Djubi SlingBall Classic Review

This unique outdoor game isn’t for everyone, but some kids will have a ball

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Djubi SlingBall Classic

Djubi Slingball Classic

 The Spruce 

What We Like

  • A new approach to an outdoor game

  • Perfect for the beach (the balls float)

  • Can launch balls up to 100 feet

What We Don't Like

  • Setup requires considerable strength and dexterity

  • Can get frustrating for kids

  • The hard foam ball can hurt

Bottom Line

The Djubi SlingBall Classic will appeal to athletic kids. But is it a must for your outdoor game arsenal? For us, the fun only lasted for about 30 minutes.


Djubi SlingBall Classic

Djubi Slingball Classic

 The Spruce 

Combining the zip of a slingshot with the classic concept of catch, the Djubi SlingBall Classic offers an out-of-the-box approach to an outdoor game. The gist? Slip the rubber loop of the foam slingball—which is the Djubi (pronounced joo-bee)over the launch hook of the racket. Pull back, aim, and let the Djubi fly. Kids can choose to simply see how far they can get the Djubi to soar, or they can play catch with a partner by snapping up the ball in the racket’s deep mesh pocket.

Once we understood what a Djubi was (and how to say it) we were eager to head outside with our kids and put the ball and racquets to work. We were especially interested to see if this popular gift for 10-year-olds was fun and easy enough for a range of ages to master. Many slingball shots later, the results are in regarding the game’s design, complexity, and fun factor.

Djubi Game
 The Spruce 

Design: Simple and straightforward

The design for the Djubi SlingBall Classic is simple. All you need is a racket and a slingball. The set comes with two of each, which made it a perfect game for partners. Each lightweight racket is 16.5 inches long (including a 4-inch gripped handle), so it wasn’t too unwieldy for our kids’ smaller hands. The mesh pocket is about 8 inches deep and 10 inches wide, which created a decent-sized trap for the balls when we were playing catch. 

It requires a good deal of dexterity to get the slingball set up on the hook.

A caveat: The slingball is made of hard orange foam. One of our daughters was hit in the face with a ball while she was playing, resulting in a red mark (and some tears). Young kids should be extra cautious that they don’t stand in the slingball’s direct line of fire. 

Entertainment Value: In the middle

At the outset, our three kids were really excited about this toy. However, that excitement soon grew into frustration as they initially struggled to get the ball to take flight; it requires a good deal of dexterity to get the slingball set up on the hook. With some extra instruction and practice, they finally got the hang of it. Unfortunately, after chasing the balls around for 30 minutes or so, they were ready to move on to something else.

The fact that the Djubi can be played either as a solo game focused on honing your launch skills or with a partner does add to its versatility, but we weren’t able to count on either option to keep our kids busy for an entire afternoon.

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Djubi rackets
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Age Range: 10 years and up

While launching the Djubi was a breeze for the adults in our family, our kids had a lot more trouble with it. All three of our kids (ages 6, 7, and 10) had issues attaching the slingball to the racket’s hook with just one hand while holding the racket in the other. And pulling back on the taut elastic band does require some strength. Our 6-year-old daughter could only launch the ball a few feet. (Note: The manufacturer recommends this toy for ages 8 through 15 and does offer a similar product, the Djubi Junior, made for kids 5 and up.)

The slingball is made of hard orange foam. One of our daughters was hit in the face with a ball while she was playing, resulting in a red mark (and some tears).

Ease of Cleaning: It’s a cinch

Because the set consists of just two rackets and two balls, it was very easy to pick up and put away. As for the materials themselves, the plastic racquets were easy to keep clean with a simple swipe of a wet cloth or wipe.

Djubi handle
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Price: Reasonable

At about $25, the Djubi SlingBall Classic is not a major investment. Even if your kids play with it a few times throughout the year, you’ll get your money’s worth.

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Djubi SlingBall Classic vs. Ayeboovi Self Stick Paddle Game

When it comes to outdoor toss-and-catch games that work for the entire family, the Ayeboovi Self Stick Paddle Game’s classic concept is the better pick. The hook-and-loop fastener paddles are easy to grip, and the tennis ball can be handled by hands big and small. And, unlike the Djubi SlingBall Classic, there’s not much skill required other than the ability to throw a ball with accurate aim.

While both products retail for around the same price, Ayeboovi’s product includes four paddles and four balls, plus the added value of a mesh bag to store them in. 

Final Verdict

Not a big investment but there are better options.

If you’re looking for unique outdoor fun for your family, pack up the Djubi SlingBall Classic with your beach toys or bring it to your next picnic at the park. Just note that there is some skill required to execute the slingball, and young kids may not be able to master it without plenty of instruction and practice.


  • Product Name Djubi SlingBall Classic
  • Product Brand Blue Orange
  • Price $25
  • Weight 1.5 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 11.5 x 3 x 16.5 in.
  • UPC 892205002008
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age Range 8-15 years
  • What’s Included 2 rackets with mesh pockets, 2 balls