16 DIY Outdoor Fountain Ideas for Instant Peaceful Energy

Outdoor fountain in cottage garden
Jacky Parker Photography / Getty Images

Make your own outdoor water fountain to add character, charm, and serenity to your outdoor space. Outdoor fountains can transform your backyard into a soothing oasis, making it the perfect spot for your evening yoga practice. Fountains situated in front of your house easily boost its curb appeal. Bubbling outdoor fountains are also excellent at blocking out ambient noise, which is ideal for city dwellers who want to make their property as peaceful as possible. You can even make a tabletop version if you live high up in an apartment building to provide the same effect. 

Here are some beautiful outdoor fountain ideas to inspire you and guide you through the project.

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    Use Solar Energy

    A simple tiered fountain with flower pots.

    Interior Frugalista

    Powering a water feature all day may cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. That’s not the case with this DIY solar water fountain, which utilizes a solar pump to let the sun do the work for you. You’ll need two flower pots—one bigger than the other—as well as some river rocks. For the pump, you can use a solar power bird bath fountain pump.

    Easy Solar Water Fountain from Interior Frugalista

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    Make It Simple

    A spherical concrete outdoor bubbler.

    At Charlotte's House

    This bubbling garden fountain looks straight out of a landscaping magazine. It’s stylish, modern, and completely functional. The best part is that it won’t break the bank—you can make it yourself in a weekend.

    DIY Bubbling Garden Fountain from At Charlotte's House

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    Decorate With Garden Florals

    A three-tiered cascading water fountain with flowers at the bottom.

    Our House Now a Home

    Whether you don’t have time to build an outdoor fountain from scratch or you’re not confident in your DIY skills to do it, there’s a solution. Follow this tutorial to upgrade and improve a store-bought fountain with a few additions, like your favorite flowers or greenery.

    Upgraded Store-Bought Fountain from Our House Now a Home

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    Bring in Solar Energy

    A teal outdoor fountain with greenery coming out of it.

    Hearth and Vine

    Arguably the worst part of having an outdoor fountain is dealing with annoying power cords and finding an outdoor outlet to plug them into. Unless you have an array of extension cords at the ready, you’re limited to where you can put your fountain. That’s one big reason to switch to a solar fountain, like this one.

    DIY Solar Water Fountain from Hearth & Vine

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    Build With Flower Pots

    Water bubbling out of a two-tiered black outdoor water fountain.

    Southern Chick Journal

    Making your own solar water fountain doesn’t have to break the bank. This DIY project costs less than $50—less if you already have flower pots.

    Budget-Friendly Solar Water Fountain from Southern Chick Journal

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    Downsize to Fit Your Space

    A small bubbler fountain next to plants.

    @mrsmack89 / Instagram

    Small yard? Don’t worry! You can still have a cute water fountain to drown out noises from the outside world and improve the ambiance in your outdoor space. You can make a water fountain as small as you need to. Place it out on your patio to make your hangout spot more serene.

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    Construct Using a Crockpot

    Large river rocks in a large crock-turned-fountain.

    Chatfield Court

    Water features can be costly and complicated to put together, but this guide from Chatfield Court will show you how to make your very own water feature with a large pot or crock. This is a disappearing water fountain, which means that the water that spills out of the fountain looks like it’s disappearing into the ground, rather than pooling in some receptacle.

    Crock Water Feature DIY from Chatfield Court

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    Simplify the Design

    Colorful flowers in a DIY water fountain.

    A Piece of Rainbow

    As long as your yard gets a good amount of sunlight throughout the day, a solar water fountain is a great choice. Not only do solar water fountains save energy, but they also look stunning. This DIY solar fountain is quick and easy, taking one hour or less to make.

    Quick and Simple Solar Fountain from A Piece of Rainbow

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    DIY Bubble Fountain

    Simple DIY bubbler fountain.

    Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

    Bubble fountains are stunning. They range in size and emit the most soothing flowing water sounds. Unfortunately, pre-made bubblers aren’t cheap. Here’s how to make your own for a fraction of the cost.

    DIY Bubble Fountain from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

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    Fill It With Greenery

    Water filling a basin outdoors near agave plants.

    Alison Giese Interiors

    If you’re looking for a unique and ultra-relaxing fountain for your outdoor oasis, Alison Giese Interiors has a DIY for you. This DIY garden trough water fountain is the perfect way to spruce up your backyard. The sound of the gently gurgling water will make dining al fresco or unwinding with a nightcap under the stars even more relaxing.

    Garden Trough Fountain DIY from Alison Giese Interiors

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    Collect Rocks

    Water flowing out of a DIY rock water fountain.

    Joyful Derivatives

    This DIY rock water fountain is simple and affordable—two of our favorite words. Follow this tutorial to create this beautiful disappearing fountain with large fountain rocks. A rock fountain will most certainly add interest to your yard and impress all of your guests.

    DIY Rock Water Fountain from Joyful Derivatives

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    Create a Sprinkler

    Water spraying out from under wet river rocks.

    Pretty Purple Door

    Instead of installing a pre-made water fountain in your backyard, make this DIY pondless water feature. It looks realistic and makes the most calming, bubbling white noise. This detailed tutorial will show you how to make your own pondless water feature. All skill levels welcome!

    Easy DIY Water Feature from Pretty Purple Door

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    Customize Ceramics

    A ceramic blue fish with water sprouting out of it.

    An Extraordinary Day

    Sometimes using a DIY fountain kit is the best route to take. That’s especially true if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to figure out how to put together your own fountain. While kits have everything you need to make your own fountain, you can still customize it. This blogger used a cute ceramic fish to make her fountain more unique and whimsical.

    Simple Container Fountain from An Extraordinary Day

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    Thrift Materials

    A teapot pouring water into a teacup outdoors.

    Confessions of a Serial DIYer

    Do you love hosting tea parties with your besties? Are you a massive Alice in Wonderland fan? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you definitely need to make this DIY teapot fountain. It may look complicated, but you only need a handful of supplies. You can buy almost all of them at your local hardware store. Browse your favorite thrift store for a vintage teacup and teapot to include.

    DIY Teapot Fountain from Confessions of a Serial DIYer

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    Streamline Steps

    A simple bubbling water fountain in a backyard.

    Four Generations One Roof

    Follow the steps in this guide to install your own simple disappearing water fountain. A simple outdoor fountain like this one adds so much character to your yard or garden, and this step-by-step guide makes installing one a breeze.

    Simple Disappearing Fountain from Four Generations One Roof

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    Consider Your Home's Space

    A bright blue bubble fountain on a wood deck.

    Today's Creative Life

    No matter how much outdoor space you have to work with, you can make a DIY fountain. Those with smaller spaces (or those who just want a small fountain) should make this cute DIY bubbler. It's small enough to fit on a patio table or in the corner of your balcony.

    Tabletop DIY Fountain from Today's Creative Life