20 Spooky Skull DIYs Perfect For Halloween

Decorate your home for Halloween with these 20 skull DIYs.

A Beautiful Mess

Halloween will be here before you know it, which means it is time to start getting ready! Once you have figured your costume for Halloween, you will need to transform your home into a haunted mansion by decorating it with some creepy but fun holiday decor. ​By adding a creepy skull or two to your decor this fall, you can easily turn your home into a haunted mansion perfect for your Halloween party this fall. Here are 20 DIY skull ideas perfect to add an eerie feeling to your home this Halloween....MORE  

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    DIY Skull Book Ends
    DIY Skull Book Ends. Adventures In Fashion

    Skull accents have been a popular home accent trend for the past few years, and this chic metallic DIY skull book ends by Adventures In Fashion would work perfectly to add some gothic flair to your bookcase this Halloween or year round. For an extra festive flair consider covering the books between the skull book ends with paper and giving them a new temporary cover so that they look like spell books instead to match the spooky skull book ends.

    DIY Skull Book Ends from Adventures in Fashion

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    DIY Skull Cake Stand
    DIY Skull Cake Stand. A Bubbly Life

    On Halloween this year serve your family your spooky cupcakes, cookies, cakes or other sugary treats on a creepy skull plate in minutes with this easy DIY that you can make by attaching a plate onto a decorative skull and painting both the paint and skull one uniform color.

    DIY Skull Cake Stand from A Bubbly Life

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    DIY Skull Candy Bowl
    DIY Skull Candy Bowl. Revamperate

    Instead of the typical candy bowl, surprise kids who come to the door trick or treating this Halloween by offering them to reach inside a spooky skull for their candy if they dare. This creepy candy bowl would also be a fun way to share sweets with your co-workers on Halloween by leaving a bowl on your desk or in the coffee room for them to grab a candy treat from.

    DIY A Spooky Skull Candy Bowl from Revamperate

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    DIY Decorative Gold Skulls
    DIY Decorative Gold Skulls. Lovely Indeed

    Update regular beige plastic decorative small skulls available in party stores around Halloween into a chic decor by painting it with liquid gilding to add some glam creepy decor to your home this fall. The completed gold skulls can be added around the home either placed in a glass vase or placed grouped together on a table.

    DIY Decorative Gold Skulls from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Skull Flower Vase
    DIY Skull Flower Vase. DIY Skull Vase

    For your Halloween tablescape this year, pick a sophisticated black and white color scheme to give a cohesive look to your snacks table. Start by setting the table with some small black foam pumpkins to hold candy on sticks and if desired add small bowls of additional candy. To complete your table decor, add a black foam skull, and turn it into a decorative vase to hold fresh white flowers to complete your spooky snack table.

    DIY Skull Flower Vase from Persia Lou

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    DIY Skull Candleholder
    DIY Skull Candleholder. Pretty Life Girls

    For some inexpensive Halloween decor head to the dollar store and pick up a plastic skull and turn it into a creepy gold candle holder perfect for holding a large pillar candle. The slowly melting candle of a skull candleholder will seem right out of a witch's den.

    DIY Skull Candleholder from Pretty Life Girls

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    DIY Succulent Coffin Planter
    DIY Succulent Coffin Planter. Revamperate

    Transform your coffee table into a graveyard this Halloween by making a coffin planter for succulents decorated with a spooky mini skeleton with this creative DIY idea. 

    DIY Succulent Coffin Planter from Revamperate

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    DIY Skull String Art
    DIY Skull String Art. A Beautiful Mess

    For some large scale Halloween decor, string together a huge piece of art for your house with this amazing skull DIY by wrapping a piece of white string around nails to create a skull design on a large piece of wood.

    DIY Skull String Art from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Gold Foil Skull Print
    DIY Gold Foil Skull Print. Persia Lou

    Create some chic gold foil art for your home this Halloween by downloading a free skull design template from Persia Lou which can be printed onto black paper with a laser printer, and then have reactive gold foil applied to the printed design using a Heidi Swapp Minc to create your own metallic skull print in minutes. The black and metallic gold design can then be added to your home for some temporary art in October.

    DIY Gold Foil Skull Print from Persia Lou

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    DIY Skull Halloween Candles
    DIY Skull Halloween Candles. Gina Michele

    Light your house with some flickering skull candles that are perfect for Halloween by transferring a skull pattern onto a regular white pillar candle using tissue paper with this quick DIY project. For an extra frightful look considering making several Halloween candles of various heights and grouping them together.

    DIY Skull Halloween Candles from Gina Michele

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    DIY Printable Skull Art
    DIY Printable Skull Art. Persia Lou

    For your Halloween party, this year temporarily replace some of the photos on your walls with some printable skull art available in a male or female skull design to decorate your walls for free.

    DIY Printable Skull Art from Persia Lou

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    DIY Skull Apothecary Bottle
    DIY Skull Apothecary Bottle. Endlessly Inspired

    Do you love to celebrate Halloween? If so, why not make a witch or wizard inspired apothecary display in your home by decorating a few different handmade potion bottles, such as this DIY skull bottle that is made by adding a plastic skull to an old whiskey bottle.

    DIY Skull Apothecary Bottle from Endlessly Inspired 

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    DIY Glitter Skull
    Little House On The Corner. Little House On The Corner

    Update your home's mantel for Halloween by adding a few black candles and painting a foam skull black and covering it in black glitter for some frightful decor perfect for October 31st.

    DIY Glitter Skull from Little House on the Corner

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    DIY Creepy Skull Wreath
    DIY Creepy Skull Wreath. Tried And True

    Frighten people trick-or-treating on Halloween night before they even ring the doorbell by decorating your front door with a creepy looking wreath made out of skulls. This handmade skull wreath is easy to make, and the end result looks so amazing, it will be a holiday decor item you will want to store and use year after year at Halloween on your front door.

    DIY Creepy Skull Wreath from Tried and True Blog

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    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Skull Votives
    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Skull Votives. Monica Wants It

    Wrap small glass tea light candle holders by printing a skull candleholder votives template onto Vellum paper and taping it around the exterior of the candle holder to create a Pottery Barn inspired votive set for your home.

    DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Skull Votives from Monica Wants It

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    DIY Cross Stitch Skull Sweater Pillow
    DIY Cross Stitch Skull Sweater Pillow. A Beautiful Mess

    This fall as you go through all your warm sweaters to see which ones still fit, put aside one of the sweaters you no longer wish to wear to convert it into a pillow by cross-stitching a skull design on the front perfect for your couch this Halloween. The soft and spooky pillow would be the perfect addition if you plan on staying in this Halloween watching scary movies with your family in your living room.

    DIY Cross Stitch Skull Sweater Pillow from A Beautiful Mess

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    DIY Iron-On Skull T-shirt Halloween Costume
    DIY Iron-On Skull T-shirt Halloween Costume. Minted Strawberry

    Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you still don't have something to wear one easy idea is to make an iron-on skull t-shirt with the design available at Minted Strawberry that is perfect to wear to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

    DIY Iron-On Skull T-shirt Halloween Costume from MInted Strawberry

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    DIY Skull Banner
    DIY Skull Banner. Lovely Indeed

    Left decorating for Halloween to the last minute? Break out the black cardstock and cut out the same skull design over and over again to create a scary skull banner that can be attached to a string and hung on a wall in your home this Halloween.

    Last Minute DIY Skull Banner from Lovely Indeed

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    DIY Boneyard Lantern

    DIY Boneyard Lantern
    DIY Boneyard Lantern. Oh My Creative

    If every year you look forward to Halloween with excitement and are known amongst your friends and family for your spectacular Halloween parties, this DIY boneyard lantern from Oh My Creative would be the perfect decor piece to add to your Halloween party decor this year. The creepy candle holder is covered in plastic skull heads, that emit a soft glow from the eye holes of the skulls covering the lantern which is sure to impress your guests.

    DIY Boneyard Lantern from Oh My Creative

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    DIY Printable Skeleton Art
    DIY Printable Skeleton Art. Madigan Made

    For some extra gothic flair to your home this Halloween print the free printable skeleton themed black and white artworks available at Madigan Made to frame and hang on your walls in your living room.

    DIY Printable Skeleton Art For Your Walls from Rosyscription