22 DIY Ideas for the Best Baby Shower Ever

Baby shower table of treats

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Get ready for a baby shower with these do-it-yourself party ideas. Need some inspiration for a baby shower that you want to host? These ideas can help you design a great party with innovative ideas for invitations, decor, snack ideas, and so much more.

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    Cupcake Push Pops

    DIY Baby Shower Cupcake Push Pops
    Inspired By This

    Surprise your party guests with some adorable cupcake push pops from Inspired By This. These "punny" cupcake pops are perfect to remind your special momma-to-be about her very special "push" day on the horizon. Pick from a variety of clever label ideas.

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    Gender Reveal

    DIY Gender Reveal
    Kristi Murphy

    If the baby gender has been kept a secret up until now, and the mother-to-be is ready to share the news, help reveal the baby's gender to family and friends by making some cute diaper cards by Kristi Murphy. Everyone should open the cards at the same time to collectively discover the baby's gender.

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    Chalkboard Globe

    DIY Chalkboard Globe
    Farm Fresh Therapy

    A fantastic way to decorate the snack table, find out how to transform an ordinary globe into a chalkboard (an idea by Farm Fresh Therapy). Great for baby showers or pretty much any event, you can customize your message any way you want.

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    Diaper Cake Centerpiece

    Diaper Cake and baby boy shoes for a baby shower.
    Auseklis / Getty Images

    The momma-to-be will most certainly appreciate this diaper cake centerpiece that doubles as a gift. The best part is that it takes less time to put together than a regular cake. All you need is diapers, ribbon, and tape to make it.

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    Baby Shower Banner

    DIY Welcome Baby Shower Banner
    Sarah Hearts

    Welcome guests to the baby shower with a baby shower-themed banner. This printable banner is an easy do-it-yourself project from Sarah Hearts. All you need is a printer, paper, scissors, and string. These two jungle-themed banners say "Welcome" and "Oh, Baby."

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    Giant Baby Block Decorations

    DIY Giant Baby Block Decorations
    Oh Happy Day

    Decorate cardboard boxes to resemble giant baby blocks, which are perfect decor for a baby shower. These blocks double as a perfect background or photo prop. You can place these blocks scattered behind the mom-to-be as she opens her gifts. These will be featured in many photos taken that day. This idea is courtesy of Oh Happy Day.

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    Wishes for Baby Activity

    DIY Wishes For Baby Activity
    Art Bar

    Cut out animal silhouettes in pastel-colored paper and hang them on a string for a cute banner at the party. Invite all the guests to write a message with their wishes for the baby on an animal silhouette. This is a simple baby shower activity for the guests from the Art Bar

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    New Baby Cake Topper

    DIY New Baby Cake Topper
    Shrimp Salad Circus

    Paint plain wooden peg dolls to look like a family of animals with this cute crafting project that can serve perfectly as a cake topper for a woodland animals-themed baby shower. This cake topper from Shrimp Salad Circus gives your party a personal touch. 

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    Onesie Painting Station

    DIY Onesie Painting Station
    I Love To Create

    Keep everyone entertained by setting up a onesie painting station inspired by I Love To Create. All the guests can paint a plain white onesie for the baby.

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    Watercolor Balloons

    DIY Watercolor Balloons
    Studio DIY

    Decorate the baby shower you are hosting with some cheerful and fun party decor: take regular white balloons and enhance them with acrylic paints in soft pastels. A complete set of watercolor balloons can be clustered together around the snack and gifts tables. This idea was conceived by Studio DIY.

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    Cupcake Toppers With Gender Reveal Option

    DIY Balloon Cupcake Toppers
    Studio DIY

    Studio DIY recommends decorating cupcakes for a baby shower by topping them with do-it-yourself pink and blue balloon cupcake toppers made out of cardstock and paper clips. Another fun idea can be to fill the cupcakes with either a pink or blue frosting so when everyone bites into the cupcakes, the baby's gender would be revealed to all the guests at the baby shower.

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    Onesie Cake Topper

    DIY Onesie Cake Topper
    Oh Happy Day

    Without question, everyone at the party is going to want to take a photo of the cake and your handmade onesie cake topper, an idea developed by Oh Happy Day. To decorate the cake for the party, hang a mini clothesline made out of straws and string to hang tiny paper onesies as a cake topper.

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    Baby Shower Candy Blocks Favors

    DIY Baby Shower Candy Blocks Favors
    Oh Happy Day

    Create candy-filled baby block party favors suggested by Oh Happy Day. Decorate clear boxes with a printable baby block template that you can glue to the exterior of the treat boxes. The completed candy-filled baby blocks can be stacked on tables at the baby shower and double as party decor.

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    Balloon Baby Shower Guest Book

    DIY Balloon Baby Shower Guest Book
    DIY Balloon Baby Shower Guest Book Aspen Jay

    Help the mom-to-be remember her baby shower with all her family and friends by making a homemade guest book idea conceived by Aspen Jay. At the party, each guest can write their name on one of the paper balloons.

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    Onesie Snack Toothpicks

    DIY Onesie Snack Toothpicks
    Dream Green DIY

    Make any snack you serve at the shower fit the baby shower theme with some onesie snack toothpicks, which you can stick into the tops of any appetizer or cupcakes. ​This idea comes courtesy of Dream Green DIY.

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    Baby Shower Candle Favor

    DIY Baby Shower Candle Favor
    Alice And Lois

    Thank everyone who attended the baby shower by sending them home with cute fabric wrapped candles that take only a few minutes to make. This baby shower candle favor tutorial was developed by Alice And Lois.

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    Butterfly Balloons

    DIY Butterfly Balloons
    Design Improvised

    Adorn regular inflated balloons with small butterflies to create some easy but beautiful do-it-yourself decor for the party. Butterfly balloons are an idea from Design Improvised.

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    Baby Shower Invitation

    DIY Baby Shower Invitation
    Oh Happy Day

    Invite everyone to the baby shower you are hosting with this creative Oh Happy Day-developed DIY baby shower invitation that fits perfectly inside a small gift box.

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    Baby Shower Candy Favor Bags

    DIY Candy Baby Shower Favor
    Kristi Murphy

    These handcrafted individual-sized candy bags come courtesy of Kristi Murphy and are sure to be a hit at any baby shower. 

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    Cute Animal Cupcake Toppers

    DIY Cute Animal Cupcake Toppers
    Sweet Steph Card Creations

    Perfect for a jungle themed baby shower, these animal cupcake toppers by Sweet Steph Card Creations are simply adorable. You can follow the way they make the animal cutouts or look at how they do it for inspiration and make cutouts of any kind.

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    Baby Tablecloth

    DIY Baby Tablecloth
    Oh Happy Day

    Decorate the snack table with a DIY baby shower tablecloth suggested by Oh Happy Day. This is labor intensive and will take a few days, but the end result is a table cloth that would have cost you a lot for the cost of a few dollars.

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    Diaper Snail

    DIY Diaper Snail
    Handmade Charlotte

    To add some adorable baby shower decor, place some of these diaper snails around the snack table. This tutorial comes courtesy of Handmade Charlotte.