20 DIY Outdoor Decor Projects

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    Decorating Your Great Outdoors

    Petals In Glass Jars On Table At Yard
    Sebastian Arning / EyeEm / Getty Images

    Oh, how the great outdoors calls to us -- or at least to some of us! Even if we barely have a dime in our pockets and only a small plot of dirt that we try to call a yard, many of us have a yearning to transform our outdoor spaces into something beautiful.

    The best way to save on outdoor decorating is to do the crafting and/or labor yourself. Even if you are a novice gardener (at best) and not too handy with the tools (at best), there are ways to fashion DYI outdoor decor without breaking the...MORE bank.

    From tiny patios to a big back yard, this fun and budget-friendly outdoor decorating ideas will have you transforming your outdoor space in no time. And many of these outdoor decorating ideas are green in more ways than one -- they are good for our earth, too!

    Let these fabulous photos of outdoor spaces and inspiring outdoor decor ideas from across the web get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to click on the links below each photo for great tutorials and more information.

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    Glass Bottle Border

    Glass bottle plant bed border
    The Greenbacks Gal

    What a great eco-friendly and colorful bottle planting bed border featured on the Greenbacks Gal.

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    Hanging Beaded Planters

    Photo © Knitsters

    Inspired by a similar planter her mom bought, the blogger of Knitsters crafted these cute hanging planters herself.

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    Outdoor Antique "Sofa"

    Photo © creeksiderummager

    What a cozy retreat an old crib can make when you turn it into an outdoor sofa.

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    Table Leg Dragonflies

    Photo © Lucy Designs

    I've featured Lucy Design's amazing butterflies more than once, but these cuties should be a bit easier to DIY.

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    Personal Fire Pit

    Photo © The Art of Doing Stuff

    This gorgeous fire pit looks sophisticated but Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff made it in about an hour for around $25.

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    Stacked Tire Planters

    Photo © Today's Nest

    These cute planters via Today's Nest are the perfect repurpose solution for old tires, and they are great for plants, too. Don't forget to add a tire swing to complete this DIY outdoor decor theme!

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    Wine Box Garden

    Wine box garden
    Hamburger Helper

    This sweet wine box garden by LLH Designs is picture perfect.

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    Colorful Floor Mat

    Photo © Lowe's

    The crafty folks at Lowe's came up with this fun and easy floor mat project.

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    Twig Raised Bed

    Photo © jamieicecream

    This twig raised bed via Instructables is a natural beauty and easy as pie to create you.

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    Modern Porch Swing

    Photo © Ana White

    Hang out with your honey on this modern porch swing by Ana White.

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    Bottle Cap Wind Chime

    Photo © Pia Chaib/flicker

    I ran across this marvelous wind chime on Flickr. There are no instructions, but it should be simple enough to DIY.

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    Tiered Succulent Planter

    Photo © Craftberry Bush

    Lucy at Craftberry Bush created this marvelous succulent planter that would be great for almost any greenery.

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    Pallet Walkway

    Photo © Funky Junk Interiors

    Donna at Funky Junk Interiors put together this amazing repurposed pallet walkway. (Check out Donna's awesome outdoor pallet sofa project, too--another great DIY outdoor decor must-have.)

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    Picnic Basket Planter

    Photo © Confessions of a Plate Addict

    I've featured Confessions of a Plate Addict before because of her amazingly creative ideas like this cute picnic basket planter.

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    Backyard Beach

    Backyard Beach
    Better Together

    I've featured Better Together's kid-perfect backyard beach before, but you can find how they did it here.

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    Succulent Wreath

    Succulent wreath
    Jonelle Weaver / Getty Images

    Prudent Baby gives complete instructions for this succulent wreath, which is the best I've seen by far.

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    Hanging Bird Bath

    Photo © My House & Home

    This hanging bird bath by My House and Home is a breeze to make, but it looks divine!

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    Terra Cotta Planter

    Photo © Greenlife Nursery

    Plain terra cotta pots are creatively stacked to form this bird bath planter designed by Greenlife Nursery. (I like this one too from The Culinary Cougar.)

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    Potting Bench

    Photo © Country Home

    Look closely! This charming potting bench is nothing more than an old desk and garden gate. Want to craft your own? See Centsational Girl's step-by-step DIY tutorial for a similar one that you can make.