25 Creative DIY Kid Birthday Party Themes

DIY birthday party ideas your child is sure to love!

DIY Kid Birthday Party
DIY Kid Birthday Party. Getty Images

Planning your child's next birthday party but not sure what to do? Check out these creative do-it-yourself party themes your child is sure to love, as there is something below for whatever your child is interested in from movies, cartoon characters, to more general themes like strawberries and police officer. Print, craft, and DIY your child’s entire birthday party with this useful inspiration guide for cupcakes, party games, decorations, invitations and even costumes, there is a plethora of fun ideas that you can make to create a memorable and fun birthday party.

General DIY Birthday Party Themes

DIY Disney Birthday Party Themes

  1. DIY Disney’s Frozen Birthday Party (make these: pin the nose on Olaf, party diamond ice bracelets, crowns, Frozen cupcake toppers, treat box, and Anna figure)
  2. DIY Disney’s Despicable Me Birthday Party (make these: cupcakes, cake, balloons, popcorn box, party hat, cupcake topper, cupcake wrapper, invitations, minion figures, and bowling game)
  3. DIY Disney’s Monster’s Inc. Birthday Party (make these: party hat, invitations, cupcake topper, and favor box)
  4. DIY Disney’s Beauty and The Beast Birthday Party (make these: Beauty and Beast cupcake toppers, cupcake wrappers, and favor box, Belle favor bag, Belle cupcakes, and invitations)
  5. DIY Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Birthday Party (make these: Sleeping Beauty invitations, Aurora favor bag, and Aurora cupcakes)
  6. DIY Disney’s The Little Mermaid Birthday Party (make these: Little Mermaid invitations, cupcake wrapper, Ariel favor bag, banner, and Ariel cupcakes)
  7. DIY Disney’s Cinderella Birthday Party (make these: invitations, Cinderella favor bag, and Cinderella cupcakes)
  8. DIY Disney’s The Princess and the Frog Birthday Party (make these: The Princess and the Frog invitations, Tiana favor bag, and Tiana cupcakes)
  9. DIY Disney’s Snow White Birthday Party (make these: invitations, Snow White favor bag, and Snow White cupcakes)
  10. DIY Disney’s Aladdin Birthday Party (make these: invitationsJasmine favor bag, cupcake wrapper, cupcake topper, and Jasmine cupcakes)
  11. DIY Disney’s Tangled Birthday Party (make these: Tangled invitationsRapunzel cupcake topper, cupcake topperprincess favor bag, favors, door decoration and princess cupcakes)
  12. DIY Disney’s Princesses Birthday Party (make these: cupcake toppers, princess favor bag, banner, treat bag, ice cream cone wrappers, and princess cupcakes)

DIY Video Games And Comic Birthday Party Themes

DIY Other Cartoon Birthday Party Themes

  1. DIY Sesame Street Birthday Party (make these: Sesame Street party hat, Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcake wrapper, and Cookie Monster favor box)

DIY Movie Birthday Party Themes

  1. DIY Divergent Birthday Party (make these: cupcake toppers, invitations, cake, and Divergent factions cupcake stencil)
  2. DIY Brave Birthday Party (make these: Merida cupcake wrappercupcake topper, bow and quiver set, and invitations)