29 Genius Graduation DIY Ideas

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    Congratulations, Graduate!

    Celebrate your graduate as they finish high school, college, or even kindergarten! Hand-made crafts and sweets say "I'm proud of you!" so much better than any store-bought decoration. There are fun and easy DIYs for everything you need to throw a party or just add a touch of flair to your graduate's regalia.

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    DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubble

    Create some fun photo ops at the graduation party with a chalkboard speech bubble—the perfect photo prop. One great way to help keep guests entertained is to set up a photo booth and invite everyone to take pictures with the speech bubble. You can ask your friends and family to tag it on social media with your party's hashtag.

    DIY Chalkboard Speech Bubble Tutorial from The Paper Curator

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    DIY Graduation Confetti Cones

    Before your graduate arrives, hand out confetti cones to everyone at the party, so you can all welcome the graduate with showering confetti. Making DIY graduation cones is super easy: Just print the free template, roll them into a cone, and fill them with confetti.

    DIY Graduation Confetti Cones Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers

    Decorate all your cupcakes with mini graduation caps by making these easy cupcake toppers out of black card stock.

    DIY Graduation Cap Cupcake Toppers Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Candy Graduation Leis

    Leis are traditionally given as a gift when someone is arriving or leaving, which is why they are perfect for new graduates to wear to symbolize the arrival to a new stage in their lives. Instead of the traditional flower leis, you can make this fun candy version.

    DIY Candy Graduation Leis Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY "Today Is Your Day" Cake

    Skip the tedious step of trying to carefully write a message in icing on top of the cake, and learn how you can use this printable cake topper instead. Decorating a cake has never been so easy!

    DIY Today Is Your Day Cake Tutorial from The Cake Blog

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    DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives

    Hang photos of the graduate from helium balloons to create a colorful cluster. The floating photo memories are the perfect way to decorate your home for a graduation party.

    DIY Graduation Balloon Superlatives Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Graduation Cap

    Your graduate can decorate his or her cap with a quirky or meaningful message. This will also make it easier to locate which cap is theirs when all the graduates ceremoniously toss their caps into the air!

    DIY Graduation Cap Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Giant Balloon Graduation Year

    Cut the graduation year out of a large sheet of paper and attach the numbers to a giant balloon for a quick but effective way to decorate for your graduation party.

    DIY Giant Balloon Graduation Year Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Paper Flower Graduation Tassel

    Adorn a graduation cap with tissue paper flowers for a beautiful accessory for the new graduate to rock at her party.

    DIY Paper Flower Graduation Tassel Tutorial from The House That Lars Built

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    DIY Message Balloons

    Customize your balloons with paper letters, spelling out words or phrases, such as "Hooray!"

    DIY Message Balloons Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Chalkboard Cupcake Wrapper

    0Spruce up your cupcakes with DIY chalkboard wrappers. You can write the graduation year, the graduate's name, or anything you'd like!

    DIY Chalkboard Cupcake Wrapper Tutorial from kraft & mint

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    DIY Confetti Graduation Banner

    Confetti is the ultimate sign of a celebration! Decorate your party with this DIY confetti-covered banner.

    DIY Confetti Graduation Banner Tutorial from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Paper Graduation Lei

    Welcome everyone to the party with a colorful paper lei!

    DIY Paper Graduation Lei Tutorial from The House That Lars Built

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    DIY Graduation Straw Toppers

    Turn any ordinary drink into a fancy custom cocktail with graduation cap straw toppers made with from card stock. Bonus points if you serve your beverages in mason jars.

    DIY Graduation Straw Toppers Tutorial from Lil' Luna

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    DIY YAY Vase

    For the perfect centerpiece, make your own "YAY" vase, which you can fill with bright and cheerful flowers, further accentuating the sentiment of the celebration.

    DIY Yay Vase Tutorial from A Kailo Chic Life

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    DIY Sprinkles Graduation Year

    For a whimsical snack table centerpiece, cut the graduation year out of cardboard a0nd cover it in sprinkles!

    DIY Sprinkles Graduation Year Tutorial from A J0oyful Riot

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    DIY Cupcake Pennants

    Graduation signifies the start of a new adventure, whether that's a celebratory vacation, college, or a new job. These DIY "Adventure awaits" cupcake pennants communicate the perfect sentiment to your graduate and their friends.

    DIY Cupcake Pennants Tutorial from Alice And Lois

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    DIY Pennant Flags

    This printable pennant banner is perfect for decorating on a budget. Just print the free template, and string the paper flags together for quick and easy party decor.

    DIY Hooray Pennant Flags Tutorial from Alice And Lois

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    DIY Graduation Party Centerpiece

    Have leftover wine bottles? Paint them gold and stick the graduation year on top for the perfect graduation party centerpiece.

    DIY Graduation Party Centerpiece Tutorial from Vicky Barone

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    DIY Triangle Bunting

    Cut out paper triangles in rainbow hues or your graduate's school colors. Hang them all around the party to brighten up your decor.

    DIY Triangle Bunting Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY School Photo Props

    Keep your graduation party guests entertained with a photo booth, complete with props. These DIY speech bubbles highlight commonplace senior superlatives, like "Class Clown" and "Most Likely to Succeed."

    DIY School Photo Props Tutorial from Amy Latta Creations

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    DIY Balloon Marquee

    Marquees continue to be a trendy way to decorate, and you can create a balloon marquee to spell out a message on a wall with this excellent DIY idea.

    DIY Balloon Marquee Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Giant Paper Fans

    Instead of buying large paper fans, you can save money by making your own. These are so fun as party decor for any event!

    DIY Giant Paper Fans Tutorial from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Balloon Photo Backdrop

    Nothing says "party" quite like balloons! Create a dramatic focal wall at your party with tons of them. Your Instagram-savvy graduates will appreciate the perfect photo background!

    DIY Balloon Photo Backdrop Tutorial from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Graduation Cupcake Toppers

    Don't bother trying to pipe your own hand-drawn caps onto your cupcakes, as black icing often tastes horrible. Instead, top each cupcake with a DIY paper topper.

    DIY Graduation Cupcake Toppers Tutorial from Lil' Luna

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    DIY Gumball Graduation Party Favor

    DIY Gumball Graduation Party Favor
    Paper and Pleats via No Biggie

    Thank all your family and friends for attending your son's or daughter's graduation party with a graduation-themed party favor. This mini tube of gumballs is adorable topped off with a mini graduation cap.

    DIY Gum Ball Graduation Party Favor Tutorial from No Biggie

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    DIY Rolo Graduation Cap Party Treats

    Treat everyone at your graduation party with these adorable chocolate Rolos decorated with paper graduation hats. Serve them on a tray or package them up to give as party favors.

    DIY Rolo Graduation Caps Party Treats Tutorial from Made To Be A Momma

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    DIY Graduation Memory Wreath

    Decorate your front door with a DIY graduation wreath made up of photos of the graduate.

    DIY Graduation Memory Wreath Tutorial from DIY Beautify

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    DIY Bright Future Graduation Favor

    Fill up plastic fillable light bulbs with neon-colored candy. Tie on some printable labels and you have the perfect gift for your graduate and all their friends in just a few minutes' time.

    DIY Bright Future Graduation Favor Tutorial from Revel and Glitter