9 DIY Laptop Stands to Make Working at Home Easier

A laptop on a wooden stand on a bed

Jen Woodhouse

Build a DIY laptop stand and you'll have a place to work on your laptop wherever you are. Most of these laptop stands can do double-duty as a TV tray, sofa table, and a way to move items from one space to the next.

These DIY laptop stands also come in so many different designs. Some are designed as tables, other as trays, and some are constructed as shelves to get the laptop screen out of the way while you're working.

You'll find that these are easy-to-build projects that are perfect for a beginner. Because they are simple and straight-forward DIYs, they will only take a limited amount of tools, too, meaning most are also rather budget-conscious. Follow these tutorials and you'll have a fresh, mobile workspace in a matter of hours.