DIY Paper Leaf Wreath

Decorate your home for fall with this easy DIY paper leaf wreath!

DIY Paper Leaf Wreath
DIY Paper Leaf Wreath. Stephanie White

Embrace the dazing fall colors with this paper wreath that can be made as a family to decorate your home. When selecting the the color of your wreath you can either stick to one color, or use a variety of fall colors from blazing reds, golden yellows, or pumpkin orange. Best of all not only is this project perfect to decorate your mantel or wall but the entire project only takes about 30 minutes to make using very affordable materials.

Supplies Needed

  • 3 - 4 sheets of orange, red, or yellow cardstock
  • 1 piece of paper to make a template
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 pair of craft scissors
  • 1 box of glue dots or hot glue gun
  • 10 inches of string, or one large circular objects and one slightly smaller circular object to trace


  1. To begin take a sheet of cardstock that is slightly larger than the size of your wreath to be.
  2. Take a length of string and tie one end around a pencil. Next, from end of the string tied to the pencil measure out half the width of the circle, otherwise known as the radius, and cut the string. For example if you are making a wreath that it is 20 inches wide the length of string should be 10 inches. Mark a spot in the middle of the paper and hold the end of the string there. Using your other hand, move the pencil in a circle around the central point to the full length of the string. This will allow you to draw a perfect circle. Next, cut the string 1 inch and repeat the same process of holding the string on the central point and drawing a circle with a pencil. You should than have one large circle with a smaller circle inside.
  1. If you are using a large circular object, you can skip the using the string and simply place the pot or other round object on the paper and trace around the object using a pencil. Remove the large object and place a smaller circular object in the middle and trace again, this will give you your wreath shape.
  1. Cut out the wreath shape using scissors.
  2. Take a small piece of paper and fold it in half. Using a pencil draw the outline of a leaf that is about 2 - 3 inches tall and 1 inch wide. Cut out the leaf, and unfold the leaf to use as a tracer. Using the leaf tracer trace the leaf shape over and over again on the orange cardstock. After all the sheets of cardstock are filled with traced leaves, cut out all the paper leaves.
  3. Fold all the leaves in half.
  4. Glue the leaves going around the wreath. To add visual interest alternate the placement of the leaves so that they are not all facing the same way. To add fullness to the wreath, overlap some leaves on top of others. 
  5. Hang wreath as desired within your home by taping the wreath against a wall or use a ribbon to hang.