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17 DIY Outdoor Decor Projects for a Crafty Makeover

Try finding used materials if you're on a budget

Wicker couch with cushions on brick flooring on a patio
Eric Hernandez / Getty Images

The best outdoor spaces are packed with useful, weather-resistant, and attractive furnishings. While outfitting these areas can get pricey, you can save a lot of money with budget DIY outdoor decor projects, which are often as fun as they are affordable. As an added incentive, decorating the exterior of your house not only improves curb appeal, but it creates another usable space that feels like home.

Essentially, your outdoor living space should look and feel like an extension of the inside. With a few do-it-yourself projects, you can make your own outdoor decorations that enhance the livability of your home's exterior while amplifying your style.

These 17 DIY outdoor ideas range from patio decor projects to porch improvements, and they even include a few ways you can stylize your garden.

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    Upgrade Your House Numbers to Be More Modern

    DIY Outdoor Decor Projects -- house numbers
    Little House of Four

    When it comes to outdoor decorating to improve curb appeal, the devil is in the details. A cheap, plastic house numbers sign is going to detract more from your home than you might realize. Decorate the outside of your house by using natural materials like wood that blend nicely with the landscape. There are numerous ways to upgrade your home's numbers, but there are a few key points to remember:

    • Make sure the style of the numbers is in keeping with the age and style of your home.
    • Position house numbers underneath an exterior light so people can see them easily from the street.
    • Keep the number font simple and highly readable. Some fancier scripts are nearly impossible to read from a distance.
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    Add Some Warmth to Your Outdoor Area With a Custom Sign

    Outdoor decor ideas - DIY porch sign
    Christina Marie

    Outdoor wall art is a great way to welcome guests into your home or make a powerful statement that speaks to your family's values. Decorate your patio for a cheap price by customizing accents that can be crafted at home: You can create a sign for your porch area that says just about anything. Put some thought into the feeling you want to create. Do you want it to be welcoming? Perhaps a simple "Welcome" sign will do. Do you want it to be cozy and conducive to small gatherings? A lowercase "gather" sign from Christina Marie would work perfectly.

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    Create a Mini Flower Garden

    DIY Outdoor decor ideas - colorful mini planters
    Marie LeBaron

    Along with upgrading the decor around your home, you can make your own outdoor decorations by tending to your garden. A little outdoor whimsy can do more to improve your mood than a dull garden with no personality. This mini flower garden is fun for the child in us all and is an even better project to tackle with your kids. Once you create your mini pots, incorporate them into a fairy garden in your flower beds.

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    De-Electrify a Chandelier for Outdoor Use

    DIY outdoor decor ideas, patio decor -- candle chandelier
    Hey There, Home

    Not everyone is lucky enough to have electrical wires running out to their patio or backyard, but you can beautify your patio by adding lighting with a simple DIY project. Even if there is an area for overhead lighting, a converted chandelier from Hey There, Home makes a beautiful accent light. Too much light outside is not nearly as relaxing as the ambiance of candlelight.

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    Make an End Table Using a Wire Basket

    DIY outdoor decor ideas - wire basket table
    The Shabby Creek Cottage

    End tables and plant stands are essential in an outdoor space, but they often get overlooked. Have you ever sat in someone's backyard or patio and had to put your drink on the ground? Make your small patio prettier and more functional by creating attractive storage options for yourself and your guests. The wire basket end table from The Shabby Creek Cottage would solve that problem.

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    Learn How to Make a Succulent Plant Container

    High Angle Close-Up Of Plant On Wooden Table
    Natalie Board / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Succulent planters are reasonably low maintenance and easy to create. However, it's worth learning the proper way to make a large planter such as this one because mistakes can happen. Once you get the basics down, you'll be able to create some eye-catching focal points in your outdoor living space that will get your neighbors talking.

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    Enlist Kids to Help With This Beaded Wind Chime

    DIY outdoor decor ideas - wind chime
    Garden Therapy

    Wind chimes don't always need to make noise. Sometimes just having a little color moving with the wind is enough to make a statement. Pick a wind chime project or two that match your style and have fun with them.

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    Add Some Ambiance to the Backyard With Hanging Lights

    DIY outdoor decor - hanging mason jar lights
    17 Apart

    Adding ambient lighting along a fence from 17 Apart will instantly improve the look and feel of your yard. If lighting a ton of candles doesn't appeal to you, there are some solar-powered options available.

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    Transform a Front Door With a Stylish DIY Wreath

    DIY outdoor decor -- boxwood wreath
    Anderson + Grant

    Some people change the wreaths on their front door as often as they change their sheets. Perhaps this isn't you, but you don't have to be a crafty person to have a refined front door. A simple boxwood wreath from Anderson + Grant can take you through most seasons with style.

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    Add Dimension to a Yard With a Garden Arbor

    Garden arbour and white picket fence
    Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

    Even small backyards benefit from the aesthetic and function of a garden arbor (plus, they make great focal points for pictures). They also provide more growing space for garden lovers. Many climbing plant species look stunning on an arbor.

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    Upgrade Terracotta Pots With Rope

    DIY patio decor -- rope wrapped terracotta pots
    House by Hoff

    Terracotta pots are a classic garden staple, but they don't always make a statement in your outdoor space. Since they're inexpensive and better than plastic for many types of plants, crafters have found ways to give their terracotta pots a makeover. This project from House by Hoff is simple: All you need is some jute or sisal rope twine, paint, and glue.

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    Keep a Pizza Herb Garden on Your Porch

    DIY Outdoor decor - herb garden
    RG & B Images / Stocksy United

    It makes sense to keep your herb garden in the kitchen if you have enough light. But for the summer months, you'll get the most out of your herbs if you move them outside. This particular herb garden features ingredients to jazz up your homemade pizzas.

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    Make the Perfect Water Wall With Recycled Glass Table

    Outdoor decor ideas - water wall
    Central Texas Gardener

    A water feature seems like a luxury if you're on an outdoor decor budget. But with a little elbow grease, you can have the calming sounds of water for less money than you think. Just remember that water features may require seasonal maintenance.

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    Use Old Window Panes as Space Dividers

    diy porch ideas - outdoor decor
    Lovely Crafty Home

    There are many uses for old windows in your home. For an outdoor space, large window panes make great dividers. They even work as a privacy screen. Add some frosted spray paint to the glass panes for a simple upgrade to this project.

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    Keep Warm by a DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl and S'mores Maker

    DIY outdoor patio decor - smore maker, tabletop fire bowl
    Miss Information

    If you live in a town where you're not allowed to have backyard fire pits or open flames, you don't have to miss out on the quintessential summer activity of making s'mores. Create a mini fire pit using concrete, ceramic, or copper. Even if you don't want to make s'mores, a tabletop fire bowl can work as a makeshift fire pit and gathering place.

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    Turn the Outdoors Into an Extended Living Space With Pillows

    DIY patio decor - outdoor pillows
    Centsational Style

    To make an outdoor space cozier, the more pillows, the better. The only problem is that tons of pillows add up to cost tons of money. Create affordable outdoor cushions using water-resistant fabric found on clearance. Some DIYers have even gone so far as to use old shower curtains.

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    Transform Grapevine Balls Into a Spectacular Light Feature

    DIY patio decor - grapevine ball light fixture
    All Things Heart and Home

    These grapevine balls have made their way all over Pinterest as barn wedding decor. Though they make great rustic decorations, the balls look even better in a rustic farmhouse-style home. Along with this chandelier project, there are other ways you can incorporate these into your outdoor space:

    • Fill a wire basket with them and add a wood top to create a rustic end table.
    • Place one large ball on top of a floral arrangement.
    • Use individual balls as accent pieces along your porch and steps.
    • Group varying size balls together in threes.