14 Free DIY Loft Bed Plans for All Ages

A room with a loft bed

Jenna Sue Design

These DIY loft bed plans take you through building a loft bed from start to finish and the result will be a beautiful bed that you can keep for generations to come. There are styles here for kids but also several for teens and adults. Whatever type of loft bed you're looking for, you'll be sure to find it here, b you'll need a little experience with power tools and building to tackle these projects.

Loft beds, sometimes called hanging beds, are unique in that there's no need for legs, they either attach to the wall or sometimes even suspend from the ceiling. What makes them different from bunk beds is that the area under the loft bed doesn't have a bed below it. Instead, it is left open and can be used for other things like a playroom or office. Loft beds free up a lot of floor space and are an excellent choice for a smaller room.

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    Hanging Loft Bed

    A loft bed with a ladder

    Refresh Living

    This detailed DIY plan helps you build this stunning hanging loft bed that would be perfect for any age, although a twin mattress makes it perfect for kids. It's built into the wall but a rope and strong cable also connects it to the ceiling. It's a unique look that really makes it special. The plans show you how to build the bed as well as the ladder and railing. Here a hanging chair and a desk have been added underneath. This is a straightforward build that only takes a few hours to complete.

    Hanging Loft Bed from Refresh Living

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    Sliding Barn Door Loft Bed

    A sliding barn door loft bed

    Jen Woodhouse

    Learn how to build a loft bed with this clever design that makes it the perfect hideaway. The loft bed can be enclosed with a sliding barn door, creating a fun farmhouse look that's going to look great in your home. This plan fits a full-size mattress, giving the person plenty of room. Down below has been turned into a lounging area with a few chairs and a rug. The cost to build this is around $550, which is quite adorable compared to if you were to buy something like this new.

    Sliding Barn Door Loft Bed from Jen Woodhouse

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    Loft Bed With Ladder

    A room with a loft bed in it

    Jenna Sue Design

    This bedroom has been completely transformed into a new space with this DIY loft bed. It's another hanging bed design, being both connected to the wall and the ceiling. Instructions include how to build the base, headboard, railing, and ladder. Underneath is a sofa that can be turned into a bed when needed. This cost around $400 to build and took about a week of working part-time.

    Loft Bed With Ladder from Jenna Sue Design

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    Closet Loft Bed

    A loft bed inside of a closet

    This House Might Be

    If you think you don't have enough room for even a loft bed, you need to check out this project that shows you how to build a DIY loft bed right inside a closet. This is a small mattress and this space is mainly meant to be a reading nook instead of somewhere to actually sleep. A hanging ladder has been put up, and it's a fun way to climb into bed.

    Closet Loft Bed from This House Might Be

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    Modern Loft Bed

    A modern loft bed

    Joinery Design Co.

    This simple but modern loft bed holds a twin mattress and can be built to be a height that goes best with your ceiling height. Underneath the bed, a lounging area has been made. It looks like the perfect place to relax and read a book. There's also some extra storage that can hold anything you need to organize.

    Modern Loft Bed from Joinery Design Co.

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    LEGO Loft Bed

    A loft bed with a desk under it

    Jen Woodhouse

    This DIY loft bed plan builds the perfect place for your LEGO-loving kid to sleep and play. This loft bed actually doesn't attach to the wall, it's a free-standing piece of furniture which means you can move the whole thing if needed. The plan includes directions on how to build the loft bed as well as the play table that goes below. Lots of LEGO storage has been added to keep everything neat and tidy.

    LEGO Loft Bed from Jen Woodhouse

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    Industrial Loft Bed

    An industrial style loft bed

    You Can, Man

    This DIY loft bed plan builds a twin bed that has an industrial feel to it, thanks to the structural piping that's been used along with the wood. The pipe is used for the railing and ladder which is a wonderful accent. It's securely attached to two walls and it has the appearance of floating. Underneath is a desk and chair, making an excellent study area.

    Industrial Loft Bed from You Can, Man

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    Princess Castle Loft Bed

    A pink castle loft bed


    This loft bed is truly fit for a princess. It's built to resemble a castle and has windows and a roof accent to prove it. Stairs are built into the side of the bed, which is a nice alternative to a ladder. Below the bed is an almost enclosed playroom, making a fun hideaway for kids. The whole thing is painted pink for the final touch.

    Princess Castle Loft Bed from Remodelaholic

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    Full Loft Bed

    A wooden DIY loft bed

    Two Feet First

    This simple loft bed has a classic frame that goes with almost any style of room. It's a standalone bed that's been secured to two walls for safety. There are no stairs, this plan saves room by using the railings as steps. Underneath the bed has lots of space for storage or a desk. This DIY loft bed holds a full mattress, making it a great bed for persons of any age. There are written instructions along with a video to help you build this project.

    Full Loft Bed from Two Feet First

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    Floating Loft Bed

    A DIY loft bed with a ladder

    The Love Notes

    Here's a great-looking loft bed that's been stained beautifully. This floating loft bed is secured to the wall and has a ladder that comes down to the floor. There's also a side rail for safety. You can find out how to build this all with this free DIY loft bed plan. Below the XL twin-sized bed is room for a dresser and some toys, showing you just how much room you can save with a loft bed.

    Floating Loft Bed from The Love Notes

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    Loft Bed With Swing Ladder

    A loft bed with a swing ladder

    The Handmade Home

    This unique loft bed has room for two twin mattresses, making it great for siblings or a sleepover. To get up to the loft bed, you'll need to use the fun swing ladder that dangles below. Some curtains have been put up under the bed to make a fun little hideaway to sit and relax or play.

    Loft Bed with Swing Ladder from The Handmade Home

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    Twin Loft Bed

    A twin loft bed

    Rogue Engineer

    Here's a DIY loft bed that's built to last. The bed includes a base, a place for the mattress, side railings, and a ladder. A larger bed has been placed under the loft bed but you could use the space however you see fit. This intermediate building project will take you a weekend and cost around $200.

    Twin Loft Bed from Rogue Engineer

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    Loft Bed, Playhouse, and Reading Nook

    A loft bed with a playroom underneath

    Heather's Handmade Life

    This DIY loft bed comes with all the extras that any kid would love. Beside the twin-sized bed is a place to play. Underneath the bed is a curtained playhouse that they'll get lost in for hours at a time. A reading nook completes this very fun loft bed that's more like a fort for kids.

    Loft Bed, Playhouse, and Reading Nook from Heather's Handmade Life

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    Budget Loft Bed

    A blue loft bed

    Fix This Build That

    If you're looking to build a loft bed on a budget, here's one that you can put together for about $75. As a finish, it's painted in a stand-out color that really makes a statement. Railings act as the ladder and below the bed is a place to lounge. There are full detailed plans as well as a video to help you out with this DIY loft bed build.

    Budget Loft Bed from Fix This Build That