DIY Toy Storage Ideas for Nurseries and Kids' Rooms

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    10 Creative Ways to Tame Your Child’s Toys

    Childrens bedroom
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    Toys may look innocent enough, but give that cute clutter a chance to start piling up, and you’ll soon find yourself battling a hostile toy takeover! Need reinforcements? These clever DIY toy storage ideas are ready and willing to join you in your quest to see the carpet. 


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    Yardstick Crates

    Photo via Seven Sisters.

    Whether you’re going for a rustic look or a touch of vintage-industrial charm, wooden crates make for an attractive and practical DIY storage option. Not so handy with a power tool? Leave the pallet repurposing to the pros, and cut your woodworking teeth on this simple project: A beautiful, slatted crate created from scrap wood and a handful of 69-cent yardsticks. Leave the rule markings exposed for an industrial feel, or paint and sand down the edges for a softer look.

    See the full tutorial here.

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    Repurposed Rollers

    Want to make the most of your little one’s space? Conquer the under-the-bed realm of dust bunnies and lost toys in the name of sensible storage. These attractive storage drawers, repurposed from old and thrifted dressers, fit neatly under the bed and roll out for easy access. Use the reclaimed space to store toys or tuck away winter clothing, extra blankets and other items not currently in everyday use.

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    Bucket Ottoman

    Photo via Killer B. Design.

    This galvanized wash bucket turned cozy ottoman is the ultimate in cottage chic - not to mention a pretty nifty place to stash toys. A rustic beauty with a contemporary twist, this cheery green ottoman would brighten any space. Best of all, it cost less than $40 to make!

    Learn how here.

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    Bucket Sculpture

    This shapely stack of plastic pails offers useful storage space with a modern-looking geometric appeal, and all for less than $15! Simply drill holes in the sides of ten $1 buckets (available at most Dollar Stores) and fasten using zip ties. Use your bucket sculpture to keep cars, Lego blocks and other small toys organized. Genius!

    Details here.

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    Kid-Friendly Storage Jars

    Photo via Sister's Guild.

    Marbles, dice and other small toys and treasures have a way of disappearing: Sinking silently into a vast sea of toys, never to be seen again. Looking for a cute way to store your little one's most treasured bits and bobs? Try this easy project! All you need is a couple of mason jars, a can of spray paint, and a few tiny, plastic victims.

    See how it’s done here.

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    Fabric Bins

    We all love fabric storage bins. It’s the price tags that are a little hard to swallow.

    Save that hard-earned cash and use inexpensive fabric to transform cheap, plastic bins into swanky new storage baskets. No sewing required! Just grab a pair of scissors and a can of spray adhesive, and follow these simple directions.

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    Milk Crate Ottoman

    Photo via Tupelo Honey.

    Portable, stackable and relatively inexpensive, milk crates make for great toy storage. Here, this classic storage staple receives a quick and easy makeover, allowing it to double as attractive seating.

    See the full tutorial here.

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    Felt Storage Boxes

    Photo via Cozy Little Nest.

    Working with a tight budget? These beautiful felt storage baskets cost very little and take just minutes to make.

    Choose one of 5 rectangular pieces of crafting felt to serve as the bottom of your basket. Sew the bottom to the sides and then close up the remaining seams with hot glue. Once the glue dries, fold over the edges. This allows for increased stability. Once your basket is finished, you can decorate it with iron-on appliques or simple embroidery. You might also choose to line the baskets with a pretty, patterned fabric for a two-toned, reversible look.

    See more here.

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    Super Scoops

    Photo via Spoonful.

    Made from repurposed milk jugs, these dump and scoop storage bins are perfect for gathering and stowing Lego blocks and other little toys. Feeling crafty? Decorate with decoupage, or stick to permanent markers and make a waterproof version for skimming toys from the tub. Just remember to cut a few holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

    Learn more here.

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    Costume Closet

    Photo via Rambling Renovators.

    This adorable costume closet underwent a striking rehaul, transforming it from a tattered, old tallboy dresser into a neat and perfectly organized wardrobe fit for a princess.

    Dreaming of a miniature dress-up closet of your own? Make the dream a reality with this detailed tutorial.

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