14 Easy DIY Valentines for Kids

Get ready for Valentine's Day and surprise your child by making them cute love themed lunch box treats and notes, and DIY Valentine's Day themed gifts. Additionally, with your child make a set of valentines to give to all the students in their class. From printable candy bag toppers to silly pun cards, there are tons of clever DIY ideas for your child to give out to all peers on February 14th. 

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    DIY Valentine's Day My Heart Pops For You Popcorn Bags
    Bird's Party

    Pack an extra special treat for your child's snack on Valentine's day by making a festive popcorn bag by filling a plastic bag with popcorn and sealing the bag with decorative washi tape. For the front of the bag head over to Bird's Party and download the my heart pops for you bag label which you can print out and tape to the popcorn bag using double sided tape.

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    Valentine's Day Printable Bunny Gift Box
    Mr. Printables

    Elementary aged kids are sure to shriek with delight when you surprise them with this adorable printable bunny box that you can fill with a small gift. To make the bunny box download the free printable available at Mr. Printables.

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    DIY Monster Valentines

    These DIY monster valentines with cute printable messages like "I'm wild about you" and "Wild thing you make my heart sing" are the perfect playful and non-traditional take on classroom valentines. To make your own set of monster valentines download a copy of the printable bag toppers from Makoodle which you can staple onto the tops of clear resealable food bags. 

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    DIY Crazy Owl Valentines
    Happiness Is Homemade

    Head over to a party store to pick up enough crazy straws for all the children in your child's class to make these fun crazy owl valentines. To make them grab the free printable template from Happiness Is Homemade and punch two holes in the printable valentine for the crazy straw to slip into.

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    DIY Pencil Valentine
    Positively Splendid

    Craft these clever "valentine you are just write" cards that come with a cute pencil that your child is sure to use at school. To recreate this super easy to make valentine pick up some fun patterned pencils and print the heart valentine available at Positively Splendid

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    Printable Valentine's Day Lunch Jokes
    Craftaholics Anonymous

    Slip in several of these funny jokes by Craftaholics Anonymous into your child's lunch bag this Valentine's Day to make their day extra special.

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    DIY Fish Bowl Valentines
    Bliss Bloom Blog

    If you are looking for an extra clever valentine idea, Bliss Bloom Blog combines Valentine's Day and the school theme with success by showing how to DIY fish cracker treat bags with cute fish bowl printable background that says "Dear Valentine, I'm so glad we are in the same school".

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    DIY Valentine's Day Treat Bag Toppers

    Fill small plastic bags with assorted red and pink coloured candy to give to everyone in your child's class as a special treat this Valentine's Day. For full DIY details on how to make your own Valentine's Day treat bags visit Makoodle.

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    DIY Cinnamon Scented Glitter Play Dough
    Make Life Lovely

    Encourage your young child to play by giving them some homemade cinnamon scented glitter playdough that they can use to sculpt to their hearts content. To learn how to make your own cinnamon scented glitter playdough follow the DIY recipe at Make Life Lovely.

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    You’re Awesome Sauce Valentine Snack Labels

    Regular lunch packages of apple or other fruit sauces can easily be transformed into a Valentine's Day themed snack by printing "you're awesome sauce valentine" labels designed by C.R.A.F.T that fit perfectly on top of the existing foil wrapper. 

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    DIY Dinosaur Valentines

    Fill small plastic bags with one toy dinosaur in each bag and print out a fun "rawr means I love you in dinosaur" Valentine bag topper which is available for free at Simmworks.

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    DIY Conversation Hearts Valentine's Day Candy Bags

    If your child will be giving classic conversation hearts this Valentine's Day to their friends, you can easily package up the bulk candy you purchase by filling some candy hearts in small bags and printing matching conversation heart themed bag toppers available at Makoodle which can be stapled onto the top of the candy bags.

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    Punched Out Heart Treat Bags

    Let your child help make a set of Valentine's Day treat bags for all their friends by letting them use a heart punch on decorative cardstock. To complete the treat bag, attach a piece of paper over the top of the candy bag and adhere on the punched out hearts made by your child. The full DIY instructions for the treat bags can be found at Nobiggie.

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    DIY Magnetic Kissing Pigs Toys
    Craft Passion

    Younger children will squeal with happiness when you give them a set of pig toys that "kiss" when the magnets at the ends of the noses of the pigs are put close together. Make your own set of soft and cuddly romantic pigs by following the tutorial at Craft Passion.