11 DIYs For The Avid Travelers

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    DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tag

    DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tag
    DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tag. Lovely Indeed

    Personalize your suitcase with a bright and colorful polka dot luggage tag that will help you identify your luggage on the airport bag carousel. Making your own tag is easy, as you can use your existing luggage tag and decorate it with craft paint an a easy DIY dot stencil. 

    View the DIY polka dot luggage tag tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

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    DIY Travel Laundry Bag

    DIY Travel Laundry Bag
    DIY Travel Laundry Bag. The City Sage

    Keep your clothes organized while traveling by sewing a laundry bag that you can store in your suitcase to help keep your dirty clothes all in one place.

    View the DIY travel laundry bag tutorial at The City Sage.

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    DIY Leather Passport Cover

    DIY Leather Passport Cover
    DIY Leather Passport Cover. A Beautiful Mess

    Stylishly protect your passport with a DIY leather passport cover you can sew together by hand and decorative with a stamped design. 

    View the DIY leather passport cover tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

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    DIY Weekender Bag

    DIY Weekender Bag
    DIY Weekender Bag. Makes The Things

    If you are planning a short weekend getaway this classic designed do it yourself bag is the perfect size for all your essential items. The contrasting leather and wool fabric that you can sew together in a day creates a sturdy bag that is perfect for all your short road trips.

    View the DIY weekender bag tutorial at Makes The Things.

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    DIY Monogrammed Luggage Tag

    DIY Monogrammed Luggage Tag
    DIY Monogrammed Luggage Tag. Ginger Snap Crafts

    A beautiful monogrammed luggage tag would make for a wonderful gift for any avid traveler, and they are simple to make. To make a this DIY you can use your Silhouette machine to easily cut vinyl in your choice of color to create a custom monogram to adhere to the front of a luggage tag. Once the vinyl has been cut it is simply a matter of peeling of the cut vinyl and positioning it on the tag. 

    View the DIY monogrammed luggage tag tutorial at Ginger Snap Crafts.

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    DIY Travel Memento Boxes

    DIY Travel Memento Boxes
    DIY Travel Memento Boxes. A Pair And A Spare

    Beautifully store all your travel mementos, such as tickets, photographs, maps, local currency, and post cards in unique travel boxes for each trip you go on. The boxes can be made out of any small box covered in a map of the country, and make for a great way to keep all your memories in reach on a bookcase.

    View the DIY travel memento boxes tutorial at A Pair And A Spare.


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    DIY Drawstring Makeup and Snack Bags

    DIY Drawstring Makeup and Snack Bags
    DIY Drawstring Makeup and Snack Bags. A Cup Of Thing

    Keeping your suitcase organized will help you find whatever you need in less time, and these super cute mini drawstring bags are the perfect thing to store your snack, makeup or other odds and end with a simple to sew drawstring bag.

    View the DIY drawstring makeup and snack bag tutorials at A Cup Of Thing.

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    DIY Carry On Bag

    DIY Carry On Bag
    DIY Carry On Bag. Bag'N-Telle

    For a short flight a carry on bag is all you need, and this sewn DIY bag has plenty of storage for all your travel essentials. Best of all the exterior pockets allow for quick access to passports or maps, and the leather handles and base add extra durability.

    View the DIY carry on bag tutorial at Bag'N-Telle.

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    DIY Travel Makeup Brushes Case

    DIY Travel Makeup Brushes Case
    DIY Travel Makeup Brushes Case. A Centsational Girl

    Protect your makeup brushes and keep them organized at the same time with this easy to sew travel case that you can roll up so that it hardly takes up any room in your suitcase. Chances are you will love it so much that you will want to use this DIY brush case all year as it makes finding the right makeup brush when doing your makeup super easy as they are all lined up.

    View the DIY travel makeup brushes case tutorial at A Centsational Girl.

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    DIY Sleep Mask

    DIY Sleep Mask
    DIY Sleep Mask. I Sew Free

    Sleeping on an air plane can be difficult with all the activity going on around you, so to help catch up on some much needed sleep before your flight lands slip on a homemade sleep mask that will block out all the light to help you fall asleep.

    View the DIY sleep mask tutorial at I Sew Free.

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    DIY Shoe Bag

    DIY Shoe Bag
    DIY Shoe Bag. Fabric Paper Glue

    Store your extra pairs of shoes in fabric bags within your suitcase to prevent the dirt on the bottom of your shoes from getting on all your clean clothes. To make the bags extra fun, Fabric Paper Glue decorated each bag with a stenciled circle and stamped word, such as fancy, comfy, smart etc...

    View the DIY shoe bag tutorial at Fabric Paper Glue.