Creative Hostess Gifts That You Can DIY

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    DIY Relaxing Gift Basket

    DIY Relaxing Gift Basket
    Julie Blanner

    Hostessing a wonderful dinner party for a group of people takes a lot of work, from cleaning the entire house to planning the perfect entertainment and cooking up a feast for everyone to indulge in the least you can do is say thank you to the person or couple hosting the party. 

    One easy way to say thanks is to help them relax once everyone is gone by filling an empty basket with a bottle of wine, a DIY bath scrub and some beautiful cut flowers from your garden.

    DIY Relaxing Gift Basket from Julie Blanner

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    DIY Bath Salts

    DIY bath scrub
    Kristin Duvall/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

    This easy recipe uses only 3 ingredients and makes a wonderful gift for your hostess. Who doesn't love a relaxing bubble bath? Follow the recipe and make some extra for yourself while you're at it!

    DIY Bath Salts from The Spruce

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    DIY Pumpkin Cranberry Bread in a Mason Jar

    DIY Pumpkin Cranberry Bread in a Mason Jar
    Cul De Sac Cool

    A quick last minute gift idea to bring to your party hostess is to fill a mason jar with everything they would need to make their own tasty loaf of pumpkin cranberry bread. Get all the details of everything you need to put in the mason jar and the printable label at Cul De Sac Cool.

    DIY Pumpkin Cranberry Bread In A Mason Jar from Cul De Sac Cool

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    DIY Assorted Coffee Kit

    DIY Assorted Coffee Kit
    A Pumpkin And A Princess

    In a small box assemble some instant coffee or coffee pods to create a mini coffee kit so your hostess can have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning. 

    DIY Assorted Coffee Kit from A Pumpkin And A Princess

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    DIY Cinnamon Spice Muffins Kit

    DIY Cinnamon Spice Muffins Kit
    Positively Splendid

    Fill your hostess home with the delicious scent of cinnamon by making them a cinnamon spice muffin kit that includes all the dry ingredients they need to make a batch of muffin, and to top of the mason jar add some beautifully patterned muffin cups. 

    DIY Cinnamon Spice Muffins Kit from Positively Splendid

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    DIY Polka Dot Napkins

    DIY Polka Dot Napkins

    Clearly, your hostess enjoys to entertain people at their home, so make them a set of beautiful gold polka dot napkins for them to use to set the table with.

    DIY Polka Dot Napkins from Freutcake

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    DIY Beeswax Candles

    DIY Beeswax Candles
    Oh Happy Day

    Help your hostess dress up up their dinner table by making a set of beeswax candles in just a few minutes for them to use to light at dinner to provide soft candlelight.

    DIY Beeswax Candles from Oh Happy Day

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    DIY Homemade Lavender Soap

    DIY Homemade Lavender Soap
    Pink When

    Tie together two homemade bars of luxurious lavender soap to give your hostess to use in their home with a piece of twine. The soft smell of lavender is excellent at promoting relaxation which is exactly what they will need after hosting a dinner party.

    DIY Homemade Lavender Soap from Pink When

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    DIY Caramel Apple Kit

    DIY Caramel Apple Kit
    Lil' Luna

    Does your hostess have a sweet tooth? If so they are certain to be thrilled with this DIY caramel apple kit that includes everything they need to make caramel apples, which would make for a fun activity for them to later try.

    DIY Caramel Apple Kit from Lil' Luna

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    DIY Coconut and Lime Sugar Scrub

    DIY Coconut And Lime Sugar Scrub
    The Idea Room

    Say thank you to your friend who invited you for dinner by giving them a jar of tropical smelling coconut and lime sugar scrub so that they pamper their skin.

    DIY Coconut And Lime Sugar Scrub from The Idea Room

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    DIY Cookie Butter

    DIY Cookie Butter
    A Beautiful Mess

    Make some delicious cookie butter out of cookies such as Oreos, peanut butter cookies, sugar cookies or chocolate chip cookies and bottle it up in a small jar to give as a gift. Homemade cookie butter is a sugary spread many people might not have tried before, but it works well on toast, or as a dip for fruit or pretzels.

    DIY Cookie Butter from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Indigo Tea Towels

    DIY Indigo Tea Towels
    Francois Et Moi

    Beautiful tea towels are always a welcomed gift for people who enjoy working in the kitchen, and these DIY indigo tea towels are simple to make and provide a rich blue accent to any kitchen.

    DIY Indigo Tea Towels from Francois Et Moi

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    DIY Herb Planter

    DIY Herb Planter
    Precious Sister

    Show up at the next dinner party you are invited to with a DIY herb planter perfect for your host to use in their kitchen.

    DIY Herb Planter from Precious Sister

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    DIY Chalkboard Napkin Rings

    DIY Chalkboard Napkin Rings
    Green With Envy

    What is wonderful about these DIY chalkboard napkin rings is your hostess can use them for both a napkin ring and a place card as the party host can write each person's name with chalk onto the napkin ring and wash off the names after the party is over. 

    DIY Chalkboard Napkin Rings from Green With Envy

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    DIY Home Sweet Home Jar

    DIY Home Sweet Home Jar
    The DIY Playbook

    Perfect for a housewarming party, decorate a glass jar to say home sweet home and fill it with some essential items that people need when moving to a new house.

    DIY Home Sweet Home Jar from The DIY Playbook

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    DIY Cheers Coaster Set

    DIY Cheers Coaster Set
    Design Love Fest

    Give a colorful set of coasters as a gift, where each coaster says cheers in a different language. Your wanderlust party host will thank you for such a beautiful gift.

    DIY Cheers Coaster Set from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Wine Gift

    DIY Wine Gift
    Sarah Hearts

    In a hurry but want a way to make that bottle of wine you picked up to seem extra special? Create your own custom DIY wine label to go over the existing one to say thank you to your party hostess for inviting you.

    DIY Wine Gift from Sarah Hearts

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    DIY Infused Vodka

    DIY Infused Vodka
    A Beautiful Mess

    You can easily create an assortment of infused vodka flavors in mason jars as an easy gift. When making DIY infused vodka, make sure to save yourself a jar to use at home later so you can pour yourself some cocktails with either your homemade pomegranate, green apple, raspberry, ginger or pear vodka. You will not regret giving this amazing DIY a go.

    DIY Infused Vodka from A Beautiful Mess