22 DIY Indoor Greenhouse Ideas

A living room with greenhouse cabinets


Use one of these DIY indoor greenhouse ideas to help your plants thrive, even in the winter months. A greenhouse gives them enough light and heat to be able to grow to their fullest potential. Having an indoor greenhouse will let you show off your plants even in the smallest places. They also can be quite mobile, making it easy to take them indoors and out.

These indoor greenhouses range from small and simple to bigger projects that will take you a little more time. While they're all beginner projects, there are ones here perfect for the little ones while there are other ideas that only the grown-ups should tackle. There are a lot of ideas here and you're sure to find the perfect greenhouse for you.

You can get the most use out of your greenhouse by making sure that it gets enough sunlight. Place it as close to a window as possible. If you don't have enough natural light, consider buying a grow light to place inside your greenhouse.