
    • Ridiculously large camera
    • Mangled last name
    • "As Steve Jobs once said..."
    • "As one door closes..."
    • "I once sat where you sit..."
    • Mascot sighting
    • "As Robert Frost once said..."
    • "As Bart Simpson once said..."
    • "We did it!"
    • Reference to student loans
    • Reference to moving back home
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    Finishing the Graduation Bingo Board

    It is time to finish up the graduation bingo board and this is where you can add as much style as you like.

    Computer Designed Bingo Cards

    If you are designing the bingo cards in the computer, now is the time to add any fun graphics or extra style. Graduation caps, school colors, and the year would all be fun additions.

    When ready, print out your new bingo card and get ready to play!

    Handmade Bingo Cards

    For those following the handmade bingo card directions, this is where the fun really begins...MORE because it is time to decorate it and get really crafty.

    You should now have the bingo card frame and the grid filled in with graduation moments as well as your school mascot. It is time to bring it all together.

    1. Print and cut out all of the elements. Use cardstock for the frame and regular paper for the grid and logo.
    2. Adhere the bingo card frame to another piece of cardstock using a piece of double stick tape at the top . Leave the other edges loose for now.
    3. Slip the bingo grid under the frame and center it.
    4. Once in place, secure the grid to the bottom card stock using double-stick tape.
    5. If you do not have grid lines yet, use a ruler to draw them in.
    6. Secure the remaining edges of the bingo frame to the bottom card stock using tape.
    7. Paste or tape the school logo in the center free space.
    8. Cut a nice border or add more embellishments (stamps, cutouts, and all that fun scrapbooking stuff!) if you like.
    9. If you are planning to use the cards multiple times, it would be best to laminate them.