How To Get A Super Luxe Lamp For Less

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    How to start your lamp renovation project

    Even in the kitchen, changing up your lamps can add great character.

    There are tons of inspiration for DIY lamp shades and bases on Pinterest and around the web. Keep in mind that when DIYing your own lamp shade, incandescent and CFL bulbs generate heat and some get hot enough to cause a serious hazard if the shade is too close to the bulb. So it’s always best to start with an actual shade designed for a lamp and customize with your own fabric or colors. If any of your lamps need electrical help, consider buying a lamp kit at the hardware store or call an...MORE electrician if you're concerned about a greater electrical issue in your home.

    Your old lamp shades and bases are a great place to start and will help save you money. Take apart a table or floor lamp that you already have, consider the shade shape (you might be ready to try a new one) and think about what you'd like to do. Sometimes you simply want a color change, other times you need a bigger transformation. You might also have several lamps in your home that can be interchanged. Experiment with different shade shapes - the size and shape can make a big difference in how the lamp looks.

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    Cover your current shade with fabric or ribbon

    It's easy to cover your lamp shade with fabric.

    Recovering a shade with new fabric or ribbon is a quick way to customize any shade. This tutorial on The Creativity Exchange shows an easy, step-by-step instruction for covering your current shade with another fabric. The cost of fabric may vary however a plain lampshade can be found for as little as $16 (like this one at Lowe’s). Add a glue gun and some scissors and voila – a new shade!

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    Use a vintage map for a creative shade design

    Use a vintage map for a creative lamp shade.

    Pretty Handy Girl shows us just how easy it is to take a plain old shade and cover it with paper, like a vintage map. She gives us easy to follow directions with a detailed supply list. The supplies and tools you might already have on hand, especially if you regularly craft. The only thing you might not have is a map, which can easily be found at second-hand stores. Don’t worry if the map is a bit out of date, if you’re going for a vintage look it will look perfect. Try using maps of your...MORE favorite trips, where your family is from, or where you’d like to go. 

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    Natural sisal can transform a lamp base and shade

    Sisal wrap is an inexpensive and easy DIY.

    So Creative Things shows us the amazing transformation that happens when a regular lamp base and lamp shade are wrapped in sisal. Usually a lamp will look best if you just wrap the base or the shade – wrapping both might be too much sisal! You really only need sisal rope (you can buy large quantities at the hardware store), a hot glue gun and a lot of patience. 

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    Paint the outside or the inside for a quick transformation

    A stencil and blue paint transformed this plain shade.

    Home Stories A to Z  transformed this shade with a simple stencil project.  White or off-white shades are generally the easiest to stencil however, any color of lamp shade can be transformed with white, silver or gold paint too. Another easy DIY lamp shade paint project is to paint the inside of the lamp shade. Design Meet Style has some great tips for using gold paint to cover the interior of a lamp shade. When the light bulb is on, the light will reflect a warm and cozy glow onto the gold...MORE paint and offers a fun decorative surprise for your standard shade.