15 Yard Games You Can DIY

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No matter if you are playing in the backyard with your kids or hosting a BBQ party, these DIY games are easy to make and will keep everyone having an amazing time so that you can enjoy endless warm and sunny days outdoors with friends and family. 

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    DIY Giant Wood Dice Game

    diy dice
    Lauren Murphy

    Build a set of giant dice to recreate life-size outdoor versions of classic games like Yahtzee, where each person takes turns rolling the dice to earn points. The giant wood dice will be a hit with the family as you enjoy some quality time on the weekend.

    DIY Giant Wood Dice Game from The Spruce

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    DIY Giant Matching Game

    DIY Giant Matching Game
    DIY Giant Matching Game Studio DIY

    Remember Memory? Kids and adults alike will love this giant matching card game that you can bring outdoors. Encourage everyone in your family to take turns flipping over two cards each turn to try and reveal two matching cards, such as two cards with ice cream cones. The person with the most matching cards wins the game!

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    DIY Flamingo Ring Toss

    DIY Flamingo Ring Toss
    DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Sugar And Cloth

    Make everyone laugh with a whimsical yard game of ring toss where you attempt to throw rings around the necks of plastic flamingos. It's the perfect outdoor party game.

    DIY Flamingo Ring Toss Tutorial from Sugar And Cloth

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    DIY Giant Lawn Dominoes

    DIY Giant Lawn Dominoes
    DIY Giant Lawn Dominoes Dream A Little Bigger

    While many games require several players, you only need two people for a giant lawn game of dominoes.

    DIY Giant Lawn Dominoes Tutorial from Dream A Little Bigger

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    DIY Cornhole

    DIY Cornhole
    DIY Cornhole Lovely Indeed

    Cornhole is a classic backyard game that is popular at family reunions, outdoor weddings, or even backyard patio parties, as it is easy for anyone to play. You can build your own cornhole game by following this tutorial.

    DIY Cornhole Tutorial from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Giant Jenga

    DIY Giant Jenga
    DIY Giant Jenga A Beautiful Mess

    Keep everyone laughing at your backyard BBQ with a homemade giant Jenga game where people can take turns taking one of the giant blocks from the bottom of the tower and trying to place it on the top of the tower without making all the blocks fall down. The large version of this classic game is certain to be one that you will want to reuse over and over again as it is just so much fun to play!

    DIY Giant Jenga Tutorial from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Painted Horseshoe Game

    DIY Painted Horseshoe Game
    DIY Painted Horseshoe Game Design Love Fest

    Give a facelift to the old horseshoe game you rescued from your parent's basement or discovered at a garage sale. Paint the horseshoes in your favorite colors to give them a fresh new look before you play the game with your friends this summer.

    DIY Painted Horseshoe Game Tutorial from Design Love Fest

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    DIY Lawn Scrabble Game

    DIY Lawn Scrabble Game
    DIY Lawn Scrabble Game Constantly Lovestruck

    Challenge your family to a friendly game of Scrabble and then surprise them by taking them out to the backyard. Spell words across your lawn with these huge letter cards made out of masonite. It's a game everyone can enjoy and an affordable DIY to make.

    DIY Lawn Scrabble Game Tutorial from Constantly Lovestruck

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    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game

    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game
    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game Mod Podge Rocks

    Keep your kids entertained in the backyard by DIYing them a simple bean bag toss game where they try to land their bean bags onto the targets to earn points. This easy activity is perfect for young children where you can help encourage their throwing skills. Plus–it only takes a few minutes to make.

    DIY Bean Bag Toss Game Tutorial from Mod Podge Rocks

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    DIY Bees & Ladybugs Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    DIY Bees And Ladybugs Tic Tac Toe Game
    DIY Bees And Ladybugs Tic Tac Toe Game Partyography

    This super cute DIY game of tic-tac-toe uses painted rocks that look like bumble bees and ladybugs. It's the perfect game to leave in your backyard for a quick game to play at any time.

    DIY Bees and Ladybugs Tic Tac Toe Game Tutorial from Creative Mom 101

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    DIY Donut Twister Game

    DIY Donut Twister Game
    DIY Donut Twister Game Studio DIY

    Put everyone's flexibility to the test with a sweets-inspired Twister game that has different flavored donuts as the spots instead of the traditional colored spots of red, yellow, green and blue. Ready to make your own donut Twister game? It is easier than you might expect, as you need only simply download the donut design and print on adhesive vinyl to then stick overtop the spots of your Twister board.

    DIY Donut Twister Game Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Potato Sack Race

    DIY Potato Sack Race
    DIY Potato Sack Race Design Improvised

    Race your family to the finish line! Each member of your family can decorate their own potato sack before hosting a family potato sack race in your yard. This great DIY project is perfect to keep your family entertained all weekend long, as they can first work on their artistic talents, and later work on getting some exercise by racing everyone else to the finish line. What are you waiting for? Hop to it!

    DIY Potato Sack Race Tutorial from Design Improvised

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    DIY Flamingo Pinata

    DIY Flamingo Pinata
    DIY Flamingo Pinata Studio DIY

    Pinatas are always a popular activity at parties, so for your next backyard party, try making a bright pink flamingo pinata that will have you thinking about tropical drinks and lazy days in the sun. This fun twist on the standard pinata can double as decor for your party until everyone takes a turn at trying to smash it open for the candy and prizes waiting inside.

    DIY Flamingo Pinata Tutorial from Studio DIY

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    DIY Water Cup Race

    DIY Water Cup Race
    DIY Water Cup Race All For The Boys

    Young kids are sure to love this DIY game. Each person uses a water gun to try and push a plastic cup forward along a rope. This easy-to-make game is perfect for a sunny afternoon outdoors where you can cool off with a water gun fight in between rounds.

    DIY Water Cup Race Tutorial from All For The Boys