7 DIY Table Settings Ideas That Will Impress Your Friends

Create a stylized table setting for your next party with these DIYs

Create a stylized table for your next party that will look just like it should be featured in a home magazine by making your own tablecloth, table runner, chargers, napkin holders, custom menus, or napkins to enhance your standard dish and cutlery set.

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    DIY Scalloped No Sew Tablecloth
    DIY Scalloped No Sew Tablecloth. Sugar And Cloth

    Adorn the table for your party with a no sew tablecloth using a large inexpensive drop cloth you can find at a hardware store in the paint section. With a bit of tracing you can easily convert the drab sheet of fabric into a cute scalloped tablecloth that can be dyed to match whatever color you need.

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    DIY Dip Dyed Chargers

    DIY Dip Dyed Chargers
    DIY Dip Dyed Chargers. The DIY Playbook

    Chargers are a great addition to a dinner party as they can easily change up the look of your regular dishes by making everything look more grand and colorful by placing a charger underneath the main plate, or by using it as a placeholder until the dishes are placed on the table. Either change up your existing set, or pick up a set at the dollar store or scout your local garage sale for some chargers to paint with a trendy dip dyed finish.

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    DIY Dinner Menu Napkin Holder
    DIY Dinner Menu Napkin Holder. Say Yes

    Help guests get excited for the multi-course meal you have prepared for them by creating a handmade menu that wraps around a napkin.

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    DIY Paint Stripe Napkins
    DIY Paint Stripe Napkins. Sarah Hearts

    Create your own knock-off Anthropologie paint stripe napkins that add some color and pattern to your table decor. Using regular cloth napkins and multi-surface craft paint in your favorite color paint a modern brush stroke design to wow your friends.

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    DIY Kraft Paper Table Runner
    DIY Kraft Paper Table Runner. Oh Happy Day

    Show off your creative side at your next party by setting the table with a hand painted table runner that can add some pattern to your regular table setting. Using a roll of kraft paper as the table runner, you can hand paint a unique design on the paper using a large paint brush and will have a stylishly set table runner that you do not need to worry about if someone spills wine on as at the end of the night you can toss the runner in the trash.

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    DIY Glam Napkin Rings
    DIY Glam Napkin Rings. Stephanie White

    Expertly style your napkins in minutes by slipping them into one of these stunning DIY napkin rings that beautifully reflect the light of candles and chandeliers. To make your own you will need to cut small pieces of felt and use gem tape to create a set of napkin rings that you will want to use for formal dinner parties.

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    DIY Gold Scallop Napkins
    DIY Gold Scallop Napkins. Sarah Hearts

    These DIY gold scallop napkins would pair perfectly with the DIY scallop tablecloth and they are super easy to make. To make your own set of leather scallop napkins you can download the template at Sarah Hearts and use it to cut out the scallop design which can be sewn onto a regular set of fabric napkins.