DIY Projects Using Hardware Store Finds

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    Faucet Handle Coat Rack

    The popularity of the industrial farmhouse look has opened up a whole new resource for where to buy home decor: the hardware store!  Since metal is one of the key ingredients to achieving this look, the hardware aisle has become a prime hunting ground for do-it-yourself home decorators.

    Pipe fittings, chicken wire, fencing materials, door latches, and metal conduit are just a few of the possible items you can use to make your own industrial-style home accessories. Just take a look at these creative projects inspired by inexpensive supplies from the hardware aisle. 

    Faucet Handle Coat Rack

    Faucet handles make perfect perches for coats, purses or aprons.  Use vintage handles if you want patina, or spray some in a variety of bright colors for a more playful look that's perfect for a child's room.

    Faucet Handle Coat Rack from A Piece of Rainbow

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    Industrial Paper Towel Holder

    Make an industrial-style paper towel holder using galvanized pipe and pipe fittings for the perfect accent to your farmhouse kitchen.

    Industrial Paper Towel Holder from Sweet Pea

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    Doorknob Bud Vases

    Would you ever have imagined this use for old doorknobs? Re-purpose vintage knobs into a pair of charming metal bud vases.

    Doorknob Bud Vases from Petticoat Junktion

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    Pipe Shelf Supports

    Open shelving is one of the hottest trends in kitchen design, but they look great in any room. Rest reclaimed wood or pre-cut wooden shelves on supports made from a galvanized pipe for that rustic look you love.

    Barnwood Shelves with Metal Pipe Supports from Chatfield Court

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    Copper Pipe Magazine Holder

    This clever project utilizes two trendy materials: denim and copper. A sturdy rack made of a pair of old jeans and copper pipes and fittings from the hardware store results in a sling that supports your magazine habit.

    Copper Pipe Magazine Holder from Pillar Box Blue

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    Farmhouse Message Board With Hanging Jars

    Almost any kind of wide-mouthed jar (like spaghetti jars, for instance) can be turned into a hanging vase with the help of stainless steel band clamps. Reclaimed fence pickets and an old door give this trio of vases even more of a farmhouse feel.

    Farmhouse Message Board with Hanging Jars from Hunt and Host

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    Copper Wire Vases

    Turn a few old bottles into an industrial accent by wrapping them with bare copper wire you can buy by the roll at the hardware store. Use your thrifty new vase for single flower stems, large hosta leaves, fern fronds or boxwood clippings.

    Copper Wire Vases from Home Made Modern

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    Junk Art Sign

    This clever project re-imagines rusty old hardware as trendy typographic art. Flea markets often feature vendors selling this kind of salvage by the crate-full, or you can add patina to new hardware using spray paint.

    Junk Art Sign from Petticoat Junktion

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    Copper Pipe Fall Wreath

    The warm tone of copper is the ideal complement to autumnal decors such as fall leaves, acorns, and even feathers. Use a copper pipe as a unique wreath form onto which you can attach seasonal flowers and other natural elements.

    Copper Pipe Fall Wreath from Love Create Celebrate

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    Industrial Pendant Light

    Light fixtures offer a great opportunity to add industrial style to your space. Here's a bright idea: DIY a pendant using a spool and some conduit for an accent that's both a source of light and inspiration.

    Industrial Pendant Light from Grillo Designs

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    Pegboard Organizer

    Metal pipe straps and hose clamps hold summertime essentials on this pegboard organizer made to streamline a busy family foyer.  Now sunglasses, sunscreen, goggles, bug spray, and even money for the ice cream truck can be organized for grab-and-go convenience.

    Pegboard Organizer from Home Made Modern

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    Farmhouse Tray With Door Handles

    Trays have endless uses around the house. Make your own by attaching inexpensive screen door handles to a wooden cutting board, then display it proudly in a farmhouse-style kitchen or on a bar cart or coffee table.

    Farmhouse Tray with Door Handles from Sadie Seasongoods

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    Campaign Style Tray Table

    Speaking of trays, here's a tray table that got an upgrade in style thanks to some simple square metal plates glued to the corners, giving it the look of vintage campaign furniture. Steal this idea to give industrial style to other kinds of accent furniture, picture frames, trays or mirrors.

    Campaign Style Tray Table from​ Home Made Modern