The First Doc McStuffins Doll, The "Time for Your Check Up" Doll

The First Ever Doc McStuffins Talking Doll

Doc McStuffins Time for Your Check-UP Doll
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This Doc McStuffins doll, The Time For Your Check Up Doll, was one of the first Doc McStuffins dolls released just after the adorable animated show debuted on the Disney Junior channel in 2012. This is one of the many, but certainly not the newest Doc McStuffins doll.

Doc McStuffins, the star of the preschool show on Disney Junior, is a sweet, caring 6-year-old little girl who fixes broken toys in her backyard clinic.

Doc's toys magically come to life while she is wearing her magical stethoscope. After Doc completes her evaluation, she will say, "I have a diagnosis!" Toys that become "sick" always have their diagnosis written in the Big Book of Boo Boo's. Seriously, who would not want to be nursed back to health with glittery, magical medical tools? 

Kids love this show and Doc's adorable, silly, friendly assistants and best friends Lambie, Stuffy, Hallie, and Chilly.

Even though children enjoy the show, there are many parents, myself included, who usually do not have a problem taking time out of their busy lives for 25 minutes to sit down and watch these episodes with their children.

Aside from teaching children how to be kind, gentle and caring to others, the shows are full of catching songs and lots of great tips for kids so they can learn how to feel comfortable with doctors and other medical procedures such as taking medicine and receiving shots.


As the show has added episodes over the years, Doc has improved her skills and expanded her clinic to also become a Vet who helps pets. As more characters join the show and Doc's skills change, the toys change, too.  Over the years, kids have adored Doc's Mobile Pet Clinic and a number of Doc McStuffins interactive playsets, talking dolls and games.

While this particular doll may not be to be purchased from a toy store shelf any longer it is still available on

Should you be out and about in the neighborhood and find one at a yard sale, you should definitely be able to buy it used for a reasonable price. 

What's Included

This doll set from includes:

- A 10 inch Doc McStuffins doll dressed in a white lab coat wearing a cute outfit with pink sparkly shoes and headband

- Doc wears a magical stethoscope around her neck which can be removed. When the band-aid on the stethoscope is pushed, the Doc McStuffins doll sings the "Time for Your Check-up" song

- A soft, squishy 8-inch Lambie doll who also speaks phrases when Doc's magic stethoscope is placed on her. Lambie giggles when the thermometer is placed on her as well.

- A Purple Doctor's bag that includes some fancy medical tools such as an  otoscope to check ears, a thermometer and a comb

The doll includes some great features and characters that offer kids some great ways to play. The doll itself is interactive and unlike other dolls that sing, whose songs are often short, the length of the songs Doc sings from the show are good and the audio quality of the toy is clear. 

The outpouring of love for Doc McStuffins over the years has been amazing for kids and their parents.

While Doc is a little girl with glittery magical medical tools, even little boys, like my son, can identify with the message and the characters. As parents, it is important to teach our kids about health and wellness and this show definitely shares some fun songs and strategies we can use to help our kids in their everyday life, as we magically kiss away pain from their boo-boos.

The Doc McStuffins episodes air on the Disney Junior Channel.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.