35 DIY Pumpkin Decorations for Fall

A basket full of pumpkins made from yarn

The Navage Patch

Autumn is a great time for smaller projects that make your home feel more inviting and cozy. These DIY pumpkin decorations for fall will do just that. There are projects for the beginner all the way up to the advanced, just read the directions beforehand so you know what you're getting into. You're going to have no problem finding a project that fits your skill sets.

You can also incorporate these DIY pumpkins into your existing fall décor. They come in all different styles so you'll find something if you're looking for rustic, modern, and everything in between. Whether you're decorating inside or out, you're going to find some beautiful pumpkin decor that's going to look great in your home.

These DIY pumpkins are made out of just about every material imaginable. Whether you're looking for something made out of yarn, wood, paper, and even cookies, you're going to find it here.