19 Best Doc McStuffins Toys and Dolls for Preschoolers

Doc McStuffins fans will enjoy caring for their pets and toys with these fun Doc McStuffins dolls and an interactive Doc McStuffins check-up center.

Doc McStuffins is a popular animated television show on the Disney Junior Channel. On the show, Doc is an inspiring little girl with a magical stethoscope that brings her toys to life in her backyard clinic.

Through adorable animated episodes, Doc McStuffins has won the hearts of preschool-aged children everywhere. Doc, along with her buddies Hallie,...MORE Stuffie, Lambie, and Chilly, humorously demonstrates her talent for diagnosing and fixing broken toys and pets with various ailments, all while teaching young children about healthy living.

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    Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Care Cart
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    Doc McStuffins is all about taking care of her pets and toys, on-the-go. The Doc McStuffins Hospital Care Cart has a patient scanner for X-rays, a blood pressure pump, and a bed. The toy also arrives with her puppy friend, Findo the dog. 

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    Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital
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    Children love little action figures and recreating some of their favorite scenes with these toys. The Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Playset has many check-up areas. The toy includes an elevator, x-ray table, rocking cribs with mobiles, and even a ball pit! Rhonda the Helicopter is included, and she even has her own helipad to transport Doc to and from the hospital for care. It also includes Chief Resident Doc, Lambie, and Baby Cece.

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    Doc McStuffins Rosie the Rescuer Toy
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    It is important for Doc to save her toys and friends in McStuffinsville, fast! Doc is able to get there with the help of her Rosie the Rescuer ambulance. Doc sits in the driver's seat of the ambulance. Rosie is able to interact with Doc through lights, sounds and even talking about their missions. The toy includes a gurney and a few tools for Doc to help save her friends anywhere. 

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    Doc's LEGO Duplo Backyard Clinic

    Using classic LEGO Duplo sets, kids can re-create Doc's Backyard Clinic, Pet Vet Center, or Rosie the Ambulance with blocks then pretend play with their favorite characters.

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    Doc McStuffins Pet Vet Check Up Center
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    Not only does Doc like to take care of her stuffed animals, but she is also a famous vet for pets. This check-up center arrives with Doc's puppy friend Findo. Findo or other stuffed animals and toys can have a check-up with a stethoscope, otoscope, an EKG, and X-rays. Pets can be weighed on the scale and even have a bath with the pretend water sprayer. The set also includes brushes, bandages and feel-better boo-boo stickers.

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    Doc McStuffins Pet Carrier with Whispers
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    It can be hard for pets to go willingly to the vet, so kids can use their Pet Vet carrier to bring Whispers the cat to the vet or make her feel all better with the included stethoscope, otoscope, brush, play bottle and a food bowl.

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    Doc McStuffins On Call Accessory kit
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    The set includes everything a child needs to be "on-call" when the pets and toys need them. It includes a flashlight, cell phone, a bandage cuff bracelet, heart-shaped bag, and a multi-tool.

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    Doc McStuffins Talking Doll and Clinic
    Just Play

    The Doc McStuffins pet vet doll playset allows kids to use their small Doc doll to give Lambie and Findo a check-up. Magical things will happen when the pet is placed on the vet center for their x-rays! Their patients can have baths and celebrate feeling better by going down the slide when kids pull up on the sink handle.  

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    Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie
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    Uh-oh, Lambie has some boo-boos, so what should we do? Kids can pretend to be Doc McStuffins and use the tools to help Lambie feel better. This toy is an interactive plush. Lambie talks and sings. Using sensor points on her wrist, tummy and heart kids will figure out how to make her feel better after a check-up with a stethoscope, thermometer, otoscope, syringe, and sticker bandages. Lambie even tells kids playtime is over by saying "Go Stuffed" just like she would during the show.

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    Doc McStuffins Mobile Vet Clinic

    No need to carry your tools by hand, this mobile clinic brings the tools and a stretcher to a toy in need of help during an emergency.  

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    Doc McStuffins doll
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    This interactive Doc McStuffins doll sings the popular song from the show "It's Time For Your Check-up." Doc is wearing her white lab coat and a "magical stethoscope." When the stethoscope is placed on the Lambie stuffed animal, Lambie speaks phrases and giggles. Children are also able to help Doc examine Lambie with the included otoscope and thermometer.

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    Doc McStuffins Get Better Check Up Center
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    For children who enjoy role-playing, they will love this large scale checkup center in their playroom. The center arrives with a stuffed Lambie toy that responds to lights and sounds included in the toy. Children will enjoy various features that will have them actively reviewing x-rays, calling Hallie on the cell phone toy, while weighing and measuring their toys. A sticker dispenser is also included, as well as large-scale examining tools that are stored by hanging directly on the back of the...MORE check-up center.

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    Doc McStuffins Get Better Clinic
    Just Play

    Dollhouses are popular girls toys. The "Doc Is In" Clinic Playset is a two-story playhouse that includes Lambie, Doc, and an exclusive Hallie figure. Features of the toy include a magical bed that can differentiate between the included toy characters. The house states fun phrases and also includes a working elevator, clinic table, interactive fish tank, and ringing telephone.

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    Doc McStuffins Toy Check Up Bag
    ©Just Play

    Children can now role play as Doc while using her glittery, sparkly examination tools. Items included in the kit include a play thermometer, syringe, blood pressure cuff with working gauge, otoscope, bandage cuff, and stethoscope.

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    Doc McStuffins Toy Check Up Set
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    This is a small, portable playset that is perfect for playdates and travel. Small, durable plastic Stuffie and Lambie characters sit on top of the check-up center. When the figures are pushed, the center plays various talking phrases specific to the character. This set is great for kids who love to role-play with small character figures.

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    Doc McStuffins Dress Up Set
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    For children who wear 4-6X size clothing, they can dress up like Doc McStuffins in this dress up set. The set includes Doc's signature white lab coat with buttons, doctor's name badge, a sparkly pink headband and a stethoscope!

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    Doc McStuffins Matching Game by Wonder Forge
    Wonder Forge

    Children can flip over various Doc McStuffins themed character tiles, trying to remember their location to make a match and win the game. The game includes 72 picture tiles and is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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    Doc McStuffins Sharing is Caring Dominoes Game by Wonder Forge
    Wonder Forge

    28 Doc McStuffins themed dominoes are stored inside the vinyl "doctor's bag." This is a great travel game for kids and is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

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    Doc McStuffins Bingo in a Bag Game Wonder Forge
    Wonder Forge

    This travel bingo game includes 4 Doc McStuffins themed boards, 60 tokens, and 30 picture cards. The game is recommended for 2-4 players, ages 3 and up.