8 Plans for DIY Wood Countertops

DIY wood countertop

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Adding DIY wood countertops to your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and even an outdoor kitchen has become a popular remodeling project that even the beginner can handle.

It's not a surprise that wood countertops have become so popular. The look of a wooden surface adds warmth and interest to your space and gives you a look that can look anywhere from modern to rustic depending on how you decide to finish them.

Wood countertops can also be very budget-friendly addition depending on what type of wood you choose to use. Most of the plans below use either butcher block or pine boards to create unique counters that will add so much character to your space. You'll save thousands of dollars building this counters yourself, since buying pre-made wooden counters can be pricy.

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    Butcher Block Countertop

    A kitchen reno with wood countertops

     Yellow Brick Home

    Inspired by the results they got by installing butcher block in their laundry room, this couple decided to tackle the bigger project of installing wood countertops in their kitchen. They take you through the process of measuring, cutting, installing, and conditioning the counters to get a beautiful result.

    Butcher Block Countertop from Yellow Brick Home

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    Faux Reclaimed Wood Countertops

    A farmhouse kitchen with wooden counters


    If you're looking for the look of reclaimed wood with the ease of using new wood, you'll want to find out all about how to install these wooden kitchen countertops. These faux reclaimed wood countertops take new wood and make it look "old" with a few surprising aging techniques that you won't want to miss. The result is a unique countertop that looks right at home in a Farmhouse style kitchen. It surprisingly affordable too, the whole project cost less than $400.

    Faux Reclaimed Wood Countertops from Remodelaholic

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    Butcher Block Counters With An Undermount Sink

    Wooden countertops, sinks, and a faucet

     A Beautiful Mess

    Instead of sticking to just the kitchen island, this wood countertop plan shows you how to put it all over the kitchen, including the tricky task of cutting the butcher block for an under-mount sink. The result is a gorgeous kitchen countertop that looks good in all kitchens. Also included are tips for prepping, sealing, and maintaining the wood counters so they look great for years.

    Butcher Block Counters With An Undermount Sink from A Beautiful Mess

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    Under $30 Wood Countertops

    Wood countertops with gray cabinets and a plant

    Designing Vibes 

    It's unbelievable that these wood countertops are so budget-friendly. The secret is that they're simply stained pine boards. They give such a modern and elegant touch to the room that they're in. Putting the counters in a small space like a butler's pantry is an affordable project that's also fairly simple. The outcome is modern and clean and you can find all the details on how to get the look over at Designing Vibes.

    Under $30 Wood Countertops from Designing Vibes

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    Kitchen Wood Countertops

    A kitchen with wood counters

    An Oregon Cottage 

    If you want to take an easier route than constructing wood counters, this may be the project for you. Instead of building wooden countertops from scratch, this plan has you start with already made butcher block countertops from IKEA. There's a video tutorial on how to cut the wood countertops with a circular saw the easy way, as well as a follow-up on how the counters are doing two-years after the project.

    Kitchen Wood Countertops from An Oregon Cottage

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    DIY Wood Countertop

    A laundry room with wood countertops

    Artsy Chicks Rule 

    Wood countertops are perfect for the laundry room and since it's a small project it's a great one if you want to try out how they look before taking on a bigger project like a kitchen. Affordable pine boards are used and then slightly aged to give it a warm feel. The result is a lovely laundry room that's never looked so good. This free plan includes how to build, install, stain, and age the counters to get just the look you want.

    DIY Wood Countertop from Artsy Chicks Rule

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    Expensive-Looking Wood Countertops

    An RV kitchen with wood counters

     Must Have Mom

    This DIY wood countertop project is for installing a counter in an RV kitchen but you could use the same techniques to put them anywhere in your home. By making the countertops from pine boards, you'll get a durable counter that looks so much more expensive than it actually is. Every step of the plan is outlined here including how to measure, cut, stain, and install the counters. This project may just have you replacing all your countertops.

    Expensive-Looking Wood Countertops from Must Have Mom

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    Wide Plank Butcher Block Countertops

    A kitchen with dark wood counters

    Simply Maggie 

    These wide plank butcher block countertops will be the envy of everyone you invite over. These countertops look completely unique but are actually pretty easy to build due to the straightforward construction technique. This project also fits into most budgets, leaving money over for the rest of your kitchen renovation. There are lots of tips and tricks here, so you can really learn from their process so you have smoother results with yours.

    Wide Plank Butcher Block Countertops from Simply Maggie