How to Do a Feng Shui Space Clearing Session per Week

Feng Shui Space Clearing
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Everyone likes fresh, new and vibrant energy. It's essential to practice space clearing for good feng shui energy in your house. Often, it's a lengthy process. But, is it possible to space clear your home without too much time and hassle?

Space clearing can be simple and very enjoyable, especially once you get into the habit of it. Ideally, you will have at least one major feng shui space clearing session a year, and then simpler versions of it weekly or monthly. You can even do short space clearing sessions daily.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15-20 min

Here's How

  1. Find a window of time when you will not be disturbed, ideally right after the house has been cleaned.
  2. Be sure you have easy access to all the required space clearing materials (listed below).
  3. Gather your materials on your dining room, or any other suitable space, ideally in the center of the house.
  4. Light the candle and the incense.
  5. Use the essential oils air spray, or the sage smudge stick to go around the house in a clockwise motion and purify the energy. Pay special attention to the energy in the corners.
  6. When finished, come back to the center and purify your energy a bit by either misting your body with essential oils or letting the sage smoke purify your field.
  7. Let the candle and the incense go out on their own. Take a moment to connect to your home and feel the difference in its energy.
  8. Done! Yes, it is that easy.


  1. At times, consider adding some elements of the more in-depth feng shui space clearing session to your daily or weekly routine.
  2. It is always good to do the feng shui space clearing sessions in a calm and clear state of mind, to be able to perceive the subtle energy shifts in your home.
  3. Feel free to modify and change your space clearing sessions, and make sure you enjoy them! Once you start enjoying the space clearing process, you will use it more often; your efforts will result in fresh and clean energy for you and your home.

What You Need

  • Candle(s)
  • Natural Incense
  • Essential Oils Mist
  • Sage Smudge Stick (optional)
  • Music (optional)

In the beginning, you might have to schedule specific times for your space clearing sessions. However, as you get more comfortable and skilled at doing a space clearing, you will notice you can do these sessions "on the fly," so to speak.

Whenever the energy in your space feels stagnant, low, or even negative, you can quickly reach for your space clearing supplies and refresh the energy in no time!