Top 13 Ideas for DIY Nursery Lamps

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    Recreated & Recycled Lamp Ideas

    Love to DIY? Easy on the eyes and the budget, these clever, DIY nursery lamp ideas are guaranteed to brighten your day!

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    Beaded Cord Lamp

    This simple cord lamp, strung with colorful wooden beads and capped with an elegant globe bulb, has a sweet, playful look reminiscent of a vintage toy. Don’t have room in your budget for a $150 light bulb on a string? Pick up an attractive pendant cord and create your own version using the chunky wooden beads available at most craft stores.  

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    Up-Cycled Bulb Lamp

    Turn old, blown, incandescent light bulbs into a work of art! These star-shaped pendant lamps, available as a DIY kit sold by Bulbs Unlimited, could easily be recreated using an inexpensive lamp kit and strong, heat-resistant glue. (Choose a clear-drying brand suitable for use on glass and specially designed for high temperatures.) 

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    Floating Fairy Lamps

    Light up your little one’s imagination with this fun twist on the popular, DIY Mason jar lamp. Each jar serves as a miniature terrarium - the perfect home for a woodland fairy friend. When illuminated, it’s almost as if the fairies are real, glowing serenely in their jar. You could even add a few bits of doll furniture to make your little guests more comfortable.

    Once established, sealed terrariums are very low-maintenance, requiring water as little as once a year. That being said, planting a terrarium can be tricky. 

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    Basket Lamp

    Want to make a big statement without paying a big price? Buy a pretty basket, and transform it into an oversized hanging lamp! See how one clever crafter created her own beautiful basket lamp

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    Globe Lamp

    You’ve got the world on a string - now turn it on.

    This matching set of bowl lamps, created using an inexpensive globe, a crafting knife and a pair of hardware-store light kits, is but one variation on this fun and easy DIY. Hang an entire globe, mount the southern hemisphere flush against the ceiling, or even create a table lamp. The possibilities are endless!

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    Bird Cage Lamp

    Captivated by Graham & Green’s beautiful “Bird Cage Chandelier” but a little less than enthusiastic about its £600 price tag, Bethany of Dwellings by DeVore set out to make her own version using spare lamp parts and chicken wire. Her gorgeous recreation, shown above, cost less than $50!

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    Magic Hat Lamp

    It doesn’t take a magician to recreate this fun and whimsical ceiling lamp. Simply pick up an old top hat (or bowler) from a thrift store, or purchase a costume version online, and follow these simple instructions. Presto! Gorgeous new lamp without the £200 price tag!

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    Lace Pendent Lamp

    Create this fabulous lace lamp for less than $5 using thrift-store doilies, a beach ball and a little Mod Podge. Simply soak the doilies in a Mod Podge solution and arrange them on the beach ball, ensuring that the edges of each doily touch. Trim as needed. Once the lace dries and becomes stiff, deflate and remove the beach ball. Cut a small hole near the top, and insert your light kit.

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    Hemp Pendant Lamp

    It might be messy, but with a little patience and a lot of glue, you can create your own set of beautiful, hemp-wrapped, globe lamps for as little as $50! Begin by wrapping layers of hemp string around a beach ball, saturating each strand with clear-drying craft glue as you wrap. (Remember to leave the bottom portion of the beach ball exposed and to create a small open area near the top where the light fixture will go.)  After the glue dries, deflate and remove the beach ball. Finally, install a pendant light kit. 

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    Shaggy Paper Lamp

    This chic and shaggy light fixture was created using an inexpensive paper lantern and strips of scrap paper. Gotta have it? Get the DIY details from Design Sponge!

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    Teacup Chandelier

    This Wonderland-worthy teacup chandelier, created by artist and designer Greg Bonasera, would make a perfect addition to any little girl’s room. Have a steady hand and a good drill? Pick up a few mix & match cups and saucers at a local flea market or antique sale, and create your own using a cheap three-pendant light fixture like IKEA’s “MINUT” ($29.99). 

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    Recycled Ruler Lamp

    Recycled Ruler Lamp

    This schoolroom-inspired lamp would look great hanging over your little scholar’s desk. Purchase several yard sticks (available from Lowe’s Hardware store for a whopping 98 cents a piece) and cut into equal lengths. Using a pair of wooden cross-stitch hoops as a frame, glue ruler pieces side by side, creating a cylinder-shaped shade. Attach to a pendant lamp using wire.