DIY Trellises For Your Garden For Less Than $20

Build a trellis for your garden this weekend!

For less than twenty dollars you can create any of these three do it yourself garden trellises to use within your garden. Build your own garden obelisk for a functional and decorative statement piece in your garden, a standing trellis that would be perfect in your vegetable patch, or a add some privacy with a flat trellis which works especially well in an area where you have a limited amount of space and want your garden to grow vertically instead. 

Even if you are a novice at building things out...MORE of wood, these 3 DIY trellises can be built by a beginner in an afternoon.

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    Garden Obelisk
    Garden Obelisk. Flower Patch Farmhouse

    A standing garden obelisk is the perfect place to grow climbing plants not against a wall in your garden.

    Flower Patch Farmhouse create this do it yourself garden obelisk for $20 using eight foot 2 x 2 foot pieces of lumber. Using four 2 x 2 pieces for the frame, evenly space pieces of 2 x 2 cut increasingly smaller to horizontal bars that connect the long frame pieces together. In the obelisk by Flower Patch Farmhouse the obelisk horizontal pieces are the following lengths, 8 inches, 11 5/8...MORE inches, 15 5/8 inches, 19 3/4 inches, and 24 inches all evenly spaced. Once the obelisk was built the entire structure was painted a cheerful shade of purple using spray paint. 

    DIY $20 Garden Obelisk from Flower Patch Farmhouse 

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    DIY Garden Trellis
    DIY Garden Trellis. Stephanie White

    For a quick way to cover your fence with some greenery, you can build this super easy flat garden trellis that is the perfect way to grow your favorite climbing plant or could be used to create a privacy screen when placed against a chain link fence and covered in vines.

    As the trellis only used inexpensive pieces of wood, the entire trellis costs just under $6 to make, making it an affordable way to update your garden.

    To create your own flat trellis, you will need six 1 x 2-inch boards that are...MORE 8 feet long. Cut 5 of the pieces of wood to 62 inches in length, and 7 pieces of wood to 32 inches using a hand saw or table saw. To build the trellis place the 32-inch pieces horizontally, evenly spaced. Next place the 5 pieces of 62-inch long wood vertically overtop of the horizontal boards, again evenly spacing all the vertical pieces of wood. Once you have created your grid trellis use wood glue to hold everything together, and place weights on the trellis or use wood clamps to hold the trellis firmly together until the glue dries.

    After the glue has dried your trellis is ready to use in your garden, or it can be stained or painted in your choice of color. 

    DIY $6 Flat Garden Trellis from Stephanie White Travels

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    Standing Garden Trellis
    Standing Garden Trellis. A Home In The Northwest

    A Home In The Northwest designed a useful $10 garden trellis using 2 x 2s for the vertical pieces and 1 x 2s for the horizontal bars. This trellis can easily be modified to your desired height and width required for your garden, as the method to build it will be the same. To attach the horizontal bars to the vertical posts a nail gun was used to keep the trellis together. The design by A Home In the Northwest uses two trellises with 5 horizontal bars connected at the top with a nut and bolt the...MORE trellis can easily be modified to open various amounts, and can be closed flat for storage in the winter. If you are using this trellis within your garden you will need one trellis per climbing plant or vine. 

    DIY $10 Standing Garden Trellis from A Home In The North Wing