35 Clever and Cute DIY House Numbers and House Number Signs

House Street Number on the wall
Kirill Rudenko / Getty Images

Not only do house numbers allow visitors to find your home, but they can also give your space an added boost of charm. You can put house numbers or house number signs smack dab on the house itself or, if you live down a long driveway, outside near the street. Wherever you place them, you can design house numbers that suit your personality and match your home’s vibe. You can DIY house number signs from a variety of materials, including scrap metal and wood, for a customized bit of charm and curb appeal.

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    Mailbox House Numbers

    House numbers printed on a mailbox post.

    Ugly Duckling House

    Visitors may have a hard time spotting your house if you live down a long driveway. House number signs on your mailbox offer a great solution to this problem. This tutorial will show you how to make cute DIY address number signs for your mailbox so your visitors will never get lost again.

    DIY House Numbers Sign For The Mailbox from Ugly Duckling House

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    Wooden Address Sign

    A simple address sign carved from wood.

    The Crafty Gentleman

    Sometimes simplicity is the most stylish way to go. At least that’s the case with these elegantly simple DIY house number signs made from wood.

    DIY Wooden House Number Sign from The Crafty Gentleman

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    DIY Colorful House Number Sign

    Colorful vertical house number sign next to a blue door.

    Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

    There’s nothing wrong with a pop of color, and this DIY proves it. Follow this tutorial to a T to get this adorable house number sign for your porch, or choose your favorite colors to make it more your own.

    DIY Modern House Numbers Sign for Your Front Porch from Ideas for the Home by Kenarry

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    Address Number Decals

    Address number decals on a black mailbox.

    Silhouette School

    To make these cute custom decals, you’ll need a paper cutting tool. Specifically, this blogger uses a silhouette. Follow along to create your own address number signs. Adding your last name is an optional (but very cute) addition.

    DIY Custom Mailbox Decals (Silhouette Tutorial) from Silhouette School

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    Wooden Monogram House Numbers

    Wooden monogrammed house numbers.

    Crafts Unleashed

    Add some personality to your address number sign with these DIY wooden monogram house numbers. Essentially, you’ll glue wooden numbers onto a large wooden monogram. Mod Podge decorative paper with your favorite pattern onto your wooden monogram and paint the address numbers to accent it.

    Wooden Monogram DIY House Numbers from Crafts Unleashed

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    Colorful DIY Address Sign

    Colorful painted address sign on a house exterior.

    Sisters, What!

    Are you looking for a way to enliven your house’s exterior? This colorful and modern floral house number sign will do the trick. Don’t be intimidated—you don’t need to be a star artist here. These bloggers will guide you step by step to ensure you end up with a sign you love.

    DIY House Number Sign and Colorful Hello Sign from Sisters, What!

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    DIY Stenciled Address Sign

    Stenciled address sign hung on a tree.

    Just the Woods

    Living in the woods never looked so cute! Use a stencil to create a unique address sign and hang it on a towering tree outside your home or at the end of your driveway. That way, your address sign will blend into the environment more and you can keep your home’s exterior looking clean and simple.

    How to Make a Stenciled DIY Address Sign from Just the Woods

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    DIY Mid-Century Modern House Number Sign

    A modern-looking address sign.

    Finding Sea Turtles

    For less than $25 and a few hours of work, you can have this adorable DIY mid-century modern house number sign. It mounts right onto your house (or any flat surface) and you can custom stain it to match your house color.

    Coastal DIY: Mid-Century Modern Address Sign from Finding Sea Turtles

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    Modern House Numbers

    Modern house numbers on a faux grass board.

    A Beautiful Mess

    Faux grass can look tacky, but we can assure you that it doesn’t in this DIY project. By using faux grass, pre-made house numbers, plywood, and a few tools, you can create a fun modern house number sign that looks fresh and bright in sunny weather.

    Modern House Number DIY from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Herringbone Address Sign

    Wood herringbone address sign above a mailbox.

    DIY Huntress

    Add some flare to a simple address number sign with this DIY herringbone sign tutorial. There’s even a video tutorial to guide you through the project. From far away, the sign looks ultra simple and sleek. Up close, it looks intricate and fancy—your guests will never guess you made it yourself.

    DIY Herringbone Address Sign from DIY Huntress

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    DIY Mosaic House Numbers

    A colorful mosaic of buttons and keys made into numbers.

    Running With Sisters

    These mosaic house numbers look funky and unique. Plus, you can customize them to fit your personality. Browse the antique store to find things to decorate them with, like old keys or buttons. Then, select fun mini tiles (you can find these at most home stores) and glue them all on.

    DIY Mosaic House Numbers With No Grout! from Running With Sisters

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    DIY Grass House Numbers

    Grass house numbers drilled onto brick.


    If you’re an environmentalist with a love for natural home decor, this is the perfect DIY for you. Making these DIY grass house numbers is really simple and inexpensive, but they look amazing. Not only will they guide visitors (and the delivery man) to your door, but they’ll also show off your love of plants.

    DIY Grass House Numbers from Kezzabeth

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    Backlit House Numbers

    LED backlit house number sign.

    First Time DIYer

    Thankfully, it’s fairly easy to get your hands on waterproof LED strips. Solder them to a wood plank and apply pre-made address numbers over top to create this handy backlit LED house number sign.

    Backlit LED House Numbers Under $40 from First Time DIYer

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    Standalone House Number Sign

    A white address number sign with a flower box.

    Second Chance to Dream

    Make your address sign a permanent outdoor fixture that doubles as a beautiful planter box for all of your favorite blooms. It’s a stunning and welcoming gesture for visitors approaching your humble abode.

    DIY House Number Sign And Planter Box from Second Chance to Dream

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    Sleek Number Sign DIY

    A modern wooden DIY number sign next to the front door.

    Little House of Four

    If your vibe is sleek and simple, you will love this DIY house number sign. It’s made from plywood, dowels, and some premade address numbers that you can purchase online. It’s understated and it gets the job done without being too busy or loud.

    How to Make a Modern House Number Sign from Little House of Four

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    Charming House Number Sign

    A wooden address sign with white faux flowers underneath.

    Lovely Etc.

    Use number stencils to repurpose an old picture frame into a charming house number sign. This DIY is suitable for beginners and it’s fairly inexpensive, given you can thrift a cute frame like this blogger did.

    How to Make a Charming DIY House Number Sign from Lovely Etc.

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    DIY Planter and Porch Decor

    A round metal planter box with address numbers.

    Sarah Hearts

    We love how many DIY house number planter tutorials there are out there. This one stands out among the rest because of its unique design, which will add a pop of color and texture to your front porch.

    DIY House Number Planter and Rental Friendly Front Porch Decor from Sarah Hearts

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    String Art Numbers

    DIY teal string art table numbers.

    Something Turquoise

    The beautiful string art numbers in this tutorial are meant for table numbers for an event, but they could totally work as house numbers, too. Just be forewarned that they could get ruined in harsh weather, so you may want to move them inside come winter.

    DIY Easy String Art Table Numbers from Something Turquoise

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    House Number Sign With Wood Shims

    A modern black and wooden address number sign against siding.

    A Crafted Passion

    For this DIY, come prepared with beginner woodworking skills—but don’t worry, expertise isn’t necessary. Saw, glue, and drill your way to a brand new modern-looking house number sign with raised metal numbers and wood shims.

    DIY Modern House Number Sign With Wood Shims from A Crafted Passion

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    DIY Rustic House Number Sign

    Rustic address sign.

    The Honeycomb Home

    To be more eco-friendly, you can upcycle scrap wood to create this beautiful rustic house number sign. In this tutorial, they used old wood from a whiskey barrel planter that had fallen apart. The more weathered your wood is, the more rustic your sign will be.

    Rustic House Number Sign from The Honeycomb Home

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    House Numbers Planter

    A wooden house number sign with a hanging planter.

    Knick of Time

    This is a beautiful DIY stand-alone address number sign that features a hanging flower basket. Place it at the end of your driveway to let visitors know which one to drive down and prepare yourself for lots of compliments.

    House Numbers Sign Hanging Planter from Knick of Time

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    Charred Wood DIY House Number Sign

    Charred wood address sign.

    Anika’s DIY Life

    This charred wood house number sign is stunning—if you make one, your visitors will not be able to stop talking about it. The best part of this project is that it only takes some lumber, a few tools, and a little elbow grease.

    Easy Wooden DIY House Number Sign from Anika’s DIY Life

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    Modern House Number Sign

    A modern house number sign made with wood.

    My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

    Your house will look stylish as ever with this DIY modern house number sign, made with a large slab of wood and pre-made house numbers. You will need several supplies, including power tools, but the end result is worth the effort.

    DIY Modern House Number Sign from My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

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    DIY House Number Plaque

    A wooden plaque with address numbers painted on.

    Juggling Act Mama

    Quick, easy, and inexpensive—this house number plaque is a great beginner DIY project. You’ll just need a few tools, some metal house numbers, and a cedar fence board.

    House Number Plaque DIY Project from Juggling Act Mama

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    DIY Solar Address Sign

    A solar lamp with address numbers on it.

    The Seasonal Home

    This lighted address sign comes in handy when your guests are stopping by in the dark. They’ll easily be able to spot the right house. A DIY solar sign sounds intimidating, but it’s easier than you think.

    DIY (Solar) Address Sign from The Seasonal Home

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    Pallet House Number Sign

    A wooden address number sign made of pallets.

    Update My Cape

    Sometimes stores will give pallets away for free. If you spot one, snag it! Then, you can make this cute DIY address number sign to display outside your home.

    DIY House Number Sign from Update My Cape

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    Flower Pot Address Number

    Flower pots painted with address numbers.

    DIY Showoff

    Beautify your outdoor space and display your house number with these adorable flower pots. Choose your favorite blooms to make this craft more your own. The other great thing about this DIY is that you can paint the pots any color you want. We suggest matching your home decor!

    House Number Flower Pots from DIY Showoff

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    Stair Riser Numbers

    House numbers on a stair riser in front of the door.


    Steps leading to your front door can look drab. Give them some flair by adding your address number. You can purchase pre-made numbers from the hardware store or paint your own.

    House Numbers Installed on a Stair Riser from Remodelaholic

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    House Number Sign

    A red door with a hanging number sign in front.

    Love and Life at Leadora

    Display your house number front and center by making this cute DIY house number sign. Pop out the glass from an old photo frame and glue black cardstock on the inside. Then, you can paint or stencil your house numbers and hang the sign with a decorative ribbon. Now be prepared for passersby to stare at its beauty!

    House Numbers from Love and Life at Leadora

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    DIY Nautical Numbers

    Address numbers on a wall-mounted mailbox.

    Dream Green DIY

    Give your wall-mounted mailbox a mid-century makeover by cleaning the outside, enhancing its bold color, and adding stick-on vinyl house numbers. This house number sign is simple and understated, but oh so stylish.

    Our Mid-Century Wall-Mounted Mailbox Makeover from Dream Green DIY

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    House Number Tiles

    Decorative tiles with numbers on them on the front door.

    The Crafty Nest

    DIY number tiles are a unique and sophisticated way to display your house number. Paint them to match your home. After you’ve coated them with sealant to protect them from UV and moisture damage, attach them near your door with mounting squares.

    DIY House Number Tiles from The Crafty Nest

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    Simple DIY House Numbers

    Wood round with stained number signs.

    Chatfield Court

    Head to your local craft store and pick up a wood round. This will act as the base of your address number sign. Then, glue wooden house numbers onto it with wood glue, stain them, and spray them with polyurethane to protect the sign from the elements.

    DIY House Numbers from Chatfield Court

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    Quick DIY Number Sign

    A wooden number sign on a window sill in front of a lavender plant.

    Craftivity Designs

    This is a quick and easy DIY project suitable for beginner DIYers who want to update their home. It’s even easier if you use upcycled wood from an old cutting board or cheese board. And if you don’t have any old ones, head to your local secondhand shop to find one for a good price.

    How to Make a DIY House Number Sign (in minutes!) from Craftivity Designs

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    Custom Planter House Number Sign

    A house number sign with a planter in the bottom.

    My Home and Travels

    If you’re a plant lover, this DIY house number sign will surely pique your interest. Adding a planter with your favorite plant to your custom house number sign will bring you joy and make your home stand out among the rest.

    DIY A New House Number Sign With Planter from My Home and Travels

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    DIY Address Number Buoys

    Address number signs on colorful painted buoys next to a yellow door.

    Tater Tots and Jello

    If you have a beach or lake house, these DIY address number buoys will look absolutely perfect. Use scrap wood to make your own buoys, then paint them to look exactly how you want. This easy-to-follow tutorial will guide you through the process.

    DIY Address and Patriotic Buoys! from Tater Tots and Jello