20 DIY Mirror Frame Ideas

a large DIY mirror frame in antiqued gold


Mirrors add interest and dimension to any room—plus they reflect light to make your space look larger and brighter. The only thing not to love about mirrors? They can be really expensive. These DIY mirror frame ideas will turn any plain mirror into a gorgeous statement piece without breaking the bank. From antique-inspired to modern and industrial, check out these DIY mirror frame tutorials that will elevate your space.


Upgrade Your Basic Mirror Into A Luxe Decor Accent

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    A DIY Fringed Mirror Frame

    a half moon mirror with DIY fringe frame

    The Vintage Rug Shop

    Turn a half moon mirror into gorgeous but functional wall art by adding a row of blush colored fringe. The ombre yarn has a cool, boho look that adds a luxurious pop to any room.

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    A DIY Gilded Mirror Frame

    Two Mirrors With DIY Painted Gold Frames

    Up To Date Interiors

    Give a tarnished or outdated mirror an instant upgrade by using gold craft paint with a metallic finish. Best of all, because paint comes off glass easily, there's no need to remove the glass before diving in.

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    A DIY Holographic Mirror Frame

    a DIY mirror frame made using holographic contact paper

    A Kailo Chic Life

    Holographic vinyl sheets turn any old mirror into something groovy. If you're short on time or don't feel like investing in a ton of supplies, using an adhesive paper in a print you love is an easy DIY upgrade.

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    A DIY Window Pane Mirror

    A DIY window pane mirror made from a dollar store mirror

    Blooming DIYer

    It's hard to believe this project got its start at a dollar store. Small rectangular mirrors, a sheet of plywood, and your favorite paint color will have you on your way to creating this elevated statement mirror.

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    A DIY Round Wooden Mirror

    A DIY round wooden Mid-Century style mirror

    Angela Marie Made

    A little handiwork and a lot of creativity go a long way when it comes to making a DIY round mirror frame. The tutorial takes you through every step of the process for a gorgeous result that looks like it must be store-bought.

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    DIY Flower Mirror

    A DIY Mirror in the shape of a flower

    A Beautiful Mess

    A basic round mirror gets a fun and cheerful twist thanks to painted wooden circles. With its blush pink paint and flower-power vibes, you can't help but feel a little happier every time you see this hanging in your home.

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    DIY Large Modern Rectangular Mirror

    A large rectangular diy mirror frame

    Kayla Simone Home

    A large statement mirror adds so much dimension and airiness to your space. It's hard to believe that this gorgeous silver frame cost only $30 to make.

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    A DIY Sunburst Stick Mirror

    a DIY round mirror made using sticks

    Her Candid Canvas

    A rounded mirror gets a rustic update with the help of wooden sticks. You could experiment with painting or distressing the wood, or leave it as is for a relaxed and beachy look.

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    An Upcycled Gym Mirror

    an upcycled gym mirror with a gilded DIY frame


    If a gym mirror can become this gorgeous gilded creation, then anything's possible. I won't give away the full tutorial (you can watch the highlight called "Mirror" on their Instagram page to get the scoop) but let's just say stripwood and whole coffee beans plus a few other fun surprises were used to make this beautiful frame.

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    A DIY Arched Mirror

    A diy small arched mirror frame

    The Merrythought

    A small mirror can still have a big impact. The arched shape paired with light wood on this DIY mirror frame looks both soft and structural, and because this mirror is so easy to transport, it works perfectly whether you're doing your makeup or adding this to a gallery wall.

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    A DIY French Vintage Mirror

    three small French and Vintage-inspired mirrors made from picture frame

    Twelve On Main

    These DIY french vintage mirror frames look like they were found at a Parisian estate sale. In reality, they're thrifted picture frames that get their farmhouse feel from mirror effect spray paint and a stippling brush for that beautifully antiqued look.

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    DIY Squiggle Mirror

    a diy squiggle mirror made using a wood cutout

    City Chic Decor

    Squiggle decor is having a moment, and for good reason; it's playful yet sophisticated and pops against clean modern lines. This one requires plywood and a jig saw, but if you don't have the right tools you can always enlist a professional to make the wood cuts for you, because DIY doesn't have to mean you do it all yourself.

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    A DIY Round Rainbow Mirror Frame

    A DIY round rainbow mirror made using clay

    A Kailo Chic Life

    Add a rainbow pop to your space with this colorful border made using clay. We love how this bright and cheerful mirror looks equally good in a kid's room or as a colorful accent in more muted spaces.

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    A DIY Starburst Mirror Frame

    A DIY mirror frame in a starburst shape

    Craftberry Bush

    This gorgeous sunburst mirror gets its sculptural rays from an unexpected material; foil baking sheets. You get to make this one entirely your own by creating your shapes and texture. Looking at the final product, it's hard to believe that this didn't come from an upscale store.

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    A DIY Rustic Full-Length Mirror Frame

    a full-length DIY mirror frame in rustic wood

    She Gave It A Go

    This quick and budget-friendly tutorial turns any full length mirror into a rustic dream. The weathered wood and thick frame adds a touch of farmhouse chic that blends seamlessly into any decor.

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    A DIY Two-Toned Round Mirror Frame

    a round color block DIY mirror frame in pink and white

    Sugar & Cloth

    You don't have to go all out and make a rounded frame when you can use a wood chopping board as your mirror's base. The color block frame looks lovely painted in muted pastels, but you could go with brights or graphic black and white too.

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    A DIY Painted Mirror Frame

    A diy mirror frame using paint and a transfer

    Confessions Of A Serial DIYer

    Take a run-down thrift-store mirror and turn it into something farmhouse chic and fabulous. All it takes is a bit of paint and some transfer stickers to get this beautiful rustic look.

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    A DIY Antique Gold Mirror Frame

    A DIY mirror frame using gold paint and silicone beads


    This stunning DIY gold mirror frame looks like a piece of history. Silicone bead trim gives it dimension and texture while chalk paint and wax give it its antiqued look.

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    A DIY Gilded Sunburst Frame

    a DIY sunburst mirror frame using sticks and beads


    A small makeup mirror becomes a glam statement piece that adds drama and elegance to any room. The look gets a textural touch by stringing small beads onto the wooden sticks before spray painting.

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    A DIY Double Framed Mirror

    A DIY Industrial Bathroom Mirror Frame

    Hana's Happy Home

    Turn a plain bathroom mirror into a beautiful doubled-framed geometric mirror frame with this tutorial. Matte black paint gives the trim a gorgeous, industrial-looking finish.