21 Tips to Help You Organize Your Kiddo’s Toys

Colourful children rooom with white walls and furniture
LeManna / Getty Images

Toys may look innocent enough, but give that cute clutter a chance to start piling up, and you’ll soon find yourself battling a hostile toy takeover! Need reinforcements? These clever toy storage ideas are ready and willing to join you in your never-ending cleaning quest to see the carpet.

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    Organize Crafting Supplies With Wooden Ruler Crates

    DIY wooden ruler crates
    Seven Sisters

    Wooden crates are an attractive and inexpensive way to store your little one’s arts and crafts supplies, especially if you make them yourself.

    Not so handy with a power tool? Leave the pallet repurposing to the pros, and cut your woodworking teeth on this simple project from Seven Sisters: A beautiful, slatted crate created from scrap wood and a handful of 69-cent yardsticks from Lowes. Leave the rule markings exposed for a “school house” theme, or paint and sand down the edges for a softer, rustic look.

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    Rolling Under-The-Bed Toy Storage

    DIY roll-away under-bed storage drawers
    Idea Room

    Need more storage space? Conquer the under-the-bed realm of dust bunnies and lost toys in the name of sensible storage.

    Repurposed from an old thrifted dresser, these attractive storage drawers seen on Idea Room fit neatly under the bed and roll out for easy access. Use them to store toys or tuck away winter clothing, extra blankets, and other items not currently in everyday use. 

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    Create a Washtub Ottoman for Hidden Toy Storage

    DIY Washtub ottoman
    Red Wind Studio

    A galvanized wash bucket turned cozy ottoman is the ultimate in farmhouse chic—not to mention a pretty nifty place to stash your toddler’s toys when you’re expecting company.

    This rustic beauty spotted on Red Wind Studio, took one afternoon and only $40 to make! 

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    Create Kid-Friendly Storage Jars

    Mason jars with toy lids
    The Sister’s Guild

    Marbles, dice, and other small toys have a way of disappearing. Looking for an easy and affordable way to keep track of your little one’s tiny treasures? Try this adorable idea from The Sister’s Guild.

    All you need is a couple of mason jars, a can of spray paint, and a few tiny plastic victims, and voila: Beautiful new storage jars!

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    Make Fabric-Covered Storage Bins

    DIY fabric-covered bins
    Tales from a Cottage

    We all love fabric storage bins. It’s the price tags that are a little hard to swallow.

    Save that hard-earned cash by using inexpensive fabric to transform Dollar Store storage bins into swanky new storage baskets. No sewing required! Just grab a pair of scissors and a can of spray adhesive, and follow these simple directions from Tales from a Cottage.

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    DIY a Costume Closet

    DIY costume closet from dresser
    Rambling Renovators

    This adorable DIY costume closet, seen on Rambling Renovators, underwent a striking rehaul, transforming from a tattered old tallboy dresser into a neat and perfectly organized wardrobe fit for a dress-up princess.

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    Double Your Storage With a Milk-Crate Storage Ottoman

    Milk crate storage bench DIY
    Tupelo Honey

    Portable, stackable, and relatively inexpensive, milk crates make for great toy storage. This classic storage staple receives a quick and easy makeover, courtesy of Caroline of Tupelo Honey, allowing it to double as attractive seating for her daughter’s playroom.

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    DIY These Felt Storage Bins

    DIY felt fabric storage baskets
    Cozy Little Nest

    These beautiful crafting felt storage baskets, spotted on Cozy Little Nest, cost very little and take just minutes to make. Lightweight and flexible, they could even be hung from a row of hooks and mounted above a desk for easy-to-reach craft or Lego storage.

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    Craft This Amazing Grab-And-Go Drawstring Storage Bag

    DIY drawstring toy bag
    All Free Sewing

    Sick of finding the Lego bin dumped out all over the floor? This crazy clever storage bag featured on All Free Sewing is the DIY answer to your parenting prayers.

    Open the pouch to spread out the Legos. When it’s time to pick up, simply pull the drawstring and boom: You’re done!

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    Use an Over-The-Door Shoe Storage Rack to Organize Legos

    Shoe rack Lego toy storage hack
    Kid’s Activities Blog

     If your kids are older, you may need a more sophisticated solution to the Lego problem. This clever hack shared on Kid’s Activities Blog, allows you to separate your building blocks by color or even by individual set.

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    Use a Hanging Closet Organizer to Store Board Games

    Hanging game storage
    Fennel Seeds

    Stacking board games often leads to Jenga-like messes. Pull out one, and they all come tumbling down!

    Need a smarter solution? Try this clever storage hack featured on Fennel Seeds. The cubby separators prevent your game stack from toppling while the built-it hangers keep the whole mess off of the floor.

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    Replace Bulky Board Game Boxes Envelopes

    Game storage idea: Scrapbooking files
    Pink Daisy Girl

    Can’t spare the closet space? Try swapping those bulky boxes for something a little slimmer.

    These 12-by-12 scrapbook envelopes, featured on Pink Daisy Girl, are the perfect size for game boards and all the trimmings, and the wide bottoms make them easy stack in a bookshelf or filing cabinet.

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    Turn Your Board Games Into Playroom Art

    Game board wall art
    Infarrently Creative

    This clever game storage idea spotted on Infarrently Creative is a definite decorating do!

    Classic game boards, mounted in an inexpensive box frame, make for excellent playroom décor. Store the pieces in the back of the box frame. When you're ready to play, just pop the frame off the wall. 

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    Keep Your Puzzle Collection in One Handy Case

    Puzzle storage idea
    Between 3 Sisters

    The trickiest part of any puzzle is holding on to the pieces. Lose even one, and the game is ruined. Need a big-picture solution? Take note of this storage idea from Between 3 Sisters.

    The "IRIS" clear crafting case set, available on Amazon, is actually the perfect tool for the job. Just paste the picture from the box to the inside of each interior case.

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    Create a Stuffed Animal Hammock

    DIY stuffed animal hammock tutorial
    Lemon Squeezy Home

    Running out of space for all of your little one’s furry friends? This adorable and easy-to- recreate storage hammock, featured on Lemon Squeezy Home, is a great way to display stuffies while making excellent use of vertical space.

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    DIY Beanbag Chair That Doubles as Stuffie Storage

    DIY stuffed animal storage chair
    Thread Riding Hood

    You can also put those stuffed animals to good use by creating your very own storage S.A.C (a.k.a. Stuffed Animal Chair). This brilliant idea, featured by Thread Riding Hood, comes with free templates and a step-by-step tutorial, so get ready to get your DIY on!

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    Create an “Art Cart” for Crafting Supplies

    Art cart for arts and crafts storage
    Fun with Mama

    Tired of crayons and crafting supplies turning up where they don’t belong? This aptly named “Art Cart,” featured by Fun with Mama, is the perfect way to organize your kids’ art supplies. Simply roll it to wherever your little ones are working. When they're done, tuck the entire cart into a closet.

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    Organize Bath Toys With Dollar Store Finds

    Simple idea for organizing bath toys
    Cleverly Simple

    Get your bathroom in ship shape with this simple Dollar Store hack for organizing bath toys spotted on Cleverly Simple. A low-mounted shower rod keeps toys at arms reach while self-draining baskets ensure everything stays dry and mold-free.

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    Turn a Crib Rail Into a Toddler-Friendly Book Rack

    Crib-rail repurposed as a book rack

    This cleverly repurposed crib rail featured on Makely makes it easy for toddlers to find their favorite storybooks. Simply set your old crib rail against the wall, secure the top, and drape your kiddo's books over the bars. 

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    Use Dollar Store Ice Cube Trays to Display Shopkins

    Shopkins display case idea
    About Kids Toys / Pinterest

    Living in the land of miniatures? Whether your kids are collecting “Shopkins,” “Num Nums,” or “Hatchimal Minis,” this easy ice-cube tray hack, shared by About Kids Toys via Pinterest, is a "cool" way to display your little one’s ever-growing army of miniature collectibles.

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    Store and Organize Doll Clothes in This Handy Box

    American Girl Doll Storage Idea
    Becky Kay / Pinterest

    A wooden dowel cut to fit inside of a Tupperware storage box makes storing doll clothes a breeze. This awesome storage idea, shared by Becky Kay on Pinterest, allows you to preserve all of those trendy little outfits, wrinkle-free while reserving space at the bottom for shoe and other accessories.