7 DIY Lighted Mirror Ideas to Add a Little Extra Shine to Your Space

Mirror with bulbs for make up in the make up room
petrenkod / Getty Images

Whether you're looking to light up your bathroom, create a vanity in your bedroom, or simply create a stunning piece for your walls, these DIY lighted mirror projects are just for you. These ideas for creating a backlit mirror will bring a whole lot of light and style into whichever space you choose.

These lighted mirrors either have lights all around the frame or are backlit with lights. Either way, you'll get plenty of illumination for applying makeup, fixing your hair, and whatever else you'd like to use it for.

All of these tutorials make a lighted mirror in slightly different ways. Some projects take around ten minutes, while others may take a weekend if you opt for making your own mirror. Making a lighted mirror is generally an easy project that's great for the beginner who's just starting to dabble in larger DIY projects.

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    Makeup Vanity Mirror With Lights

    A blue vanity with a lighted mirror

    Jen Woodhouse

    Add some glam to your room with this makeup vanity mirror that has bright Hollywood lights to help you better see what you're doing. Adhesive LED lights and a coat of paint take this mirror to the next level. This is a really easy project that even a beginner can handle.

    Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights from Jen Woodhouse

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    Classic Bulb Vanity

    A woman applying lipstick in a lighted mirror

    The Sorry Girls

    This DIY lighted mirror starts with an existing mirror and then a new wooden frame is added to hold the lights. Globe string lights are then installed to finish the mirror. This is a great looking lighted mirror that would be perfect for a bedroom or bathroom.

    Classic Bulb Vanity from The Sorry Girls

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    Vanity Mirror With Lights

    A lighted mirror on the wall

    Makes and Munchies

    This project will show you how to take any mirror and turn it into a lighted one. Here, a mirror is painted white and then the vanity lights are added. This is a great way to update any mirror and make it into something fabulous.

    Vanity Mirror with Lights from Makes and Munchies

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    Bright Custom Vanity Makeover

    Two vanities with lighted mirrors

    The Sorry Girls

    You'll actually start out with backlit mirrors for this project. Find out what you can replace the existing lights with so you can change the color of your lights on a whim. This is perfect if you're looking to upgrade your vanity with some little changes that make a big impact.

    Bright Custom Vanity Makeover from The Sorry Girls

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    Hollywood Style Mirror With Lights

    A large lighted mirror leaning against a wall

    My Cherry Style

    This DIY lighted mirror idea is to make a full-length mirror that is studded with Hollywood-style lights. The plan shows you how to make everything from scratch, the mirror frame included. This is a very detailed tutorial that will make you feel confident about building your own mirror.

    Hollywood Style Mirror with Lights from My Cherry Style

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    Vanity Mirror IKEA Hack

    A black and white image of a lighted vanity mirror

    Girl Loves Gloss

    Put together a lighted mirror in no time with this project from Girl Loves Gloss. It starts out with an IKEA mirror that will take a little assembly to put together. Then the real magic happens when a LED vanity light kit is attached to the mirror. You have a lighted vanity that's going to be perfect in your bedroom or bathroom. This is a pretty easy project that will come together quickly.

    Vanity Mirror IKEA Hack from Girl Loves Gloss

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    DIY Backlit Mirror

    A red backlit mirror in a bathroom

    Leah and Joe

    As long as you have access to an outlet, you can put this mirror in a bathroom, bedroom, or any other room you'd like to add a backlit mirror to. You'll start out with a purchased mirror and use some wood to create a frame for it. LED lights are then added to the back of the mirror to give it that unique glow. The best part is that, from start to finish, this project will only take you about an hour. Besides the written tutorial there's also a video that you can watch to help you with this project.

    DIY Backlit Mirror from Leah and Joe