12 DIYs for the Perfect Day at the Beach

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    DIY No-Sew Beach Tote Bag

    DIY No-Sew Beach Tote Bag
    Homey Oh My

    Carry all your beach essentials such as a towel, sunscreen and a good book in this stunning DIY no-sew tote bag with rope handles. This super easy bag can be made in your choice of fabric and is held together using grommets and fabric glue.

    Get started on making your own beach tote bag by reading the full tutorial available at Homey Oh My.

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    DIY Polka Dot Floppy Hat

    DIY Polka Dot Floppy Hat

    Stay protected while enjoying some relaxing time in the sun this summer by sporting a stylish DIY polka dot floppy hat with your bathing suit or favorite summer dress. Pick up a bland unpatterned floppy hat and add some eye-catching details by stamping on polka dots in your choice of color.

    Grab a floppy hat, round sponge stamp and some fabric paint and head over to Sugar And Cloth to learn how to make your own DIY polka dot floppy hat!

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    DIY Ruched Bikini Bottom

    DIY Ruched Bikini Bottom
    Goldfish Kiss

    Fix your bikini bottom so that it stops sagging after you exit the pool by making your own DIY ruched bikini bottom using just a bit of thread and a needle. Not only easy to do, this quick do it yourself fix will give your butt a boost giving it the illusion of being fuller too.

    Get started in transforming your old bikini into a ruched one by watching the tutorial by Goldfish Kiss.


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    DIY Beach Bag and Towel Sunbathing Blanket

    DIY Beach Bag And Towel Sunbathing Blanket
    The Golden Adventures

    This DIY beach bag and towel sunbathing blanket is pure genius! Create a bag that when you open it up and place it on the ground is a beach towel complete with a stuffed pillow perfect for laying down on while you work on your tan. Using a bit of fabric and a beach towel for the fabric along with a bit of stuffing to create the pillow you can easily make a sunbathing blanket that is easy to carry and that will impress all your friends.

    Get started on making your own DIY beach bag and towel...MORE sunbathing blanket following the guide at The Golden Adventures.

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    DIY Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover up

    DIY Tie Dye Swimsuit Cover Up
    Adventures Of A Middle Sister

    Swimsuit cover ups can be expensive, but they are a much-needed clothing piece if you will be spending anytime swimming this summer. You can easily make your own cover up with an airy Y strapped back by cutting up a white t-shirt and tie-dying it to give it a more summery vibe.

    Learn how to transform one of your extra white t-shirts into a colorful tie dye swimsuit cover up with the step-by-step guide by Adventures Of A Middle Sister.

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    DIY Miu Miu Inspired Floral Applique Bikini

    DIY Miu Miu Inspired Floral Applique Bikini
    Gina Michele

    A stylish bikini that makes you feel amazing is a must-have in the summer, but if you are tight on cash you can make your own knock off version of the popular Miu Miu floral applique Bikini by sewing on hand cut flowers out of 1/2 yard of nylon or spandex fabric onto a plain string bikini.

    Get all the details on how to make your own Miu Miu inspired floral applique bikini at Gina Michele.

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    DIY Metallic Pink Polka Dot Burlap Beach Bag

    DIY Metallic Pink Polka Dot Burlap Beach Bag
    Something Turquoise

    Sew a sturdy beach bag with gorgeous metallic pink polka dot burlap fabric as seen on Something Turquoise. This amazing bag would be the perfect gift for your friend who is about to leave for a honeymoon, or as a welcome gift bag for all the guests at your own destination wedding. 

    Learn how to sew this DIY beach bag with your choice of fabric following Something Turquoise easy tutorial.

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    DIY Painted Polka Dot Sunglasses

    DIY Painted Polka Dot Sunglasses

    Add some extra detailing and color to your favorite pair of sunglasses by stamping on some tiny dots on the sides of your sunglasses using a small pin and some craft paint.

    Read the DIY polka dot sunglasses tutorial at Natalme.

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    DIY Pom Pom Beach Bag

    DIY Pom Pom Beach Bag
    The Lovely Drawer

    While shopping around the boardwalk or simply going for a stroll on the beach you will love to tote this fun pom pom beach bag that is made by updating a plain stray bag with white paint and hot pink pom pom trim.

    Learn how to make the DIY pom pom beach bag at The Lovely Drawer.

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    DIY Black Trim Bikini

    DIY Black Trim Bikini
    My Little Secrets

    Black trim bikinis are all the rage this season so instead of going out to buy a new swimsuit update your old bikini by attaching black fabric around the bikini using fabric glue. As an added bonus, you can follow the fashion trend this summer without the dreaded experience of shopping for another bikini as all the supplies for this DIY cost less than $10.

    Get started on making your own DIY black trim bikini by reading the tutorial at My Little Secrets.

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    DIY Victoria Secret Inspired Swimsuit Cover up

    DIY Victoria Secret Inspired Swimsuit Cover Up

    Summer is here which means it is time for pool parties! Recreate the look of Victoria Secret's beautiful swimsuit cover up that looks like a wrap dress with this clever no-sew DIY tutorial. Best of all you can easily dress up this cover up dress with some accessories and wear it before you jump into the pool at all the summer pool parties you will be attending.

    Watch Simplymodish's DIY Victoria Secret inspired swimsuit cover up tutorial to learn how to make your own.

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    DIY Nautical Knotted Rope Flip Flops

    DIY Nautical Knotted Rope Flip Flops
    Wholly Kao

    A day at the beach means you will need a pair of flip flops and these knotted rope flip flops are an easy way to make your $3 flip flops look more expensive by replacing the plastic straps with a knotted clothesline.

    Learn how to create the beautiful nautical knotted design for these DIY flip flops at Wholly Kao.