Do I Need An Air Purifier?

This air purifier rocks!. Judith Archer

I have three Congo African Greys that are a powder down species. These guys along with cockatoos can turn your house into a charming scene that looks like it snowed inside with all of the dust and dander they give off. I fought like a champ for years dusting like a maniac, showering my Greys on a regular basis on the tub floor with the shower turned on them using lukewarm water to fight the clouds of white powder they distributed all over my home.


I did have a small air purifier for a while before I even had parrots, but it threw in the towel shortly after I got Parker, my first Grey. The machine seemed to cough a couple of times and finally it keeled over hacking and wheezing in a fit of despair. It had lost the battle even with just one African Grey.

As it happens with many parrot families, one bird turned into two and eventually three. I had found my limit for space and ability to care for them. Three was it for me. 

But along with my space and energy limit, I also had to do something as the snow drifts were piling up. Even my air conditioner was having a tough time handling the flurries of white that drifted about every time Parker so much as shook his head. I have two washable air conditioning filters that I rotate. I remove one to give it a bath and replace it with one that is clean. But I was having to do this once a week and I could tell that the AC system was still laboring.

I had to have the service guy come out twice to flush the poor baby out in a very short period of time. I had to take action.

I contacted a friend of mine who has a lot of birds. And I mean a lot. She takes care of them beautifully and has the time, the space and the resources for them and for their care.

She does a fabulous job with them. And I applaud her as many are older and special needs birds. What I wanted to know was how she handled the dander.

Turns out she is an Austin Air Purifier dealer. So she gave me the lowdown on air purifiers and what a difference they make in your life. Turns out, she was right. She answered all of my questions and knows this machine and how it will help you and your birds.I was fighting a losing battle in the clean air department due to all of that dander. Had I not gotten it, the dander would eventually clog up my air conditioner yet again, as well as my refrigerator’s motor and eventually it might even affect me. 

There is a condition called “bird keeper’s lung” that can be very detrimental to your health. I know of people who have had to give up their cockatoos because of it. And people who work with a lot of birds on a daily basis can also become effected. So the answer was obvious: I had to get an air purifier. 

So I emailed my dealer friend and she got me hooked up with an Austin Air Allergy model purifier that is about the size of a mini-refrigerator.  You can contact her through The Austin Air website here by typing in her zip code: 29487: Austin Air Dealer She can help you select a model just right for your and your flock.

I got it out of the box and placed it in my living area where my birds are,  snapped it on and it has hummed merrily away for almost two years with no problem whatsoever. I would occasionally turn it off during the day as the noise sometimes bothers me when I am writing. Big mistake. The dust drifted up on all of the horizontal surfaces of my furniture and it got to be impossible to keep it tidy. So much for trying to save on the electric bill. 

I relented and kept my Austin on all night and sometimes had it running during the day as well. I’ve had it on pretty much all the time for a week now and I haven’t had to dust at all. I notice that when I wash the floor, it isn’t that pronounced gray color on the first rinse due to the gray dander on the floor. Austin came to the rescue. My home is cleaner, my life is brighter and the dust isn’t covering everything like a snow scene out of the Film, “It's A Wonderful Life.” 

If you have multiple birds, especially African Greys and Cockatoos, I highly recommend that you get an air purifier. It’ll make a difference in your life and your health. You don’t have to get an Austin. There are others out there as well. I hear through the parrot telegraph that Rabbit Air is highly effective. So I guess it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you.

But please get one. It’ll make a huge difference in curbing the dust storms.