DIY Ideas for Metallic Paint

DIY Painting a chair
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New Paints for DIY Paint Projects

DIY junkies rarely find the time to rest (nor do they want to). There's always a project to be done or an idea developing the mind is constantly on high alert for a funky and fun task to tackle. And now they have even more reason to keep busy.

Consistently bubbling up with innovation, trusted paint company Benjamin Moore recently introduced Molten Metallics, a new addition to its Studio Finishes line of specialty paints.

Why "Molten" Metallics? The name of this DIY-lovers' dream paint evokes the end result: a surface imitative of a hand-hammered metal.

While most of the special effects coatings in Benjamin Moore's Studio Finishes collection are glazes, Molten Metallics is an alkyd high-gloss paint. It is ideal for adding a dramatic, glamorous look to furniture, decorative pieces, trim and accent ceilings and walls. It also is recommended for exterior surfaces because it delivers an effective rust-resistant treatment.

"The illusion of the texture that Molten Metallics creates is captivating and sensual," said Sonu Mathew, Benjamin Moore's senior interior designer. "It's an easy way to produce a rarified look that only artisans typically have mastered. And, it's a lot more economical, too."

Want to get this goodie for yourself? Benjamin Moore's Molten Metallics is sold in quarts for approximately $23, or pints for around $15.

The line comes in six standard ready-mixed colors: Gold, Copper, Bronze, Gun Smoke, Silver, and Charcoal. (Note: Two coats should be adequate to complete a project.)

But what should you do with this fabulous line of metallic paint? Here are some fun DIY ideas to get your inspiration wheels turning!

Rusty Old Accents

Go on a treasure hunt through your attic, storage unit or dark basement corners and find bland and boring items that can be given new life.

Or, hit your favorite thrift and antique stores to find items that capture your attention. Don't focus on the item's finish - you'll be changing that. Instead, be on the lookout for items with a cool shape (turned candle holders, for instance) or a quirky personality (a ceramic garden gnome is a fun idea).

Be Reflective

Have a standard wood-framed mirror? Yawn. Jazz it up with a metallic finish that will add some glamor to your space.

Get Trim

Enliven some boring chair rail trim with a dose of metallic - it would be especially cool in a powder bathroom.

Frame out Furniture

Paint the bland wood frame of a side chair or dining chair with your favorite Molten Metallics finish and let the upholstery shine.

Plant and Pots Worthy

Houseplants deserve to live a glammed-up life as well. A metallic finish to an ordinary, boring plant pot can serve as an eye-catching accent and make the plant stand out in your space.

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