Looking For A Real Life Baby Doll?

Corolle Lila Doll
Corolle / Amazon

Are you looking for a realistic or real life baby doll? Many toddlers are amazed by other babies. Maybe it is the fact that they were recently babies themselves, or they just experienced the birth of a new brother or sister. Many kids just naturally want to love, care and nurture. Baby doll play gives them the option to also be in charge of something smaller, which is a big deal when you are toddler.

Children of all ages enjoy playing with baby dolls, and a small soft, body doll is a great friend for young children ages 3 and up. However, whatever the reason for the attraction towards babies and baby dolls, many little children like to play with realistic dolls like the Corolle Lila doll.  

Lila is a 17-inch, soft body baby doll, recommended for kids who enjoy hugging, loving and caring for babies.  The doll, is the size of a real 6 month old baby! Lila arrives with many baby accessories that include a milk bottle, pretty white bib, a pacifier and a pink knit cap.

Just like all other Corolle dolls, Lila  has beautiful clothing. She is wearing a soft, sweet outfit inspired by fashionable outfits for modern day babies. The doll also smells of sweet vanilla. Aside from Lila's adorable outfit, she includes great features and interactions that will engage young children.

If Lila is placed on her belly, she will cry.

If her hand is touched she could babble, coo, cry, or blush her cheeks.  When her tummy is hugged or pressed, she will laugh and giggle. Little children will love trying to care and calm Lila down. If the doll cries too much, children will learn to soothe her with a pacifier, bouncing her or feeding her.

 The Lila doll also has sleeping eyes, and will close her eyelids when she is laid down to rest.

In order to activate Lila's sounds, the doll requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included. Though Lila the baby doll is expensive, around $75, Corolle dolls are well worth the investment. After your children play with the dolls, they are very easily passed on to another sibling or friend. These dolls are also passed on for generations. 

The bottom line is that every parent should at some point, even if their child doesn't outwardly ask for a doll, consider buying a baby doll for their child to teach them about caring, sharing, nurturing and feelings. Especially when parents are expecting another baby in the household, it's important for children to work through the complicated feelings they express when a new baby will arrive.