Sending Thanks: DIY Thank You Cards

Make Your Own Thank You Cards

There is something extra special about a handmade card, perhaps because they are unique and show the card sender spent time and energy making the card for the recipient. If you are feeling crafty, making your own cards are an amazing way to save money and offer your heartfelt gratitude to whomever made a positive change in your life. Have a wedding, baby shower, or some other large event coming up where it is typical to send thank you cards? Gather a few friends together and have a card making...MORE party with your bridesmaids or fellow party planners and make your own thank you cards using bulk card stock paper, paint, glitter and ink.

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    DIY Gilded Thank You Cards
    DIY Gilded Thank You Cards. Camille Styles

    Chanel from Camille Styles created three unique designs for gold gilded thank you cards that all take minutes to make. The first uses glue placed in a large circle on the front of a folded piece of card stock, gold glitter is then sprinkled on the glue and merci (French for thank you) is stamped onto the center of the circle using black ink and a rubber stamp. For the second design, a circle is cut out and placed in the center of the card and freehand gold horizontal stripes are painted with a...MORE small flat brush. Again merci or thank you is stamped into the center of the circle. For the last design, a medium sized paint brush is used to apply gold paint in a horizontal stripe across the bottom of the card. Once the gold paint has dried the message can be written or stamped onto the stripe.

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    DIY Modern Thank You Cards
    DIY Modern Thank You Cards. Delia Creates

    Print these simple and modern thank you cards that you can print at home on your choice of colored paper.

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    DIY Handwritten Embossed Cards
    DIY Handwritten Embossed Cards. Damask Love

    Create your own glam black and gold embossed cards by using black card stock, gold embossing power, an embossing pen and a heat gun.  Amber from Damask Love hand wrote messages such as hello, hiya, howdy, and holla but the options are endless as you can easily write your own message using the embossing pen.

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    DIY Typography Thank You Card
    DIY Typography Thank You Card. Melissa Esplin

    You do not need beautiful calligraphy skills to make this elegant thank you card, that would be the perfect thank you card for a wedding or wedding shower. To make this card download the free template at Melissa Esplin and print it on kraft colored cardstock to make your own typography postcards that you can write a custom message on the back.

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    DIY Thank You Post Card
    DIY Thank You Post Card. A Subtle Revelry

    Say thank you to a friend who lives abroad by sending a colorful thank you post card with this free design from A Subtle Revelry that you can print out and mail.

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    Print Your Own Thank You Cards
    Print Your Own Thank You Cards. Pumpkins and Posies

    Need some thank you cards fast? Pumpkins and Posies offers printable thank you cards with chevron or damask patterns that you can easily download and print at home. Simply cut out the card front using scissors or a paper trimmer and glue the design onto a piece of cardstock that when folded is the same size as the cover design. It could not be easier. 

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    DIY Floral Thank You Cards
    DIY Floral Thank You Cards. Ink Struck

    Show someone how much you appreciate what they did for you by sending them a floral watercolor card with a long thank you message written inside. To make this card to send to a friend download the free template at Inkstruck.

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    DIY Black And White Thank You Cards
    DIY Black And White Thank You Cards. Minted Strawberry

    Did someone recently go out of their way to do something kind for you, such as help you move in, do you a big favor, or help you through a difficult time? If so, let them know how much their help meant to you by sending them a handmade thank you card with one of these two printable black and white card designs from Minted Strawberry.